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Guest NJC

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Well, it is not long away now, wrestling's premier event is nearly upon us. I don't know about you lot, but I still get excited about this event, but I am intrigued this year for a number of reasons.


-How will it be able to top WrestleMania X-Seven?


-How will the WWF use all of it's main stars?


-What role will the nWo play?


Personally, looking forward to it as much as I am, I find it hard to believe it can be better than last years.


Apart from the main event, which is clearly shaping up to be Austin-Helmsley, how will the main players be used.


Kurt Angle, The Rock, Chris Jericho, The Undertaker...what are they all going to do?


I can see Nash and Hall going for the Tag gold, which will hopefully be held by some higher tier opposition than Spike and Tazz. No offence to those two, as I think they are doing a great job, but for a match against The Outsiders, I would suggest a team of two main players would be a better choice.


I don't know, but I am REALLY looking forward to it all the same.


Please leave general comments and thoughts on the event.

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Guest Jactus Cack

Perhaps we might see Hogan/Rock, with the basis of their feud being their previous acting roles.

RVD will most probably be involved with the Intercontinental title at WMX8.

With the tag teams, they can't surely have TLC again with the same teams, not least because E + C have split up. But they will probably still have a similar gimmick match.

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Guest The Crippler
If this years Wrestlemania is as good as last years then we are all in for a treat. I just hope people aren't disappointed if it doesn't live up to last years one which was in my opinion one of the best pay per views ever put on.
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