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***Official Backlash Thread 2003*** (Will contain spoilers)


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WWE Backlash - Sunday, April 27th 2003 - WWEBacklash.com


[uK] - 1am - Sky Box Office (You can order now for £14 on Channel 770 or by pressing 'Box Office' on your Sky Remote, then 'Sports and Events', then 'Backlash')


[uSA] - 8pm ET/5pm PT - Live on Pay-Per-View - Order via Cable, DirecTV, Dish on Demand, or Live Webcast. Click Here for more details.




[RAW]Bill Goldberg [v] The Rock


[sD]WWE Championship

Brock Lesnar © [v] John Cena


[RAW]Triple H, Ric Flair & Chris Jericho [v] Booker T, Shawn Michaels & Kevin Nash


[sD]Big Show [v] Rey Mysterio


[RAW]Women's Championship

Trish Stratus © [v] Jazz


[sD]WWE Tag Team Championship

Team Angle © [v] Los Guerrero


[RAW]World Tag Team Championship

Rob Van Dam & Kane [v] Dudley Boyz


[sD]Sean O'Haire w/ Roddy Piper [v] Rikishi






This thread is where you can post your opinions on Backlash both before and after the PPV, and where the results will be on Monday.


So, are you buying Backlash? Which match are you most looking forward to? And do you think it'll be worth £14 or whatever you americans pay?

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Guest Jerichoholic
Im not buying it, its looks so crap on paper. Maybe 1 or 2 potential good matches but apart from that it looks awful. I dont think anyone would spend £14 on it.
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Guest Peter
It looks like a horrendous PPV. Team Angle vs. The Guerreros and Cena vs. Brock look like the only decent matches, and they will probably suffer from lack of time given to perform. The Raw Six Man will sadly probably be given about 30 minutes despite no one wanting to see it, and the undercard is one of the weakest in recent memory. I'm definately giving this one a miss, and I wouldn't be surprised if it turns out to be the worst PPV so far this year. Funny how the WWE always goes drastically downhill after Wrestlemania, and its not until Summerslam that things start to improve. Looks like a fun next few months in the WWE. ;)
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Guest Tajiri

Backlash probaly could of been a decent PPV for WWE business wise, Cena was being built up well and Rock/Goldberg was a sure fire can't miss big drawing match but like Mania the build up has been nothing short of abysmal with Goldberg looking nothing special and Cena's pushed turned into a joke with the Taker match on SmackDown! and this could probaly stand to be one of WWE least bought PPVs since the mid 90s.


The show its self shouldn't be awfull but nothing really great, Los Guerreros/Team Angle and Lesnar/Cena should both be good and Rock should probaly be able to get something out of Goldberg.

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Guest Dickie Hyde



What are you're big predictions for Backlash? I hope Stone Cold screws Goldberg out of a win and starts a feud. Although that's very unlikely to happen due to Austin's injuries and him being fired.


I'm also glad that Scott Steiner has been put down the rankings from the main event spots, quite frankly, he sucked. He will be good for the future of WWE though.


And Stephanie McMahon, keep on wearing those short skirts, you certainly got my attention on Smackdown!


Have any of you noticed how much Bischoff is on RAW compared to Steph on Smackdown? Steph is hardly shown... whilst Bischoff is right into the storylines firing people ect... must just be how their characters would act.



EDIT: I've moved this post in here. Try and keep all Backlash related thoughts in this thread please.


If you would like to predict on the outcomes of the matches then go to Chris2K's Prediction League



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Guest kiez33
If O'Haire was against a different opponant then it couuld have been a decent match but Rikishi, damn im not even gonna finish this
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Guest Tajiri
I don't really mind Rikishi/O'Haire that much, Rikishi is probaly most giving big guy WWE have who is willing to sell for pretty much anyone so if the match was kept short O'Haire could come out of it pretty well.
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Guest Bouff

i wasn't goin to buy it, but i changed my mind when i saw raw.


The rock crcked me up in his segment with gillberg and goldberg and also i used to be a hugh michaels/nash fan so i'm interested to see if the what happens in that.....



Big show vs rey - what the **** !!!

O'haire - my big for being the next main eventer with in teh next 2 years.


It's gonna be a pretty shitty ppv but i hope the crowd is gonna be red hot for rock goldberg.

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Guest Peter K

For me, I shall be getting the event on SBO - I try to catch all WWE shows myself.


I think Goldberg VS The Rock will be a good one, I'm concenered on how WWE will handle the Rey and Big Show match.


