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Miscast Movie Roles


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I've seen the trailer for Disney's remake of Aladdin and oh my goodness did they get wrong when casting Will Smith as Genie. It's the cheesiest and campiest stuff I've seen and not in a good way. Will Smith isn't a bad actor, but he looks uncomfortable in the role like he's being forced to perform with a smile on his face or something. I know it's tough to fill the late Robin Williams' shoes, but good grief they could have cast that better with Michael McIntyre, Gabriel Iglesias, or even Jim Carrey.


Which miscast movie roles bug you the most and which actor or actress would you replace them with?

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Guest Eversleigh

I haven't watched the previews of Aladdin, but Will Smith is pretty hit or miss in general. There seems to be no mediocrity with him. His character work is either spectacular or dreadful.


@headrush Yes, my goodness did Johnny Depp fail as Willy Wonka. I couldn't believe how bizarre he acted. I think Jim Rush would've been a better choice for that role. Robin Williams would've excelled too. Even Will Smith might've been okay.


Both Ben Affleck and George Clooney made less than optimal Batmans. Better players of the Caped Crusader were Christian Bale and Val Kilmer. It would've been better to stick with one of them.

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