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Scottish Championship Wrestling

Guest TsuMirren

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Guest TsuMirren

Hi folks,


Here is what, hopefully, should be the last update before Saturday's show...


The line-up:


Eric "The Fist" Canyon and Rob McKay


Chris Cullen & Scully


Drew Galloway vs Conscience


Development Triple Threat

Aidan Corrigan, Stephen Reeves, James Palmer


Steve "Justice" Walker vs Iceman


"Guv'nor" Carl Conroy vs Andy Hogg


"The Highlander" vs Majik


Marco Di Fiore vs "The Great Scot"


A Battle Royal to crown the King of Scotland



So, who will be the first King of Scotland??? Who will hold the Trophy aloft?




All other latest news is up on the official website.


Scottish Championship Wrestling

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Guest Cactus Jack
Originally posted by Michaels

Cool line-up, it isn't being televised is it? :)


Is this Mike Musso? Sorry if it is meant in good taste, but after the "history" between you and Tsu, was there any point in that remark?


Again, sorry if it was a remark in "good" taste :xyx

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Guest SkinnyBoy

*Midland Pro Wrestling will be touring Scotland between the 15th and 24th of feb.


Be there for an entertaining night out.*


I hate that promotion. Im not gonna lose the nut here but that can hardly be called pro wrestling.


*Be there to watch half talented losers pretend to be other people and make a mockery of pro wrestling*

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Guest Hosgood
tsu i'd hit alex if i was you ,nice of him to jump off a 20ft balcony and break his nose a week before your show. Goodluck anyway and you scots get down to scw or stop moaning about there being no wrestling in scotland
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