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Whos Your Fav.Person On Talkwrestlingonline/ chatrooms

Guest V-I-N-C-E-N-T

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Guest V-I-N-C-E-N-T

Whos Your Fav.Person On Talkwrestlingonline/chatrooms


THIS is the place where you get the chance to vote for your faverite chatroom person of them all?


Mines would probably have to be?------- Russ Or Dean? :groov

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Wit? Sense of humour? I just type what the voices in my head tell me to type...


My "favourite" is Kam. He's great, funny, intelligent, sexy and...Sorry, excuse me *Wipes brown stuff off of nose*.


Seriously, Kam puts a lot of dough ray me into TWO, and I think we all owe Kam a debt for making the site what it is today, and for keeping it running during his Uni course.


Of course, in a way, we all make TWO what it is today.

But in another, more realistic way, you suck and I rule.


I bid you good day.

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Guest Jess O Mac

*coughs* suck up *coughs*


Yeah Kams the best, we all love Kam! yey! and Russ, are the voices in your head the same as the ones that are making Kam kill? or is that faries? ohhhh now im *Confoosed*

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Guest Thundara

If it wasn't for Kam, this glorious paradise we call TWO wouldnt exist. As Russ said, Kam's put a lot of cash into this site, especially the newish chatroom.


If he wasnt such a nice guy he'd ask you to pay for the priveledge to come on here and suck up to him. :)


Everyone's cool in my book, except the *cough* ....ards who take things for granted and wreck havoc in the chatroom the second a mod leaves.

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Guest Johnny Richter
Stuey has returned, Beware he is a post whore, he also had some choice words about kam's censoring on this forum, so watch out for bad language
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