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TWO soap opera...part two (use this one to reply in now)

Dead Crow

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Guest Perfection

I am still the mischievous little (edited by Perfection ;) ), always being convinced to do stupid stuff by Lat. :)


Just so everybody knows ;)


Anway, that was a pretty intelligent thing to do, for someone acting so strange, eh Kam?

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Episode 3


We see a bloke with Russ. He looks like a footballer, this turns out to be Nyte.


Draven gets let back out of the loony bin, but gets readmitted for trying to lick the pavement.


Dean and Dean douglas are still fighting, Dean smashes a guitar over Dean Douglas's head


Si is still trying to sell the hugging machine to Jess.


I knock on Skulls door, and annoy him. He whacks me on the head with His old fogeys Stick.


Kam trys to sort out Tsu's and Innos problems, but then Alex shane sits on Kam



Anna and Chy get plastered in qm's pub


Shah is seen running after a rolling smartie.


Groov gets sunburnt and turns red


Perf and Lat think of a scheme to get skulls stick. It backfires.


The show ends with me(Nicole) unconsious and nobody caring


(cue cheesy music)

Edited by Nicole
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Guest Dean Douglas

I play the mysterious Dean Douglas, headmaster of Grapple Grove High and resident of Grapple Hall, a dilapidated mansion on a hill overlooking the main street. Iis also heavily hinted that I have a dark secret. ;)


My nemesis is Dean #1 who has already smashed two of my guitars, (once over my head), but I already plan to hit him over the head with a baritone saxophone in episode 4.

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4th episode


Dean Douglas is seen coming out of the high school which he works at. Dean jumps out, and cracks his nuts using a guitar.




Nicole is found by Perf, who laughs and Runs off


Jess buys the hugging machine, and hugs everyone with it


Dean douglas is seen in his mansion. He opens a cupboard door, and The alliance mark falls out.


The game, and his fat parents ransack qm's pub in the search for food


Perf kicks lat in the nuts for trying to make him streak.


Kam finds Nicole, and pushes her into a bush.


Skull monkey gets moodier when Tony walks over his lawn.


Chyna and Anna go abck to business. Taj tells em to to wait, cos he has no more money at the moment.


Tsu and Stephy fall in love :bg


Lui comes to grapple grove, and gets beaten up by Russ, with his new boyfriend Nyte


Draven is let out fo the loony bin, and goes to live with gray gray, the local scally.


Jess pulls Nicole out of the bush, screams help, and puts her back in the bush.


Sas is introduced to the program, a mad scientist who wants to clone a certain japanese wrestler.


Mike makes a quick camera appearance.


Grapple finds Nicole, sends her to the hospital, where nobody cares.


The Verbal Violater arrests tsu, for beating up tony.


The episode ends with the cast of Grapple grove wondering where Nicole is.


(cue cheesy music)

Edited by Nicole
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Guest TsuMirren

Aherm........no!!!! Stephy my backside!


Oh, and Tony shouldn't have been showing Shawn some wrestling holds in his backyard. lol


Backyard is wrong kids!


Sas's part doesn't make sense, the Welsh have only just worked out how to use water properly. She could be a revolutionary linguist looking to cut all Welsh place names to one or two syllables. :)

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Lets see.....


Who thought of this thread? ME!

Whose idea was it to unleash this monster onto TWO? MINE!

Who posted this damn thread in the first place? ME!


Basically, who made all this happen? ME! ME! ME! ME! ME! ME! ME!


Yet Nicole is making the episodes and im relegated to licking pavements. OK, big problems. But hold on....I'm the owner of this soap opera (i.e. I'd get a WHOOOOOOOLE lot of money if this ever happened) so maybe it aint that bad.

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Guest lil_spikey
The camera cuts to Deans pub. He is tuning his guitar while drinking a bloody mary. Suddenly Dean Douglas pops out with his saxophone, swings...and misses. He gets hit with the guitar again. In the background Spikey can be seen as a extra uses the payphone. He waves, cut to commercials...quick!
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next episode


Tsu is stood at dixons window wondering what goods to buy with the profits he makes from SCW.


