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Talk Wrestling Online Newsletter #80 (Column: It's just not cool)


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Talk Wrestling Online Newsletter

- Issue #80 - 30th October 2004



Hello and welcome to this week's TWO Newsletter! As you may or may not know, this is my last edition as Editor. I had to hang up the keyboard due to lack of time. I'm a busy boy thesedays and I didn't want the newsletter to suffer anymore because of that. I have had a brilliant time editing the Newsletter. I have worked with many great guys and I really appreciate their work and effort for the Newsletter. Whoever takes over from me, good luck and I hope you take the Newsletter onwards and upwards. Thanks for reading and thanks for your feedback in the last few months.


Enjoy Issue #80...


- Pabster

Newsletter Editor



This week in History


1979 - Shohei Baba defeated Harley Race for the NWA Heavyweight Wrestling title

1997 - Joe Rules eliminated Pit Bull II in a 20 Man Royal Rumble Match to win the Jersey All Pro Heavyweight Title

1997 - Pit Bull II defeated Joe Rules for the Jersey All Pro Heavyweight Title

1998 - Mitsuharu Misawa defeated Kenta Kobashi for the All-Japan Triple Crown

2000 - Ivory defeated Lita for the WWF Women's title



New @ Wrestling 101



- UK Scene #144


- TAT: WWE Taboo Tuesday Thoughts


- ST: Who promotes the promoter?


- Future-Shock #23


- T3C: Taboo Tuesday Preview


- TAT: Taboo Tuesday Preview


- TAT: Smackdown! Live in Manchester


- UK Scene #143


- ST: The 1st Year Review



Forum Threads of the Week





WRESTLER'S WHO NEVER REACHED THEIR POTENTIAL wins Thread of the Week! Kurtmark created the thread and it received such an interesting and varied response. Good work Kurtmark and TWO!




ARENSAL LOSE AT LAST! which was started up by Robert Gringo and as you would expect, was an action packed thread, just like the match. You can't beat footy banter, well done all.



TWO Member of the Week



Who is TWO Member of the Week?


AlanJP wins this week's TWO Member of the Week! Alan always has great week's of posting but this week, he shone out even more. He posted all over the show, and impressed every time. Well done Alan!



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WWE Taboo Tuesday PPV Quiz and Chat - Tuesday October 19th 2004



As is our monthly tradition here at Talk Wrestling Online, we will be holding our PPV Quiz and Chat night (for the 2nd time this month!). And this month its Raws turn with Taboo Tuesday. So in anticipation for the first ever interactive WWE event, with such matches as Triple H vs ? and Eric Bischoff vs Eugene looming, why not head over to the TWO chatroom from 8pm until 11pm, for a good ol' chat about the PPV with all the TWO regulars? The more, the merrier!


For more info click here.


Please note this chat will be shorter than normal as Raw will be airing at 11pm on Sky Sports 1 followed by Taboo Tuesday from 1am-4am. (for the UK)



US News - by Matt Fletcher





During the previous weeks RAW event, Ric Flair and Vince McMahon had a heated confrontation backstage. Apparently this stemmed from Flair's promo about "breaking in virgins" after which McMahon waited around for Flair backstage. When Flair emerged through the curtain McMahon was seen screaming at him about how it was highly inappropriate for Flair to say that on TV and totally out of line. McMahon was apparently irate about the commentary and those backstage were talking about the confrontation all night.


The main reason Vince McMahon was said to be completely irate was because there were a number of sponsors and affiliates in attendance at the show because it was the New York market, where many of them are based. McMahon was said to be totally embarrassed and somewhat concerned about their reactions to what Flair was saying.


Ric Flair's virgin comments were edited off the U.K. airing of WWE RAW


Some, however, were perplexed when McMahon later booked Gene Snitsky to come out to ringside with a baby carriage and the whole miscarriage angle involving Lita.


In addition to the matches already announced earlier, WWE have announced a Battle Royal for their Taboo Tuesday PPV event.


This will be a Diva Battle Royal for the WWE Women's Championship. The interactive element in this match will see fans choosing what the Divas will wear for the contest.


