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Champions League 2014/15

Guest Inno

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To steal a line from Steve Austin "Jesus H Christ on a popsicle stick, son"


The board keep downsizing, and this was a disaster waiting to happen. Punched above our weight for years in Europe, finally come back to haunt us.


Bizarre team selection too - sign a random Norwegian on loan from Cardiff reserves for 5 months and put him straight in the team, away from home, just over 24 hours after signing him? Dropping Izzy to play Matthews on the wrong side? Mulgrew in midfield? Then after Efe goes off, he shifts Commons up front to lead the line!




I'll still go next week, though :(

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Guest Ciaran The King
Celtic to go through, I'm sure they slipped up in a first leg going back a few years ago under Lennon and bounced back agian
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Scored three to go through against Karagandy last season. I was there... one of the most spectacular nights of football I've ever been at. Can't see it this time though.
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I was in section H upper tier in the East Stand and right after the first goal; to my right a guy jumped up to celebrate, got glared at and sat back down again - then there was an almighty rammy at the stairs at Entrance 16 - about 15 blokes doing that drunken pull apart/swing a punch over the head bollocks - one steward in the middle trying to cope hopelessly with it all, he took a few hooks and sure I heard him tell someone he'd had a tooth knocked out. People in the front row told the steward at entrance 14 what was going and pointed to it, and he just shrugged his shoulders and looked the other way.


Pretty sure I saw the fourth official point to it and tell a polis on the touchline.


It was a good 5 mins in the stands, and apparently spilled outside for another 10 or so mins on the concourse. Far as I could see it was 90% Scottish guys and Celtic fans knocking lumps out of each other.


My boy has ADHD and a few social interaction problems, and he was physically shaking and grabbing on to me. Every time someone near us stood up to move or whatever, he wanted to leave in case it all spilled up to us. He didn't calm down again until we got to Waverley and saw the police standing around. That's absolutely disgraceful in this day and age. We actually left before the final whistle which is something we never do.


I dunno what the stewards were playing at, or the police - but bar the one guy trying to stop 15-20 people from punching lumps out of each other, nothing was done! The cops turned up just after half time to stare at the crowd and help one guy try and find a lost wallet's owner, but by that time it had all died down.


I'll post on the game itself tomorrow, but missed pretty much all of it after the first goal up until half time trying to calm the boy down.


Stewarding and policing there tonight was shamefully underpar.

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Double post... BUT!!!


Celtic could be reinstated in the UEFA Champions League qualifiers after the governing body opened an investigation into claims Legia Warsaw fielded an ineligible player.


Bartosza Bereszyński came on as a substitute with four minutes to go at Murrayfield. But the governing body are considering a complaint the player should have been suspended for the match.


In a statement, Legia confirmed they have prepared a submission to UEFA regarding the matter.


If found to have fielded an ineligible player, Legia could be forced to forfeit the second leg.


UEFA regulations state that Celtic would be awarded a 3-0 win. In that case, having lost the first leg 4-1 to their Polish opponents, the Scottish champions would progress on away goals to the play-off round stage.


Bereszyński was sent off in the UEFA Europa League last season. The duration of his subsequent ban was for three games but he missed Legia's next three UEFA matches against St Patrick's Athletic and the home leg of his side's tie with Celtic.


UEFA regulations however state that a ban only applies to a player if he is listed in a club's squad for matches. If the player in question was not on Legia's squad list for the St Patrick's tie, he would have been ineligible for both Celtic matches.



BWAH hahahaha!!!

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Guest Magic
Ha! Man, if Celtic get back in on a technicality I will LOL so damn hard. Ineligible player cases usually end up with books getting thrown so this'll be very interesting.
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Sion fielded players they bought during a UEFA imposed transfer embargo that they disagreed with; they were warned against it by UEFA and did it anyway in a big "get it up ye" to them and got booted. One was Goncalves that used to play for Hearts!


This is a right back who was banned for 3 games but not included in the official squads for St Patricks so his suspension didn't officially count. He came on for the last 4 minutes last night! :D

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Remember the first leg? The one missed penalty and the one saved? Even if one of them had gone in, they'd have been through anyway. Even if we're awarded the tie 3-0, we scrape through on away goals!
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