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Professional Wrestling

Poetry in motion, who perfects certain moves?


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Anyone can do a chokeslam in Pro Wrestling, right? But anyone could also f*ck it up.


Who does and which moves are so sweet and smooth, that you'd watch it on loop all day? 0% sloppiness, ever. Who can achieve that?


For one, I'm going with Cesaro and his leaping Corkscrew European Uppercut. It looks like some fine slow motion trickery.


Any more?

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He did a kneeling chokeslam sometimes as well that looks better than 99% of chokeslams ever done, it's like he truly plants them into the canvas.

With his chokeslams, I believe he was the only guy I saw doing them one-handed.




He used to kneel down with the powerbomb too in his earlier days (which can be seen in the later section of this video).



Another move that I loved was the Steiner Screwdriver.



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