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Will Rodgers stay or go?


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Guest John Hancock
It's probably time for him to go, but only if they've got someone better lined up. The big boys will be fighting over Klopp, no point looking back with Rafa, Big Sam would just be silly, so I think they're going to be boxed in a little bit by the lack of real options. Only realistic guy who might be worth a look is Frank de Boer, who's got the pedigree, and is probably sick of the Eredivisie after Ajax flopped last season, and FFP gutted the whole league anyway.
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Guest Laffy
He will stay people like him, I like him he also was great with Swansea did not want him to go but love the fact he has spent either 120 million or 220 million cant remember which on players that do not seem to have improved the squad. As much as I would love to see Liverpool win the title just for history purposes it is funny when they fail. (Sorry King)
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Guest Jack

I don't think Liverpool will get into the top 4 with him in charge but there's very few, if any, managers available who could get Liverpool into that spot, especially if they insist on keeping this ridiculous transfer committee that has seen them piss money down the drain. If someone like Klopp was to become their manager, would he be the one solely in charge of transfers, like Wenger or Mourinho, or would he also be handcuffed? If he doesn't have that freedom, he won't make a huge difference, but then you could argue that Rodgers deserves to have more control too because, regardless of his tactics this season, he is hindered by the lack of ability throughout the side. The only way Liverpool will get into the top 4 is by making better signings than they have done in the last few years because the squad just isn't good enough, and I expect that gap to be widened over the summer.


Rodgers is an alright manager and he'll be able to take Liverpool as far as they can next year by getting into the Europa League again but if they want to get beyond that point, there needs to be wholesale changes and until they happen, removing Rodgers isn't going to solve things. He may be an issue but there are bigger ones which need to be addressed first.

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You can point at the lack of talent but the fact is sometimes his formations and ideas made no sense. Plus I actually think he has lost the dressing room a little bit or is too much of a soft touch with the players.


Rumour is they all had their bags packed ready to go on the team trip to Dubai before the Stoke game which they then literally phoned in. They lost 6-1, the biggest league defeat for Liverpool since the 30's, they lost out on European football as a result and they still got their break.


Any manager worth his salt, even if it was the last game of the season, with European football on the line would have treated that like his cup final and not as an extended hallmark moment to Gerrard before sodding off on their jollies.


Thing is as others have pointed out, Liverpool won't be able to get any one better really and even if they do, without getting another 25+ goal a year striker (and we all know those grow on trees) at least they won't do any better for him or any new manager either.

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Guest Magic
Liverpool will still play in the Europa League next season Gringo. 5th and 6th auto qualify on account of Chelsea winning the league cup, so the tie against Stoke was basically a dead rubber anyway. Not that it excuses the performance.
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