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Scottish Football 2014/15

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And to add MORE to rangers mike ashley and rangers have been charged by SFA over breaches of rules regarding dual control of two clubs which could potentially result in a large fine or points deduction


What the actual **** is going on?!?!?!


The SFA are wrong and could get sued by Mike Ashley for defamation of character as SKY were at pains to point out when Mike Ashley upped his stake in Rangers was along as he did not go above I think 20% of the shares in Rangers he could own part of two clubs he now owns I think 19 % the highest he could without going into trouble. As for Ally McCoist I love him so far play but who in the world allows a manager to give 12 months notice and doubles their wages for the privilage. He has done so much for Rangers so fair play to him I say. He has stuck by Rangers whilst being shat on and enough is obviously enough.

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It's a case for me of being quite obvious he's running things with wanting two directors of his choice on the board in his favour for that deal. Plus the 2 million loan. That's why they are bringing the charge in.


How on earth can a club be taking orders and desperate for a guy who owns under 20 percent. especially when all he is after is the sales and deals for sports direct. The team has been sucked dry by the vultures

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The Rangers situation is beyond belief now. You couldn't honestly write a comedy like this if you tried. Some of the highlights from 2012 ALONE:


"Motherwell Born Billionaire" arrives

Whyte being applauded into his seat by the fans

BBC Documentary on Whyte proves he’s a shyster

Gers protest at BBC for saying he’s a shyster

HMRC forcing them into Administration

CW speech to a massively upset crowd of 34 people

Revelation of Non-Tax payments

The appointment of Duff & Phelps

Realising you recognise that guy at D&P because he turned up with CW 6 months earlier

Attempting to sign Cousin while in administration

Fans set up a Fighting Fund

The Fighting Fund having to pay for Weir’s retirement gift

The Fighting Fund paying to re-lay a pitch which might never be used

The Fighting Fund paypal address listed wrong; all funds went to Mr Custard The Blue Nose Clown :D

The transfer embargo

“Who are these people?” rant from McCoist, when he knew exactly who they were. They then received death threats.

Alex Thomson reports; receives death threats

Jelly and Ice Cream

The Grim Reaper banner

The inception of the “Pacific Shelf Theory”

Charles Green enters the story

Dave King tells them not to buy season books – good plan

Green says if CVA not agreed Rangers will lose their History

CVA not agreed

HMRC Skelp them into oblivion

The BBC Documentary Part 2

The EBT 53 revealed

Walter Walks Away

The Hampden protest; fans march to Hampden, only to find it closed. They try to post red cards through the sealed doors!

Newco try to bypass all leagues and go straight into SPL

Newco told to get to eff with their SPL application

The presentation to the SPL revealed

Newco try to bypass all leagues and go straight into SFL1

Newco told to get to eff with their SFL1 application

Newco put into SFL3

Booted out by Subbuteo

Booted out by Fifa 13

Chris McLaughlin reveals Ally is not wearing a tie

Everybody Walks Away

Broadfoot Stays


As a Celtic fan, I find it pretty funny, but I really feel kinda sorry for the genuine fans now. Something should have been done a LONG time ago about this by the SFA or the SPFL and this whole thing settled to a point where they could rebuild. Look at how Hearts dealt with it; took the hit, started with a squad of kids, basically, and lived within their means.


Kevin Kyle - KEVIN KYLE - was in the media this week saying when he signed in League 2, he expected 500 quid a week, his agent said to be cheeky and ask for 2k. He got it without negotiation! :D

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