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Scottish Football 2014/15

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Where does the McCulloch wages come from? The BBC reported that he was on £7000 back when he signed his deal through to 2015 back in 2012. The fact that he played for free from the initial administration until the end of that season and the demotion to Division 3 when he was awarded the armband probably gained him some favour when offered a new deal.


I'd expect that both Boyd and Miller are on higher wages than McCulloch. Any wage speculation especially from blogs with tinted spectacles should be taken with a pinch of salt because as we've seen in the past they're not always right.


The training from the fat at Rangers has to come from the imports, and lads who have dropped fro the premier league several divisions to play for Rangers. Take David Templeton for instance one week he's scoring at Anfield for Hearts the next he's playing in Division 3 in Scotland for Rangers. If he's on £2000 a week at Hearts you can at least double that to drop 3 divisions. And what a mistake that was because Division 3 is about his level.


Ashley is pretty much running the club at the moment, while a huge amount of the fan base are not happy about this in the slightest I take solace knowing that Ashley has no interest in seeing the club go under as it has in the past. You can't compare him with a crook like Craig Whyte, Ashley knows how to run a business.

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Which I genuinely believe is only because of the deal with sports direct. Take that out of the equation and he would walk.


It's their own fault for being in this mess. They never learned from their mistakes while other clubs did


Also since gers went bust and relegated. 6 spfl teams are debt free and breaking even or making profit

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BRM, seen it reported a lot of places that that the initial Div 3 contracts were sliding scales, upped 2k a week for every promotion. Neil Alexander was on something silly like 10k a week for a reserve keeper!
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