The following is an excerpt from an article on regarding the WWE films project starring John Cena: "Queensland's Arts Minister has welcomed the announcement another US feature film has started production on the Gold Coast. Anna Bligh told State Parliament World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Films is producing the action movie, The Marine. Ms Bligh told the House, the company will spend about $15 million in Queensland." has a new interview up with Dawn Marie talking about her current feud with Miss Jackie. Also on, an interview with Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio, where they discuss challenging for the WWE Tag-Team championships.


Billy Gunn, who was suspended from the active roster last week, has been sent to rehab. He was found passed out in an airport a couple of weeks ago.


The plan for Booker T is to turn him face in the coming months.


There is also talk of bringing back Johnny Nitro as a babyface in the next month or two.


A few weeks ago, as reported, Pat Patterson was sent on the road to assess WWE house shows and give feedback to management.


One of the major problems he cited was the pushing of Triple H on the RAW brand, especially at the expense of building new talent. He was apparently very vocal with his opinions to Vince McMahon and rumours began that he was going to leave the company. Those rumours have now been confirmed as Pat Patteson has handed in notice.


He will leave the company after the Taboo Tuesday PPV, the official line being that he is 'retiring'. Off the record, it's said that his leaving is more due to Vince McMahon's desire not to implement changes to the product, particularly the RAW brand. It should be understood that Patterson had been working mainly as a consultant of late, and was not a major force behind storylines.


This is potentially huge news for WWE as Patterson has been one of McMahon's closest backstage allies for many years now.


At Monday's Smackdown house show in Nottingham, UK, Fit Finlay had a member of talent fake a serious leg injury during a match. This is apparently one of Finlay's favourite spots. In this case, it was Hardcore Holly faking a leg injury against Johnny Stamboli. Finlay uses this spot very often on house shows.


Eddie Guerrero is said to be pretty banged up with niggling little injuries but keeps working through whatever pain he's experiencing. It's being said the company need to give him some time off, whether he wants that or not, to heal up properly.


Undertaker's neck was giving him some problems during the Smackdown tapings. The pain was stemming from an incident at the weekend when a rope broke with him on it.


The problems with the RAW broadcast last week, particularly the picture quality, was due to a combination of factors. The poor ventilation in the arena led to smoke being built up at ringside which, coupled with satellite problems, led to a sub_par show being put out. It was, however, nothing to do with UK broadcast standards.


Smackdown wrestlers liked the fact that some fans have bought into the John Cena angle which was put out on RAW. For those of you that missed it, Jim Ross stated that Cena had been "beaten up in a bar" last week, leading to his absence.


WWE have recently trademarked clothing under "WWE Team Esteemed" and "Slobber Knocker" brand names. They've also filed an amended paper for the nWo image.


Apparently WWE ring announcer Lillian Garcia managed to party just a little too hard on the RAW tour of the United Kingdom last week. Garcia, who was considered by some the “joke of the tour”, had to be helped to her room after the partying and subsequently missed the bus to the airport the next morning. She then had to catch a taxi to the airport and claimed she was waiting for the bus in the wrong area – despite a gaggle of wrestling fans waiting for autographs.


1Wrestling reports that WWE agent Dean Malenko was unable to get through to her on the room phone next to most hotel bedsides, and that he didn’t get an answer at the door when he knocked there either. Eventually hotel security was called to enter the room and wake her up.


Mick Foley is in negotiations with UBC Radio to host a syndicated radio show, with plans to run in 50 markets. Foley's newest children's book "Tales from Wrescal Lane" is set for release this Tuesday, 10/19. Mick Foley is set to return to WWE pretty soon to promote the book.


Booker T continues to get paired against WWE Champion John Bradshaw Layfield on the SmackDown! brand house shows as a babyface. According to one source, it's very likely that Booker T's babyface turn will begin at the SmackDown! tapings in Rockford, Illinois.


