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Annoying E-Mail

Guest Perfection

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Guest Perfection

There was a bit of talk about this in another thread so I decided to make a new post about it. Here is a short list of mine


'Get your free sun glasses today'


'10% off Sun Tan Lotion'


'Free Holiday Tickets'


'Get a new Credit Card Today'


'Daily Laughter'


"5% off Tampons' :?


Tell me some of yours :)

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Guest Thundara

English lessons...


Honourory membership to Oxford Uni (cruel joke),


Umpteen "free porn for life" emails.....


A free tampons email too :xyx


Eh, can't remember the rest.


Oh yeah, one from Amazon saying the my order had been postponed for another 3-4 months.


Found that one pretty darn funny.

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Guest Michaels
I get about 50 e-mails like that every day, I just click at the top and delete them all. Don't check to see if there's important ones because I know they'll all be junk mail.
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Guest Jerichoholic

Some of the ones i remember are:


"free insurance for life"


"enlarge your breasts now"


"new credit cards"


"send your granny a card"


"a hot babe wants your body"


thats about all i can remember.

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Every day I get around 5 or 6 "Humor" e-mails, that Junk Mail Filter is pretty damn hopeless.


Also, tons of those porno "I'm home alone and feeling horny", penis enlargement, incest porn sites,(grandfather and granddaughter, yuck!), you name it,I've had it.


the worst offender though has to be some silly company names SC....something, keep sending me e-mails about some wrestling company. I'll have to get that seen to.....

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