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Marvel's Daredevil premieres on Netflix

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So all 13 episodes of Daredevil were released on Netflix today.






Has anyone checked it out yet? Everything I've heard has been overwhelmingly positive so far, and then I saw this little tease for the evolution of DD's costume, and I'm thinking I may have to check this out myself:



What do folks think of Marvel's latest addition to their universe?

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Binged them all in two days. I *love* Daredevil, my favourite character in any universe. Love the tone of this, love the little nods towards the 616 universe history, love the whole thing. Even the costume is explained with a modicum of sense..


And the casting? Oh my LORD the casting is perfect. Foggy IS Foggy from the comics!


It's made me go back and dig out some of the classic DD comics to read again.


Now, onto Powers... :P

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Guest pheadley
watched up to the second episode, going to watch the 3rd now. enjoying it so far but a bit let down because my cuz said the first episode is the best pilot he ever seen and I didn't agree.
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The quotes from the showrunners pretty much confirm he's going to be The Punisher (as does the logo).


Perhaps his family died in the carnage of the explosions in the first series, or perhaps it was before the series began and Frank was injured for the duration and has now returned to, well, punish.

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