Thanks to Joe Sperandeo for the following:


I'm not sure if anyone else has brought this to your attention yet, but the Undertaker was mentioned in a book that I just finished reading. It's "How to Make Love Like a Porn Star," the Jenna Jameson autobiography. It's a very good book, if anyone is interested. Anyway, here is the excerpt in which she discusses meeting the Undertaker. Tony is Jenna's older brother and these incidents occurred in the early '90s.


Tony: Was that the night you met the Undertaker and he knew you from Las Vegas?


Jenna: Yeah, the Undertaker was one of the biggest WWF wrestlers at the time. He would put people in coffins and set them on fire in the ring. And the scary thing is, that character he played was not an act. Back when I used to hang out in Jack's shop and make needles for him, the Undertaker used to come in and get tattooed. I obviously never talked back then, because I was so shy. And he was very serious. So I met him that night dancing, and we hung out and became really good friends. And he told me that he took Jack aside one day and said, very serious, "I don't want your girlfriend to be here any more. I think she's a cop."


Tony: You were like sixteen years old and eighty pounds.


Jenna: Yeah, I never knew that he was the reason why Jack wouldn't let me hang out at the shop. The Undertaker said I'd sit there for six hours and never move or say a word. I guess I creeped everyone out. It's funny that the Undertaker was scared of me. He's probably the most psychotic man I've ever met in my life. He came to one of my dance gigs and this guy asked me, "Can I buy you a drink?" The Undertaker looked at him totally stone cold and said, "Yeah, you can get me a shot of Jaeger and you can get yourself a shot of shut the f**k up."


Jordan was there at the time, and the Undertaker said, "I'm going to kick your boyfriend's ass and take you away with me." I knew he was serious. I ran upstairs and told Jordan we had to leave, because this guy was going to beat the f**k out of him and kidnap me. So I never saw him again. I think that was when Jordan forbid me to talk to any more guys on the road.

::WWE No Mercy Results::

  • Eddie Guerrero defeated Luther Reigns
  • Spike Dudley beat Nunzio to retain the Cruiserweight Title
  • Billy Kidman beat Paul London
  • Dupree and Suzuki beat RVD and Mysterio to keeop the tag titles.
  • Big Show defeated Kurt Angle
  • John Cena defeated Booker T to win the US Title
  • Rico, Jackie and Haas beat the Dudley Boyz and Dawn Marie
  • JBL beat Undertaker to keep the WWE title.

::WWE RAW Results-4th October::

  • Shawn Michaels beat Christian
  • Chris Benoit and Batista wrestled to a no contest
  • La resistance beat Rosey and Hurricane
  • Stacy Keibler beat Molly Holly
  • Triple H beat Chris Jericho

::WWE SmackDown Results-7th October::

  • Rey beat Kenzo Suzuki
  • Hardcore Holly beat WWE Champion John Bradshaw Layfield
  • Big Show beat Mark Jindrak
  • Kidman and Haas wrestled to a no contest
  • Carlito Carribean Cool defeated John Cena to win the US Title

::WWE RAW Results-11th October::

  • Trish Stratus, defeated Stacy Keibler
  • Rob Conway and Sylvian Grenier, defeated Eugene Dinsmore and William Regal
  • Chris Jericho, and Rhyno fought to a No Contest
  • Chris Jericho and Rhyno defeated Christian and Tyson Tomko
  • Val Venis and Steven Richards fought to a No Contest against Hurricane Helms and Rosey
  • Shawn Michaels, Edge, and Chris Benoit defeated Triple H, Batista, and Ric Flair

::WWE SmackDown Results-14th October::

  • Rob Van Dam defeated Renee Dupree
  • Billy Kidman defeated Charlie Haas
  • Rey Misterio won a Battle Royal to earn a shot at the United States Title
  • World Champion, John Bradshaw Layfield, defeated Hardcore Holly
  • Carlito Caribbean Cool, defeated Rey Mysterio
  • Eddie Guerrero defeated Luther Reigns by Disqualification



Terry Funk is apparently not working the TNA Victory Road pay-per view. The original plan was for him to wrestle Dusty Rhodes, but now the direction they are headed is Dusty Rhodes and Ron Killings vs. Kid Kash and Dallas. Funk apparently opted to not work the show when being informed that Kevin Nash would be involved with it. According to one source, Funk's entire attitude about working the show changed when hearing of Nash's involvement. There is some heat between the two stemming back from 2000 when Nash destroyed Funk during a match at the 2000 WCW Souled Out pay-per view.