Probably the event is worth getting only to see the Goldberg and The Rock match - possibly John Cena and Brock Match will be good too.

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Match #1 Smackdown! Tag Team Championship Match

Team Angle vs. Los Guerreros

Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas made their way to the ring with a huge picture of Kurt Angle with gold medals hanging from the side. Haas and Eddie squared off to start the match. Eddie took him down into a front headlock and then Haas reversed it and went for the early cover. Eddie hit a shoulder block and then snap-mared Haas in the middle of the ring and went for the pin, but Haas kicked out. Eddie was playing to the crowd and then tagged in Chavo.


Charlie quickly tagged out to Benjamin and the two fresh men squared up. Chavo got locked in an arm wringer and then broke free from a pin attempt. Chavo got up and kicked Benjamin in the gut and then tagged Eddie back in. Eddie hit a huge uppercut on Shelton and then tagged Chavo back into the match. Chavo locked Benjamin in an armbar down on the mat and then was victim of a cheapshot from Haas that gave Team Angle the momentum in the match.


Eddie then took a cheap shot at Benjamin while Haas inadvertently distracted the referee. Chavo picked up Benjamin and launched him through the ropes and Eddie took it to him on the outside again. Chavo sidewalk slammed Benjamin in the ring and then went for the pin. Benjamin kicked out and Eddie got the tag. Eddie hit a big suplex and then let Benjamin tag in Haas.


Haas hit a huge back body drop and then Benjamin came in with no tag and suplexed Eddie and went for the pin. Eddie then got taken out of the ring and Haas illegally worked him over on the outside and then threw him back into the ring. Team Angle draped Eddie onto the ropes and hit a huge double-team leapfrog maneuver to wrenched the back of Eddie Guerrero.


Eddie hit a desperation back suplex to buy some time to make a tag. Eddie inched over for the tag and Haas nailed him with a spear and went for the pin, but Chavo broke it up. Benjamin came back in and got a jawbreaker from Eddie but he still couldn’t make the tag. Shelton planted Eddie into the mat with a power slam and then got him in a reverse chin lock.


Eddie hit a huge head-scissors takedown and then leaped to tag Chavo. He came in and dropkicked both members of Team Angle and then moved to allow Haas to splash his own partner and then nailed them with a double dropkick. Eddie then hit a missile dropkick on Benjamin and then hit several vertical suplexed in a row on Haas. Chavo then inched over to pin Haas after Eddie left to their corner, but Haas somehow kicked out of the pin attempt.


Chavo tagged in Eddie and he went straight to the top and hit the frog splash, but the ref did not see the tag, so Chavo came over and tried to make the cover, but Benjamin pulled him out of the ring. Benjamin held the foot of Chavo on a suplex attempt and allowed Haas to fall on him and get the tainted victory. Los Guerreros both took out Team Angle and knocked down the picture of Kurt and then ran away with the Tag Titles in their pimped out car.

Winner(s): Team Angle – Still Smackdown! Tag Team Champions


Test was harassing Torrie Wilson and calling her a tease after seeing her Playboy. She told him not to ever call her or bother her anymore and she said she wanted nothing to do with him. Test grabbed her and kissed her and she slapped him and took off. Sable then peaked her head around the corner and followed her away.


Match # Sean O’ Haire w/ Roddy Piper vs. Rikishi

Rowdy Roddy Piper came down to the ring with a basket of coconuts and announced the entrance of Sean O’ Haire. Rikishi came down and went right after O’Haire on the outside. They got in the ring and the bell sounded to start the match. O’Haire took control in the ring after a small beating from the big man. O’Haire got Rikishi in a headlock in the middle of the ring and then kicked him in the back. Rikishi got up and mounted an offense, but O’Hairepicked him up for a slam and dropped him.


Rikishi ducked a huge spinning heal kick and went for the stinkface in the corner, but Sean O’Haire kicked him away. Piper came in the ring with a coconut and the ref stopped him. At the same time, Rikishi went for the superkick and O’Haire went for his own sidekick, they both connected and hit the mat. Piper got nailed with a coconut from Rikishi and O’Haire hit his big finisher and pinned Rikishi thanks to Piper’s distraction.

Winner: Sean O’Haire


Stacy was in the backstage area eating and Sable approached her. Sable introduced herself to Stacy and then told her she hated to tell her, but Torrie is after Test. Stacy didn’t believe her because Torrie is her good friend. She then told her that Torrie got Test an early copy of her Playboy issue and that she saw Torrie kiss him backstage. She apologized for having to tell her and then walked away. Stacy looked upset and then threw her plate down and stormed out.


