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Banning NTL's entire list of users from chat.

Guest TsuMirren

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OK - can someone either give Vincent a swift kicking and tell him to stop digging up threads from years gone by just for a quick post, or just ban the little weevil? He's doing my nut in, Grapp's nut in, and pretty much everyone else's nut in.
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Guest Kay Fabe

yes perf, he is sending im's to ppl none stop. pming nasty things. and saying stuff that isnt pleasant at all.


not to mention the thick posts he leaves in his trail

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Guest Groovico

Some mod keeps hitting ban host


It's simple some moderator keeps hitting band host and IP, I don' know how many times I've had to remove the block on NTL, happens all the time! Banning host is a no no unless you know how to read the things!

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