TNA Impact! (and Xplosion) will be taped tomorrow at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Scheduled for Impact! is NWA Tag-Team Champions Christopher Daniels and James Storm vs. Team Canada, and Jeff Hardy vs. Monty Brown for the title shot against Jeff Jarrett at Victory Road on the line.


TNA on TSN in Canada is looking less likely now that WWE Canada president Carl DeMarco found out it would be running in the Monday timeslot. It's apparently 50/50 right now as to whether TNA will still appear on the TSN network.


NWA Champion Jeff Jarrett will be on TSN's "Off the Record" with Michael Landsberg, the show that regularly features major WWE stars and management figures in televised shoot interviews.


Sean "X_Pac" Waltman won't be used by TNA at this time for a few various reasons.


The gimmick involving Scott Hall and Kevin Nash at the Victory Road PPV on 11/7 will be Hall working Jeff Jarrett's corner and Nash working Jeff Hardy's corner, during the NWA Title ladder match main event.


::TNA Impact Results-8th october::

  • Jeff Hardy defeated Abyss
  • AJ Styles beat Roderick Strong
  • Roddy Piper announces In the Pit with piper at Victory Road
  • Monty Brown defeated Raven

::TNA Xplosion Results-Taped on 5th::

  • 3LK defeated 3 Local Jobbers
  • Kazarian and Michael Shane defeated Jarelle Clark and Mikey Batts
  • Sabin, Red and Siaki defeated Alex Shelley and two locals
  • Team Canada defeated AMW and Triple X




John Tenta (aka the WWF’s Earthquake) was recently diagnosed with Cancer. Below is an update on his health status:

“Good news/Bad news. Good news is the tumor has shrunk at least half, bad news the lymph nodes are the same but only have to shrink 2mm to be normal size again. I go back in tomorrow for the third round of chemo. They are thinking of 4 more chemo treatments so that's three more months. Lots of time to try [to] get my book written. All the best.


Rick Steiner vs. Buff Bagwell and Ricky Morton vs. Tracy Smothers will headline the 10/15 show in Houghton, MI at Michigan Tech University's SDC Wood Gym. Also on the show will be Viscera, Dan Severn, and Demolition Ax.


UFC has signed two national television deals. The first is with FOX Sports Net which will be airing four one-hour specials this year. The first will be on 10/17 at 5:00PM on FSN and will feature the Tito Ortiz vs. Chuck Liddell and Robbie Lawler vs. Nick Diaz fights (both knockouts) from the UFC 47: It's On show. The second television deal is with SpikeTV and will be a Tough Enough style reality TV show on training to become a mixed-martial arts fighter. There will be two teams, each coached by a pro UFC fighter. One team will be headlined by Randy Couture, the other by Chuck Liddell. That show will begin airing in January on SpikeTV in a primetime slot.


-UFC 50: War of '04 is on October 22nd on PPV and features a headline bout of Tito Ortiz vs. Guy Mezger and Matt Hughes vs. Georges St. Pierre for the vacant Welterweight title. Also fighting on the card is Robbie Lawler vs. Evan Tanner, Frank Trigg vs. Renato Verissimo, and Rich Franklin vs. Jorge Rivera.


-PRIDE 28: High Octaine is on 10/31 and features a headline bout of Mirko CroCop vs. Josh Barnett and Vanderlei Silva vs. Quinton "Rampage" Jackson for the Middleweight title. Also on the card is Dan Henderson vs. Kazuhiro Nakamura, Heath Herring vs. Hirotaka Yokoi, and Mark Hunt vs. Daniel Bobish.


The UK's Wrestling Channel has announced a new promotion will be joining their lineup of shows. They are currently in negotiations to bring some of the popular "PRIDE" events to fans in the UK.