All of a sudden tsu see's the reflection of vince mckams 2 stooges dean and dean douglas who quickly grip him.


They turn him round to vince mckam who then informs him of the following.


"I've recently bought 50% of SCW and because of what you said about chyna i've decided to give it cancer, i'm going to give it a lethal dose of poison, i'm going to inject it with my creation the



Then all of a sudden the tv's in dixons all lite up with the tWo logo with the figures of steph, lui and kid krazy


dum dum dum

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Follow on from BRM's episode.


As Tsu stands, shellshocked, he begs Vince McKam to rethink his decision. Tsu asks if he can do anything to stop the tWo and McKam says that he wants 100% ownership of SCW.


Later on that day, in a small café, McKam and Tsu sit at a table, and Tsu is about to sign the contract to hand over SCW when suddenly, Stone Cold Russ runs in and shouts "If you want Tsu to rip up the contract and telll the tWo to go to hell, gimme a "How-dy". All the spectators in the café shout "How-dy" and Tsu rips up the contract. Tsu then punches McKam and starts shouting "Whooo Tsuuu, Whooo Tsuuu."


Scene fades with Russ and Tsu downing a cup of coffee over the body of McKam.

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Guest Thundara

Ive decided I'd like to play the old, annoying and overly knowlegable old woman who is in it from Episode 1, and no matter how many letter of complaint I recieve, will last for the next 25 years recieving pointless plots which usually involve describing teenagers the fact of life, sex, and why boys don't get periods.


People will always seem to flock to me with their problems, and I'm usually with the answer they want to hear. I am also the keeper of everyone elses deep dark secrets, simply because Im so old and so goddamn intrusive.


But, under all these dull, old-womaish clothes, I have my own cliched deep dark secret, which is hinted at by the spooky music everytime I enter the nearby abandoned cheese-grating factory which I visit on a weekly basis, and akward camera angles from behind machinery, birds-eye views etc.


Ohhhh the suspense........



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episode 5 (with the idea of two)


The show opens with Tsu, looking into si's window, looking for japenese wrestlign tapes. Kam comes behind him, and says to him, as i am 50% owner, i will inject poison into scw with the TWO.


Nicole is still in hospital, nobody cares.


Grapple follows around chyna, as he is still in love with her.


Anna meets up with Tajiri_san, who gives her 10,000


A old women moves in, she is thundara. Perf goes to see her about stupid nonsense.


Skull gets moodier and moodier, and Lat and brm think fo a plan to lock him up for 100 years.


Dean Douglas gets revenge on dean, by hitting him on the head with a saxphone.


Jess is still hugging people.


Mwnn is introduced, he doesnt have a anme, so they call him it.


Shaggy is seen going into Russ house, which he now shares with Nyte.


The game and his family still search for food.


Tanya's obsession with Av gets stronger, as she starts video recording her.


The last shot is of Kam, and the TWO made up of :INNO, MIKE, SHAH!

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Guest TsuMirren

Episode 6:


Tsu brings up the little known fact that Kam cannot become a 50% owner of SCW without a signature from Tsu himself. As Tsu stands awaiting a reply, Sas appears and slaps Tsu...she shouts "What's wrong with somewhere being called Carswanelligyygochiffydport anyway?"


We cut to the local watering hole, Nicole has been given a job behind the bar in the hope the responsibility will get her to weesht for 10 seconds. Moments later, the man who gave Nicole her fake ID is seen being beaten up by Kam...


Over at Anna's we see Anna modelling for someone who is looking to sculp a table in the shape of a female...or at least that's what the adults viewing tell her kids she's doing.


Russ, Shaggy and Nyte are the talk of the town as they have been seeing a little too much of each other recently.


A voice is now added to Tanya's videos of AV, but some lifeless fan of the show decides to use software to decipher who the voice belongs to an druins everything for the viewers by posting the results on every website he can find.

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