Match #3 World Tag Team Championship Match

Rob Van Dam & Kane vs. The Dudley Boyz w/ Special Referee Chief Morley

Buh Buh and RVD started off the match. RVD nailed a sweep kick and took down Buh Buh. RVD took Buh Buh into the corner and backhand springed and then got nailed by a Buh Buh clothesline. D-Von got the tag and came into the ring and Kane got the tag from RVD. Kane took him down and then sent him off the ropes and nailed him with the big boot. D-Von fired back in the corner and took down Kane with a big boot. He tagged in Buh Buh and Kane took him down and beat him in the corner with stiff blows.


Buh Buh nailed Kane with a bulldog and then worked Kane over a bit until he tagged in Van Dam. RVD hit a spinning kick and then the split-legged moonsault and went for the pin on Buh Buh but he kicked out.


Buh Buh then powerslammed RVD and then hit the scoop slam and allowed D-Von to hit the Whassup diving head butt. D-Von then got RVD in a reverse chin lock on the mat after he kicked out of the pin. Buh Buh came in and dropkicked RVD in the face and then got the tag. Buh Buh got RVD in a hold down on the mat and RVD got up and kicked him in the head and then tagged in Kane.


Kane came in and unleashed on Buh Buh and D-Von. Kane then took them out and went for the chokeslam and Morley hit him below the belt with a cheapshot. Buh Buh went for the pin on Kane and he somehow kicked out. Buh Buh then nailed the Buh Buh bomb on RVD. Morley then accidentally nailed the wrong man and turned the Dudleyz against him. They nailed him with the 3D. RVD and Kane then took down Buh Buh and Van Dam hit the huge Frog Splash and pinned Buh Buh to retain the titles.

Winner(s): RVD & Kane – Still WWE World Tag Team Champions


Stacy was backstage and approached Torrie and said she knew what happened. Torrie said she wanted to tell her and Stacy was getting pissed. Stacy yelled at Torrie and asked her if she kissed Test and she corrected her that it was Test who kissed her. Stacy went crazy and a huge catfight broke out between the two in the women’s locker room.


Match #4 Women’s Championship Match

Trish Stratus vs. Jazz w/ Teddy Long

Trish and Jazz started off the match and Jazz was in the champion’s face. Trish snapmared Jazz and was in control. Jazz fired back and took down Trish and beat her down on the mat. Trish fired back and whipped Jazz off the ropes and missed a clothesline and got taken down again. Jazz then took the pad off of the middle turnbuckle, but Trish went for the desperation roll-up, but Jazz kicked out.


Jazz went up top and Trish got her in a head-scissors from a handstand but Jazz countered and landed down on top of her and locked in a half-crab. Trish refused to tap and Trish got control again. She whipped Jazz off the ropes and hit a martial arts kick. She went for the pin and Jazz kicked out. Jazz then went for a back suplex and Trish hit the Stratusfaction and Teddy Long nailed Trish with a shoe from outside the ring. Trish got up and the distraction allowed Jazz to used the ropes for leverage and pinned Trish to get the win.

Winner: Jazz – New WWE Women’s Champion


Shawn Michaels and Booker T were in the back talking about their match. Booker asked Shawn if he was ready and he told him it was not his first rodeo. Booker said he knew and then asked how Nash was going to be. Nash told Shawn and Booker to do whatever they want in the ring, but leave Triple H for him.


Match #5 The Big Show vs. Rey Mysterio

Rey ducked and ran from Show and then hit him with a dropkick when he slid into the ring after him. Show then stepped over the ropes and Rey kicked him again. Show finally got completely in the ring and Show slammed Rey into the corner. He worked him over and Rey left the ring and Show reached down and grabbed him by the head and pulled him back in. Mysterio got back in the ring and Show slammed Rey into the corner again and then smashed his head against the mat with his foot.


Big Show gorilla pressed Rey and he landed on his feet. Rey kicked Show and then got tossed out of the ring by him. He nailed Show with a chair and then hit the 619 three times and then went for his finisher, but Show caught him and chokeslammed him and pinned him to win the match. The referee called for EMT help after the match for Rey Mysterio.

Winner: The Big Show


Big Show made his way back to the ring and grabbed the entire stretcher with Rey strapped to it and swung the entire thing like a baseball back into the ringpost and then dropped Rey on the ground and walked out.


