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Guest Trimmy

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Guest Trimmy

Who do you think will be the next...............:


WWE Champion.


World Heavyweight Champion.


U.S. Champion.


Intercontinental Champion.


Cruiserweight Champion.


Womens Champion.


World Tag Team Champions.


WWE Tag Team Champions.


And ( if you can be bothered) Why?


Ill post mine later.



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Guest Wolverine

WWE Champion - Eddie Guerrero

World Heavyweight Champion - Chris Jericho

US Champion - Rene Dupree

Intercontinental Champion - (No-one! Randy will retain forever!) Edge

Women's Champion - Victoria



EDIT: No Spoilers

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Guest The Crippler

WWE Champion - Undertaker

Not sure about this one. I'd like Eddie to be given the belt back but I think Undertaker may be given one last run with it.


World Heavyweight Champion. - Triple H

It doesn't really matter if he is champion or not as he is still the main focus of the shows but I think they'll stick the belt on him at SummerSlam, if not Vengeance.


U.S. Champion. - Booker T

I'd give this belt to Dupree to see how he ran with it but I think they'll go with Booker.


Intercontinental Champion. - Shelton Benjamin

This is a hard one to call as I don't see Orton dropping the belt for a long time. But I'd guess Shelton Benjamin as I don't see the point in giving it to Jericho, Edge or Christian. Matt Hardy could be a good contender for that particular belt along with Benjamin.


Cruiserweight Champion. - Chavo Guerrero

They should have gave the belt to Chavo at the GAB. This division is sucking pretty bad right now.


Womens Champion. - Don't know, don't care.


World Tag Team Champions. -

I'll wait until Raw has aired before I say who I think will be the next tag champions.


WWE Tag Team Champions. - No idea.

I've not really been watching Smackdown or paying attention to the tag division there.

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Guest Trimmy

WWE Champion. Big Show he'll be back.


World Heavyweight Champion. Tripple H-omo I hate that guy but hey he's good.


U.S. Champion. Kurt Angle, he hates cena.


Intercontinental Champion., Edge Ortan will go for the bigger title he deserves it.


Cruiserweight Champion. Billy Kidman, The only guy that can stop Rey.


Womens Champion. Jazz, Tough as nails.


WWE Tag Team Champions. RVD and Rey mysterio, because well its RVD.



EDIT: No Spoilers

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WWE Champion.-------------------------Eddie Guerrero, only contendor


World Heavyweight Champion.--------------H3, the man has to


U.S. Champion.-----------------------------Rob Van Dam, i have a feeling


Intercontinental Champion.---------------------Christian, he deserves it


Cruiserweight Champion.-------------------------Chavo again


Womens Champion.---------------------------------- Victoria


World Tag Team Champions.----------------------------I hope La Res keep them but i dunno probably evolution


WWE Tag Team Champions.-----------------------Billy and Chuck- cmon WWE make me happy




NWA TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS-Best tag team in world at the Moment- AMW

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Guest The Crippler

OK guys, I've had to edit a couple of posts here because of spoilers.


Please remember that Raw and Smackdown does not go out until the weekend so any matches announced this week on Raw for Vengeance will not be known yet by people trying to avoid spoilers.

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Guest scholes

WWE Champion - Undertaker - the dead man champ again. new reigns...


World Heavyweight Champion - Kane - a push for him after summerslam against HBK


U.S. Champion - Mark Jindrak - his gimmick have to go somewhere right?


Intercontinental Champion - Chris Jericho - just put a belt around him


Cruiserweight Champion - Akio - this guy got superb technique


Womens Champion - Gail Kim - superb submission


World Tag Team Champions - Edge, Eugene - Eugene first belt with someone who have hold the tag belt with mutiple partners


WWE Tag Team Champions - Chavo, Jamie Noble - more cruiserweights can participate in the tag division...

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WWE Champion - Eddie then he'll probably lose it to Taker somewhere down the road... depends if its a three way at Summerslam...


World Heavyweight Champion - Triple H, its time the belt came home to daddy... after all it has been nearly 4 months


U.S. Champion - Booker T, can you dig that?


Intercontinental Champion - Edge or if Orton retains Shelton when he comes back


Cruiserweight Champion - Chavo Jnr


Womens Champion - Victora or Gail Kim...

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Guest Kate

wwe championship- Eddie

world heavyweight title-Edge

U.S title-Booker T

Intercontinental title-Shelton benjamin

Cruiserweight title-Jamie Noble(just a feeling)

Womens title- Lita

world tag team titles-HHH and Eugene

Wwe tag team titles- Eddie and Jbl (just image that)

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Concerning the WWE championship...



The plan is for Eddie to get the belt back and then drop it to The Undertaker - but plans may change





WWE: Eddie (see spoiler)

World: HHH (almost a certainty)

US: After Cena, I'd probably say Dupree.

IC: Edge

Cruiser: Michael Cole

Womens: Victoria (I hope to God)

World Tag: Any combination of Benoit, Edge, Jericho, or Michaels.

WWE Tag:

The Dudley Boyz


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Guest BB Steele

WWE Champion - Eddie Guerrero, he shouldnt have lost it in the first place.


World Heavyweight Champion - Triple H, he that damn good


U.S. Champion - Renee Dupree, I think he is 1 of the best talents on Smackdown.


Intercontinental Champion - Sheldon Benjamin, when he comes back from his broken hand he will then take the title.


Cruiserweight Champion - Chavo Guerrero, he the only challenger at the moment for the cruiserweight title


Womens Champion - Lita, she needs this title but has not had it for awhile.


World Tag Team Champions - Batista and Flair but then I would love to see Eugene and William Regal win them.


WWE Tag Team Champions - Rico and Charlie Haas, they will get a rematch eventually.

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Guest big_pass_619

WWE Heavyweight Championship: Undertaker....he simply unstoppable :worship

World Heavyweight Championship: Edge...hes bigger, faster, and stronger than ever before...and he deserves it

U.S. title: Rob Van Dam....just cuz he got screwed out of two matches that he should have won

IC title: Eugene...hes invincible and undefeated :worship or Kane :kane

Cruiserweight title: Shannon Moore...he deserves a push

Womens Title: Nidia....she could used he boobs to fight off everyone ;)

World tag titles: Hardy Boyz...if jeff comes back...either that or....Hurricane and Rosie :thumbsup

WWE tag titles: Undertaker and Mordecai....that would be un beatable...or Eddie G. And Rey Mysterio.....Latino Power!!!!

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Guest MARTIN316V1

WWE Champion - Eddie Guerrero

World Heavyweight Champion - Triple H

Intercontinental Champion - Edge

United States Champion - Booker T

World Tag Team Champions - Eugene and Ric Flair

WWE Tag Team Champion - The Dudley Boyz

Womens Champion - Victoria

Cruiserweight Champion - Chavo Guerrero

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