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WWE: No Way Out 2003


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WWE: No Way Out 2003


Buy It:




Wrestling 101 Shop - WWE DVDs (For UK & USA)




VHS - $19.95 (Amazon)


DVD - $22.46 (Amazon)




The Rock vs. Hulk Hogan


Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Eric Bischoff


World Heavyweight Championship Match

Triple H vs. Scott Steiner


Handicap Match

Team Angle vs. Brock Lesnar & Chris Benoit


The Undertaker vs. The Big Show


WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match

Billy Kidman vs. Matt Hardy


World Tag Team Championship Match

Rob Van Dam & Kane vs. William Regal & Lance Storm


Chris Jericho vs. Jeff Hardy


DVD Extras:

  • Stone Cold Steve Austin's Surprise Return
  • After Raw Signs Off the Air - 10/02/03
  • Hulk Hogan & The Rock Confrontation - 20/02/03
  • Scott Steiner vs Triple H Promo
  • The Rock & Hulk Hogan Promo
  • Stone Cold Steve Austin & Eric Bischoff Promo
  • Eric Bischoff with Chief Morley Backstage
  • Terri interviews Lance Storm & William Regal
  • Extra Match: Rey Mysterio vs Jamie Noble
  • Post Match Interviews - Chris Jericho, Matt Hardy, Brock Lesnar Triple H, Randy Orton, Batista & Ric Flair Stone Cold Steve Austin

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Guest Peter

I found NWO 2003 to be fairly dissapointing in almost every aspect.


The show started out promisingly with Chris Jericho taking on Jeff Hardy. There wasn't any noticebly blown spots by Jeff, and it was a nice fast paced start to the event. Good to see Jericho get a clean win also.


RVD/Kane vs. Storm/Regal was much like the Tag Title match at the Royal Rumble, boring with lethargic work from all four men. The finish was somewhat inventive, but Regal in particular really stunk up the match.


Matt Hardy vs. Billy Kidman was not a bad Cruiserweight match, although enhjoyable, it was not the electric battle everyone expected. Then again, Kidman is so bland its difficult to have an exciting match with him. It threatened to explode into the classic we hoped for several times, but never did, sadly.


Undertaker vs. Big Show was your standard big man affair, 'Takers suicide dive was quite impressive though.


Team Angle vs. Brock Lesnar & Chris Benoit was a good technical suplex fest, but as good as it was, it still dissapointed, due to the fact it was very short (only about 10-12 minutes) and we had seen so much good stuff from the competitors on previous SD episodes too. The wrong team went over at the end also.


Triple H vs. Scott Steiner was slightly better than the RR debacle, although thats not saying much. Steiner gets booed out of the building also, which does not help matters. At least this match had a finish too, unlike their previous battle. Still, a horrible match that shouldn't of been on PPV.


Austin vs. Bischoff was a total squash, although a fun one. Austins return pop nearly blows the roof off the arena. Its a shame Austin couldn't of had a better return, but it served the purpose necessary.


And finally, Rock vs. Hogan II was very dissapointing, not that I was expecting much. The match was very slow and boring, and had an awful screwjob finish to boot. It didn't have as much heat as their WM match either, which didn't help matters.


Overall, for the NWO PPV I'd give it 2/5, due to the fact all three headliners were poor and definately not PPV quality, and most of the undercard stuff dissapointed too.


However things looks up in the extras section, as we get the hot match between Jamie Knoble and Rey Mysterio from Heat, Austins off air return on Raw before the NWO PPV, the usual standard interview section, three promos, and some bonus SD footage. 4/5 for the extras.


So overall, I'd give the NWO DVD 3/5.

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