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Scottish Football 2015/16


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Guest Magic

I'll be gobsmacked if Rangers don't go up this year. Delighted, but gobsmacked.


Now that King seems to have taken control they're putting money into the squad again and unlike last time it looks like they are probably signing the right players. Hibs won't be the force Hearts were last season so Rangers will probably make it. Unless they go bust again, which lets face it you can never rule out entirely :lol

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So the Scottish Cup has paired Rangers and Celtic in the semi finals a year on since they last met in the League Cup.


With Rangers currently strolling to promotion it's unlikely to be the only time they play in 2016.


Whatever your thoughts on the Scottish game and this fixture inpaticular I think it's fair that Scottish football has missed this game and it can only be a good thing that it's back.

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Guest Steely
This game brings out the worst in the two sets of fans and it's been great that they haven't played each other regularly for the last few years it's just a shame that normal service shall be resumed with this match kicking off the return of this fixture, the football almost becomes secondary to everything else and it's something this country could do without
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I completely despise this fixture as it brings out the worst in both fans. I also fucking HATE when people say we need the old firm ties for scottish football. Ever since gers went burst over half of the spfl teams went into profit.


But it's the best time for rangers to face celtic who look like they are shaky at the moment.


With regards to scottish football in general everyone is still believing celtic will win the league but my Aberdeen are only 4 points off and cutting the gap. Our key players are coming back and the last 10 games could be some of the most exciting stuff in years. Dundee United are bottom which is considered a shock at the moment. I still don't believe they will make it past relegation playoff position.


Rangers have all but won the championship thanks to extremely pathetic form by hibs. But I still expect hibs to win the playoffs tie and go up through there.


But the general feeling regardless of old firm outcome is Deilas days are numbered. Rumour going round is celtic want david moyes for next season.

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Aberdeen are only 4 points off and cutting the gap. Our key players are coming back and the last 10 games could be some of the most exciting stuff in years.
It's only 1pt now and Celtic are in no way guaranteed to win their game in hand going by current form.
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Major talk because he was asked the question.


Yet his answer to the question indicated that he doesn't believe Celtic are in a position right now that would enable him to achieve what he wants to achieve.


Listen Davie you just got sacked by a mid table Spanish outfit and before your brief time at Old Trafford you spent 10 years at Everton and won diddly Squat. Beggars can't be choosers so if a club of Celtics stature come calling you take the job.


Either way they'll probably just go in for the cheaper option of Neil Lennon anyway as he's probably realised that the merry go round of management in England isn't all it's cracked up to be.

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Moyes is interested in the job. That's the talk. Would happily bet on that happening next season.


Gene it ain't happening buddy XD


8 games to go and still 1 point. This is why comments John Collins makes and people who think we're a 2 team country severely need their heads bashed. Aberdeen and hearts have shown we can tangle up top.

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