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TNA Slammiversary PPV - 15th June 2014

Guest FreeSpirit

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Guest FreeSpirit






College Park Center - Dallas, Texas


TV Schedule:

USA: Sunday 15th June on PPV at 8e/5p - LIVE

UK: Wednesday 18th June on Challenge at 10pm


Official TNA Slammiversary 2014 PPV Website HERE


TNA Presents "Slammiversary" LIVE on PPV

15th June 2014


TNA Entertainment, home of "IMPACT WRESTLING", which is viewed by millions each Thursday night on SpikeTV, is heading back to Dallas-Fort Worth for the second time in as many years to celebrate the company's anniversary at "Slammiversary XII", the epic summer showdown broadcast around the globe LIVE from the College Park Center at the University of Texas at Arlington in Dallas on Sunday 15th June.


Tickets for "Slammiversary" start at $12 in honour of the company’s 12th anniversary. The Superstars of "IMPACT WRESTLING" scheduled to appear at "Slammiversary" include Magnus, Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy, Director of Wrestling Operations MVP, Bobby Roode, Mr. Anderson and Ethan Carter III.


“I am thrilled to once again bring "Slammiversary", our biggest show of the summer, back to my hometown,” said TNA President Dixie Carter. “We had such great success two years ago at the College Park Center it was just the perfect place to come back to celebrate TNA’s 12th anniversary.”


Continuing a "Slammiversary" tradition, during the event the next inductee into the TNA Hall of Fame will be revealed.


In June 2012, a crowd of more than 5,500 fans from around the world attended "Slammiversary" at the College Park Center.


“We are thrilled TNA’s "Slammiversary" PPV event is returning to the College Park Center,” said Jeff Davis, General Manager. “This event was one of our highlights in 2012, and we look forward to having wrestling fans return to the venue this June”!



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From the Wrestling-Online Newsletter:




- The main event for this Sunday’s Slammiversary pay-per-view has been canceled just three days prior to the show as MVP has not been cleared to wrestle. MVP injured his knee when he was working a match at an indy show in Preston in the United Kingdom last weekend. He did not wrestle the next night and was on crutches during the show, telling the fans that he heard a pop in his knee. TNA’s John Gaburick posted on Twitter that MVP is suffering from a torn meniscus and doctors would not clear him for the pay-per-view. He was set to wrestle Eric Young for the TNA title in the main event. “A fair replacement main event for #Slammiversary will be announced later today,” Gaburick wrote.




- The main event for this Sunday’s Slammiversary was announced at ImpactWrestling.com following the announcement that MVP was unable to wrestle. The main event will now be a steel cage three way match with Eric Young defending the title against the winner of Samoa Joe vs Bobby Lashley and the winner of Austin Aries vs Kenny King.

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How many originals deserve to be in the HOF? Jarrett and Styles? Who I would imagine aren't exactly on good terms with TNA at the moment, and then maybe Daniels and Storm? But they are maybes. The only thing that interests me on this ppv is seeing The Von Erichs.
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Jarrett is a stockholder still. Not sure if it's majority or not, but he still has an in with TNA, GFW or not. The point is, that it's a TNA Hall of Fame, so far all they've done is induct people who are more well known as being from WWE/WCW/ECW rather than talent they've grown on their own, which says a lot about how well they've treated such stars. TNA shouldn't have a hall of fame, period. It's like joe indy having a hall of fame. Worthless. Hell, they buried their own hall of fame last year when Angle turned it down because he's an alkie. They turned a "legit" thing into a storyline.
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Guest Matt Black

Hire their cast-offs, produce second-rate knock-offs of their storylines and piss all over the original talent that did most of the donkey work whilst making the same mistakes that sank WCW; TNA hardly needs competition when it seems determined to bury itself.


Right now the only thing that would make me more likely to watch TNA on a weekly basis would be Dixie Carter finally choosing to wear a pair of tights rather than making the viewers gaze upon the gnarled and gristly lower limbs that she totters down to the ring in each week.

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