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Biggest Episode Of Grapple Grove EPISODE 21


Nicole is still gagged up in a cave. She moves slightly to her right, and the camera fades to black.




Anna still waits for the mystery man#


Kam makes a lot of profit from the cafe, and pays back tsu


Tsu is once again a millionaire, as his training went pretty well.


Jess throws a massive party for chy, sas, grapp, mwnn, tam, and a few other people.


Inno starts an idea of setting up a carboard cut out wrestling promotion, where he and sahwn would provide the voices.


Anna blows the candle out on the table. She has been waiting hours. Then she hears a knock at the door.


Draven goes to Jess party, and people actually take notice of him.


Anna answers the door to find GRAYGRAY looking back at her with loving eyes.


The camera fades back to Nicole's Cave, Nicole Moves slightly, and the mystery man is HOSGOOD.


Last shot:

Nicole's look of terror

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Guest Dean Douglas

Grapple Grove: Episode 22


Hosgood stands over Nicole in the cave laughing...


This episode has been moved to an earlier time to allow a live broadcast of the Winter Olympics so the Tanya and AV situation is not mentioned.


Anna grabs GrayGray, drags him into the house and slams the door behind them.


Jealous of Tsu's success, Kam meets with Colin vows to do his best to bring down the cafe and SCW.


Cut to the following morning and everyone at the party is now asleep at various locations in and around Jess's house.


Tony proudly opens Cardboard Championship Wrestling, Vince McMahon signs Mr Cardboard and Hulk Kitchen Paper Tube in an attempt to nip the promotion's success in the bud.


Draven is out and roaming the streets, no one feels safe.


Thundara then complains that everyone felt safe in her day.


Dean Douglas returns to TV, he's seen having dinner at Grapple Hall with The Crippler, he then explains his fiendish plot in great detail...


Russ and Nytemare are playing football on a field backing onto Skullmonkey's property, the ball rolls over to one spot and sets off a mine.....oh no, they're trapped!!!!!.


Despite being a better heel The Crippler refuses Dean Douglas's offer and locks him in a Crippler Crossface.


Last Shot: Dean Douglas frantically tapping.

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Episode 23


Hosgood looks at Nicole with a sick and twisted smile.


Anna's work as a beutician goes well


Jess spends the whole day cleaning up from the party and wondering were Nicole is.


Chy and Grapp get excited as Chyna's bump gets bigger.


Crippler says sorry to dean douglas, and plans to attack dean.


Crippler attacks dean.


GrayGray sets up a date with Anna.


Draven shares the house with Nyte.


Qm holds his first quiz night at the pub. Jungmuta wins it.


Tsu promotes his 3rd show, Cash in Hand, which earns him half a million


Inno's carboard wrestling promotion goes from strength to strength, as shawn is the best voice.




Nicole is still trapped in a cave


Last scene:

Anna walking home with graygray by her side

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Guest Dean Douglas

Grapple Grove, Episode 24.


Hosgood is still laughing.


Anna is fired as a beautician after taking several breaks with GrayGray in the back of a car.


Jess sets out to find Nicole as she needs someone to hug.


QM holds another quiz, jungmuta wins again.


Tony is facing stiff competition from the Papier Mache Wrestling Federaton.


SCW holds it's first PPV alongside WWF Extortion and wins with a 1.2 buyrate versus a 0.00004 for the WWF.


Kam is not happy and is still plotting with Colin, but negotiations stall when Colin demands to be made a Neighbourhood Watch warden.


Skullmonkey erects an 11 foot electrified fence around the minefield that Russ and Nytemare are still trapped in.


Draven is spotted chasing goats in a field.


Grapple goes mad with all the attention from his fans and runs naked through the streets prompting Russ to call "if you've got it, flaunt it".


Dean Douglas begins a reign of terror at Grapple Grove High with The Crippler as his hired goon, ready to give German Suplexes to the disobedient students.


Dean cowers in fear.


Last Shot: Lat and Perf being released from Juvenile Prison.

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Episode 26


Nicole is still in her cave, crying and screaming "Shooting Star Press Sucks", before falling asleep.


Jess keeps looking for Nicole, cos she is desperate for a hug.


Brm's funeral is held, only one person turns up.


Nyte has a breakdown becuase he sold milwall


Carboard championship wrestling holds its first ppv. 5 people turn up, and it earns 20,000.


Tsu buys a football company the xsf, with the profits from scw.


Perf and Lat try and sell the baby clothes to chyna.



Draven is ressurected by sas.


Anna and Taj are let out of prison.


Kam's cafe flys a satellite to the moon.


final scene:

Jess screaming "NICOLE!!!!!!!!!!!"

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