Lilian Garcia interviewed Triple H and Chris Jericho along with Ric Flair about their match. She told Triple H that Nash must be gunning for him and he said it was fine because it was a 6-man match and he has the best team backing him up. Jericho said he was going to unleash on the Heartbreak Kid, and Flair told Booker T that he would have to take out the 16-time World Champion tonight and it wasn’t going to happen. Triple H then told Nash that he forced his hand and he was going to find out what it is like to be against the Game.


Stacy and Torrie Wilson were going at it in the back and Torrie threw Stacy into a huge chest and she hit her head hard and fell to the ground. Big Poppa Pump then came in and helped Stacy up and was carrying her to a trainer. Test then came up and started yelling at Steiner and Stacy and asked then what was going on. Steiner put Stacy down and said she wanted to know the same thing and then left.


Match #6 WWE Championship Match

Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena

Brock went after Cena and nailed him with a fall away slam and then nailed him with a few suplexes and went for the early pin, but he kicked out. Brock then locked Cena in a front facelock on the mat. Brock continued to unleash on Cena and then gorilla pressed him in the middle of the ring and then clotheslined him over the ropes to the outside.


Brock slammed Cena into the announce table and then threw the Championship belt in his face. They got back in the ring and Cena ducked a punch and then ran out of the ring to regroup. Brock followed him and then slammed him into the side of the ring. Cena then countered and threw Brock into the steel ringsteps. Cena then went to work on him and broke open the wound above Brock’s eye.


Cena took it to Brock in the ring. He scoop slammed Brock and then ran his hands through the blood on his face. Brock tried to fight back, but Cena rammed him out of the ring. He worked on him on the outside and then got him back in the ring and went for the pin. Cena then locked Brock in a headlock in the middle of the ring.


Cena had Brock locked in a reverse headlock on the mat and Brock fought up to his feet and then slammed Cena’s back into the corner three times and then fell to the mat. Brock got up and clotheslined Cena and then slammed him into the turnbuckle with a shoulderblock.


Cena broke free and hit a neckbreaker on Lesnar and then went for the pin. The bloody Lesnar got up and hit the F5 out of nowhere and pinned John Cena to retain his championship.

Winner: Brock Lesnar


Match #7 Six-Man Tag Team Match

Shawn Michaels, Booker T & Kevin Nash vs. Triple H, Ric Flair and Chris Jericho

Kevin Nash and Triple H started the match, but tagged out before anything happened and Michaels and Jericho kicked it off instead. Shawn hit the ropes and hit a waistlock on Jericho and then took a knee to the gut. He countered a powerslam and rolled up Y2J for a pin. The two countered each other’s pin attempts several times. Jericho then countered a dropkick and went for the Walls of Jericho.


Triple H and Nash squared off, but Jericho ran in and took action against Nash. Nash slammed Jericho into the corner and then tagged in Booker T. Booker hit the spinebuster and then countered and high-risk move from the top rope and slammed him down to the mat.


Triple H got the tag and came in after Booker T. He backed him up to their corner and his team took cheap shots in the corner. Michaels then got the tag from Booker and Flair was tagged in from the other team. Triple H got the Pedigree on Shawn while Flair was down on the mat. Both legal men were down and Flair inched over and tagged in Jericho.


Jericho drove elbows into Shawn and then mocked HBK and went for the pin. Triple H then got the tag and came in and worked over Shawn and then Flair got the tag to get some shots in on Michaels. Shawn mounted an offense, but Flair tagged in Jericho and he came right in and suplexed Shawn and then locked in an armbar in the middle of the ring.


Shawn got up to his feet and then got a big knee in the gut from Jericho and then tagged in Triple H. Jericho pulled Shawn to the ringpost and snapped his leg into the post and then tagged in Flair who continued to work on the knee of Michaels.


Flair hit a knee-buster, but Shawn hit an inzuguri and then was down. Flair and Shawn both got up and Flair hit some chops. Shawn then reached over and tagged in Nash who went right after Triple H, who was tagged in by Flair. Nash clotheslined Flair out of the ring and knocked around Triple H and Jericho as well. Nash hit a sidewalk slam on Triple H and went for the pin, but Flair broke up the pin.


Jericho then attacked Nash and sidewalk slammed him. Nash nearly got nailed with the Pedigree from Triple H but he hit s sunset flip and then Nash went for the Jack-Knife but Jericho came to the rescue. Booker T then ran into the ring and put the attack on Jericho. He hit the Spinnerooney and then missed the spinning kick, but tossed him out of the ring.


