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Scottish Championship Wrestling Road Trip

Guest TsuMirren

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Guest TsuMirren

Hi folks,


Here's what Scott McKenzie had to say on the FWA Fan Forum:-


If anyone is interested in going to the SCW: Lion Rampant event in Glasgow on 16th february, there are a limited amount of spaces left in a northward-bound minibus, from Northampton.


We will be leaving for the show - which includes FWA talent such as Alex Shane and Scott Parker, as well as wrestlers from around the country - on friday evening (15th), and returning on sunday morning. Accomodation is included in the price.


All this can be yours for the bargain price of £25.


But time is running out. e-mail me for details.






Here's my speel:-


For fans it's the perfect opportunity to travel and chat with wrestlers, you'll have the chance everyone looks for...first hand insight of the UK wrestling industry.


Not only will you have that opportunity and be a part of history in the making, you will also see FWA and NWA-UK Hammerlock wrestlers working on the same card. These workers are joined by guys from UPW, BXW, Combat Sports and the best young Scottish talent. It's the future of not only Scottish, but UK wrestling also. Could it be the be the blueprint for the future as everyone works towards one goal?


Scottish Championship Wrestling "Accept No Tributes!!!"


Scottish Championship Wrestling

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Guest Michael

hey on the subject of scottish wrestling , ive just heard that there is gonna be a super show talking place at The Pavilion Theatre in Glasgow on the 28th of February. Its gonna be huge !! stars appearing will be Steve Austin, Kane, The Rock, The Hardy Boyz and The Dudley Boyz.


Im sure every one will be going to it . Sounds great.

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Guest SkinnyBoy
Midlands promotions = Worst promotion out there and even worst tribute promotion. Now thats saying something. A place where guys like Jerry Berrea go to become wrestlers at 37 years of age and think the fake Stg Slaughter is the best wrestler in the UK. lmao!
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