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Remakes and reboots...


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I did say that there are bad remakes just as there are bad originals.


From that trailer, this definitely appears to be a bad remake, but the point of the article is still valid.


On a side note, I'd say The Fast and the Furious is probably going to end up being a better remake of Point Break than the actual remake of Point Break.

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I wasn't having a go at the original post DC, just saying that the trailer looks horrible.
After I'd posted, I thought I might have been hasty and it was just a comment on the PB redo.


The trailer was just so... empty. Like there was some beats it had to hit, but apart from that there was nothing.


Change the name of the movie and the name of the main characters and it could be any generic undercover action flick. There's not much from the premise of the original. The bad guys aren't even called The Dead Presidents, for God's sake.

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Again, it won't ruin the original regardless of how poor it might end up.


That being said, the knowing-wink humour of the original and Kurt Russell's sarcastic style would seem to suit The Rock, so it could end up being worth a watch.

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While searching for an old article I'd written, I came across this little "Meet the Team" question from the September 2009 TWO Newsletter.



A lot of people are down on remakes and reboots of movies/movie franchises, but which movie/movie franchise do you wish they would remake or reboot?


DC: This is a tricky one as a few of my faves are being or have been remade/rebooted (The Crow, Child's Play, Conan, Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, Sorority Row, etc), but if I had to choose one series to be brought back, it would have to be a reworking of Spawn, written by Todd McFarlane, overseen by Todd McFarlane and faithful to Todd McFarlane. I love the 1997 version, (especially Clown, the reference to Angela, Melinda Clark looking stunning as Jessica Priest, etc), but there was so much more that could (and should) have been done. The effects were a little wonky, so the ability to overcome that hurdle with today's technology would be awesome.

Kam: I always liked The Mummy films...so a reboot for them would be nice.

Nimf: I love musicals, so would love to see some remakes of old-school ones.

Laffy: This is weird for me as it's one of my favourite films, but I think they should possibly remake IT by Stephen King. IT, the book, scares me. It has given me nightmares and now I can no longer read it after 9:00 pm. The film scares me as well, but I think it could be scarier if it could touch a little more on the darker parts of the book and be reclassified as an 18 to completely get the essence of the book. Pennywise scares me so much it's untrue.

John Hancock: Hmm. I'm not actually sure about this one at all. I hope they hurry with Sin City 2 if that counts as a reboot, considering that it's been AGES since the first one.

TPIB: The Austin Powers franchise, no doubt. I would love to see more AP movies. Wayne's World would be good too, as well as Office Space.

TMJ: I'd love to see a new Waynes World movie. It would never meet my expectations, but it'd be nice to see the band back together, so to speak.

Fiona: Godzilla, of course.

Darkstar: Aliens Vs Predator. It could have been so good. :(

Inno: Gremlins! Love to see some more Gremlin movies. THE WORLD NEEDS GIZMO!!!

The Maxx: The Puppet Master series of movies were pretty cool. Cheesy, but cool. If they remade them today with current special effects, they could be really dark and twisted.

O'Brian: Daredevil. There was some good aspects in the movie that was made; the costume looked the part, Affleck wasn't bad as the character, Kingpin (despite the change in race) seemed to fit the mould from the comics, Bullseye was ace and the mood reflected the tone of the source, but, for whatever reason, it just didn't click into place as it should have done. Giving the movie to Alex Proyas would, in my view, be the piece of the puzzle that would make it come together.



Looking back on it now, it's crazy to think The Crow is still stuck in pre-production hell, while John Hancock thought it had been ages for Sin City 2 at that point, only for another 5yrs to pass before it came out. Kam's reworking of The Mummy is due on March 27th 2017 (although there are very few details available yet) and Nimf got a few to enjoy (depending on how loose you use the term "musical") with Les Miserables, Footloose, Rock of Ages, Jersey Boys and *AHEM* Jem and the Holograms.


Fiona got her Godzilla wish, Maxx did not get his Puppet Master remake wish (although it is still mooted, they ended up doing a lot of crossovers instead), a remake of Gremlins is tentatively on the cards and, of course, Daredevil got a complete overhaul this year for the Netflix series.

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