Nash and Triple H were fighting down the aisle while Booker T and Jericho were on the outside, and Shawn took care of Flair in the middle of the ring. Shawn set up for the Sweet Chin Music in the middle of the ring, but Jericho ran in and nailed him with a bulldog. Flair then locked Shawn in the Figure 4 Leglock, but he was not the legal man for their team.


Nash then set up Triple H for a Jack-Knife through the announce table, but stopped to save Shawn in the middle of the ring. He hit the Jack Knife Powerbomb on Jericho and then Triple H ran in and nailed Big Daddy Cool with the sledgehammer and pinned him in the middle of the ring to get the victory for his team.

Winner: Triple H, Ric Flair & Chris Jericho


Terri Runnels interviewed The Rock and asked him about his match with Goldberg. She said he had done it all, but many feel that beating Goldberg was something he would not do. Rock said he was going to beat him and mocked him with an impression of him. He said it hurt when Goldberg speared him, but he was going to avoid it tonight. Rock then said the 8 shots to the head with a chair hurt Goldberg more than the Spear. Rock then said the fans could wipe a cockatoo’s ass with what they think and said he was going to take care of Goldberg.


Match #8 The Rock vs. Goldberg

The Rock came to the ring first and then Goldberg made his entrance. Rock waited outside of the ring and stalled before getting into the ring. A “Goldberg” chant started among the crowd. Goldberg just stood glaring at Rock. He slowly got closer to him and then yelled for them to sound the bell to get the match started. The locked up and Goldberg shoved Rock across the ring. The Rock got up and the two paced around the ring.


The Rock slapped Goldberg across the face and he had a big smile on his face. Goldberg then tossed The Rock completely out of the ring. Rock headed toward the aisle and then finally made his way back to the ring. He stood on the apron and pulled Goldberg’s neck down across the ropes and then got a few shots in on him in the ring.


Goldberg took control again, and took Rock down. Goldberg set up and was waiting to Spear the Rock. Rock sidestepped and Goldberg hit his shoulder on the ringpost and then fell out of the ring. Rock got Goldberg back in the ring and took some cheap shots on him, but then got nailed with a Spear when Rock got cocky.


Goldberg nailed Rock with a stiff shoulder in the middle of the ring, and then scoop slammed him in the middle of the ring, but it put pressure on the right shoulder that he nailed against the steel ring post earlier in the match. Goldberg got up and whipped Rock into the turnbuckle and then got a boot from Rock. Rock tried to clothesline Goldberg but could not knock him down. He finally got him on the third try and then smelled around before he hit the Rock Bottom.


Rock went for the pin and Goldberg kicked out. Rock hit a spinebuster and then signaled for the People’s elbow and hit the move. Goldberg kicked out of the pin and Rock was devastated.


Goldberg waited for Rock to get up and he nailed him with the Spear. Rock was down and Goldberg hit him with an even bigger Spear. Goldberg then hit the Jackhammer Power Slam and pinned The Rock to win the match.

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Guest Jerichoholic
Apparently Goldberg got booed last night. From what i read, he went to celebrate after the match and the crowd just booed, and he got pissed off and left the ring quickley! Hahaha, Goldberg is going pear shaped already, just like Steiner did.
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Piss-poor by most accounts. No one gave a flying shit about the 6 man tag (the only pops were for the Jacknife, the spinaroonie, and the 3 count so that the garbage could finally be over. Nash and Flair were absolutely dreadful to watch. Flairs selling was abysmal, Nash's selling not even bothering to show up. Ruined the night totally for me.


Goldberg v Rock was also bad, although not awful. It was very slow paced and the fans were firmly in Rockys corner. Rock carried that match in my view. Goldberg was nothing more than shit. Totally. Waste of a million dollars.


Otherwise, the show had its moments. Say what you will bout the guy, but what Big Show did with that stretcher with Rey on it was nothing short of impressive looking. Thats a pretty good way to use Big Show, as he does have the power. If only he didn't have the gut. Sean O'Haire also delivered the goods, although Piper looked dreadful, selling the coconut like he'd been electrocuted. The two tag title matches were good to watch, and the womens match was watchable by all means. Haven't seen much of Brock v Cena yet but the logical end was received, both men looked good from what I saw, fans seemed to like it, and thats always a good thing.


Just shows the difference between RAW and SD doesn't it.



So in one night, the two guys currently at the centrepoint of the WWE, Kevin Nash and Goldberg, proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that they aren't even worth the paper their contracts are written on.

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It's a bit quick to write them off, after 1 match. I'm not big fans of either, but considering the circumstances, give em a bit longer, like a few weeks of matches. I mean it's only been 1 match.
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