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Official Insurrextion Thread


Did you buy the UK PPV?  

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Guest The Genetic Jackhammer
hmm well i didnt even no it was on tonight,i probably still wouldnt watch it if it was free.
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No card has been released as of yet (bar the mishaps of midweek). Will update when I get the info.


I have ordered, and I will be watching. Don't forget if you are on Sky Box Office to head over to Channel 770, press Box office on your Sky Remote, click Sports and Events, then Insurrextion Live, and there you go. Cable viewers.. God knows what you lot have to do :)

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Guest Peter
Originally posted by Kam

Let us know how it all went :)


Will do. :)


On the Sky One Smackdown Update thing they ususally do during the show, it said the card was the following:


Kevin Nash (With Shawn Micheals) vs. Triple H (With Ric Flair)

Booker T vs. Christian

Eric Bischoff and Steve Austin on the Hi-Lite Reel

Test vs. Scott Steiner

Trish Stratus vs. Jazz (Although Victoria will probably be added to make it a Triple Threat)

Rob Van Dam and Kane vs. La Resistance


It also said The Dudley Boys, The Hurricane and Christopher Nowinski would be in action too, and I would image Stevie Richards, Rico, Val Venis, Goldust and Maven would be involved also.


So take that for whatever it is worth.

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Guest F_View

Very Decent PPV ladies n Gentleman !


Stone cold gave 2 stone cold stunners out on the higlight real !


He also made two changes to matches,


HHH vs K. Nash = Street Fight

Interferance Guarenteed can see it.


Now the Steiner match vs Test winner gets stacey is on, Val Venis is special guest ref.


Shame Jazz won her match earlier cause trish looked hot she was robbed.


Christian retains his title to hype match for Booker winning it @ bad blood (IMO)


Kane & RVD beat those French Ass Clowns to retain the Belts.


Gold dust put over rico well even though Goldie won match.


Missed about 10 mins how it all started, but got value for £14.00

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Guest F_View

Game Over


Show Over


Sledge hammer helped the 1,2,3 the Hell in a cell match should be worth a watch, I hope they dont F**k it up


Id rate that PPV ~ 7.9 / 10

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Guest Peter K

A enjoyable show - one of the better British PPV, a good show with a enjoyable main event - the brawl and the ref bumps actually enhanced the event.


A good sign for Bad Blood next week

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Guest Peter

Just came back from the Telewest arena, and what a great night! I was seated right next to the ring, which looks a lot smaller in person. The arena was full apart from a few seats in the upper deck, which were empty.


The show started with the WWE Desire History video, huge pops for The Rock, Hogan, Shawn Micheals and Trish when they appeared on it.


First dark match was someone whos name I didn't catch vs. Maven. The anonymous person got huge heel heat, whereas Maven got a huge pop. The match was only about 2 minutes long, and Maven won with a dropkick.


The other dark match was Lance Storm vs. The Hurricane, and they had a a much better match than the previous, ran about 6 minutes and Hurricane won with the Shining Wizard.


J.R then came out to a good pop, and Jerry Lawler came out to a massive pop, there were Jerry chants all night for some reason.


The actual event then started, the fireworks are incredibly loud in person. Found it kind of strange they started with a womens match, although it wasn't too bad a match. Trish looked great in person. The match was similar to the Backlash one, Jazz won after Victoria distracted the ref and Thedore Long threw Trish into the ringpost.


Next match was Booker T vs. Christian, both got pretty good pops, Christian getting a mix of cheers and boos. Good action here, with Christian using the ropes to retain the title. Booker posed on the ramp after during one of the backstage segments.


Kane and RVD vs. La Resistance was probably the best match of the night, RVD and Kane got huge pops, whereas La Resistance didn't get much heat. RVD played up to the crowd well, and him and Kane won with the Chokeslam/5* combination. Lots of RVD chants.


Goldust got a decent pop coming out, and Rico got great heel heat. The match wasn't anything special, as it was clear the crowd was beginning to get very bored a few minutes in. I think Earl Hebner was the ref here, and he got the "You screwed Bret!" chants off a few people.


The Highlight reel was the best part of the show, Jerixho got an absolutley MASSIVE pop. Jericho and Bischoff drew HUGE heel heat from the crowd, and when Austin came out the crowd went beserk. A great segment, Austin was over huge, especially with the two Stunners at the end. Bischoff got "You Fat Bastard" chanted a lot throughout the interview.


Rodney Mack, Chris Nowinski and Thedore Long came out to a fairly quiet reaction, and the crowd went wild as the Dudleys came out. The Dudleys pyro looks live. Spike seemed to really screw up that move he does off the top rope onto the wrestlers chest, as when he went for the move on Rodney Mack he seemed to slip and land right on Macks leg. Spike got the pin, and then Nowinski got 3D'd through a table.


Val Venis didn't get much of a reaction, and then Stacy was introduced to a big pop, and I got a great ass shot when she bent over to get into the ring! Steiner came out to a small pop, and then Test came out to no heat whatsoever, seriously the arena was silent when he came out. The match was fairly short, Steiner winning with some DDT Variation.


The main event was a lot shorter than I expected, which was a good thing as it was short enough to cover both mens weaknesses. HBK got the second best pop of the night, behind Austin, and Triple H got the usual mix of cheers and boos, I made sure to boo him extra loud. :) Ric Flair bladed in the opening part of the match, and came right over to where I was seated and blood squirted right over the rail onto the floor, it turned out some of it went on some blokes trousers and hes going to file a complaint lol. They then had to get a cleaner out to clear the drops of blood up, which blocked my view of the end of the match. The PPV ended with Nash lying in the ring, and after the show went off the air he left the ring helped by trainers and referees. I think he may of been genuinely hurt as he seemed to be in a lot of pain.


Overall it was an excellent show to see live, none of the matches really stood out and it probably didin't come across that well on TV, but it was great experience live.

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Guest Peter K

Peter, the person you couldn't catch the name who faced Maven was a wrestler from Germany called Christian X or something.



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Guest Dickie Hyde
Usually buy it, but not tonight as I went to Nottingham for the road to Insurrextion instead. How come on wwe.insurrextion.com they didn't release a card? That sucks. Hope who ever went/watched it really enjoyed it
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