The channel will also be launching "TWC Reload" on Sky Digital channel 428. This will be a chance for fans to see shows from earlier in the year that were first broadcast on "TWC" and also some classic CMLL wrestling.


Blake Norton, front-man for "The Bagpipe Report", will be leaving the show soon. As yet there has been no-one announced to fill the role but Mo Chatra, formerly of Powerslam Magazine, is seen to be a popular choice.


Staff at the UK's "Wrestling Channel" are reporting that they were physically threatened by event staff at WWE's event earlier at Wembley, London. Apparently they were threatened for simply giving away free 'TWC' merchandise to fans outside of the WWE event, the same situation also occurred at Sheffield the night before. TWC Staff were told to leave before things started to "get nasty". The merchandise was being given away for free by TWC in a public place and as such it seems the actions of event security were totally un-justified. To avoid any further confrontation, TWC workers left immediately


Sources:,, and





UK News - by Goldy



Hello everyone, I'm back from my week away where I got to see a couple of WWE shows and thoroughly enjoyed them! Especially last weeks Raw show from the MEN! But as always with any trip it's always good to be home and catching up with the latest UK wrestling news. Here's this weeks round-up of results, news and upcoming events.


All Star Wrestling


Some wonderful news to start us off this week, 'Extreme' Dean Allmark and All Star announcer Miss Letitia are proud to announce to the wrestling world the arrival of a future champion, Joseph William Dean Allmark, born 14:40 on the 18th October, Arrowe Park Hospital, Wirral. Everyone here at TWO and Wrestling101 would like to wish them lots of happiness and hopefully not too many sleepless nights, congratulations!


ASW - Croydon - 12/10/04

  • Kid Cool def Phil Powers
  • Karl Krammer def Domino
  • Jonny Storm & Colt Cabana was a no contest
  • Brodey Steele def PN News
  • Hade Vanson & 5 Star Flash def Simmons & Eamon O'Neil.

This Friday 22/10/04, All Star Wrestling have a show at the Oakengates Theatre, Telford plus on that same night another show in Hanley, both shows begin at 7.30pm and tickets cost £10 Adults and £8 for children.




On Saturday 23rd October 2004, BRAWL will be holding the 2nd Leg on their tour in aid of Children In Need at Lodge Park Sports Centre, Corby. Doors open at 7:00pm with the event starting at 7:30pm. All tickets are £5, with all profits going to Children In Need. For more information then go to the Upcoming Events section of the website. The card for Saturday is as follows:


- BRAWL Heavyweight Championship Match

Shabazz vs Felony

- BRAWL Tag Team Championships Match

Cameron Knight & Scotty Hexx vs Spatch & Titan

- BRAWL Cruiserweight Championship Match

Blue Ice vs El Ligero

- 2 on 3 Handicap Match

Chris Peacock & Billy Morgan vs Caleb, Lucian & The Monk

- MTX vs Scott Future

- Carl Mizzery vs Mick Fage

- 2 on 1 Handicap Match

Wildthing vs The Stevens Brothers.


Brawl Results - Wellingborough - 16/10/04

  • Blue Ice def Lucian by DQ
  • Spatch, Titan & Shabazz def The Murderers & Mick Fage
  • Carl Mizzery defJonny Pesci
  • Cameron Knight & Scotty Hexx def Bad Attitude
  • Scotty Daniels accompanied by Kat, def El Ligero
  • Scott Future def MTX
  • Felony def Caleb by pinfall to become the new BRAWL Heavyweight Champion.


Here is the card for the FCW show at The Collingwood Centre this Friday October 22nd.


- The Judge vs Spud

3 Way Tag Team Match - Devils Advocate vs British Connection vs PL4Y (O'Neil/A-Star)

- Falcon vs Jack Storm

- Morales vs "Golden Boy" Cameron Knite

- "SOTN" Rob Hunter vs Dragon Phoenix

- FCW Title Match - Laken Xander vs Marc Hogan.


Tickets are available on the night costing just £5.


On Tuesday November 2nd, FCW will be having not one, not two, but 3 US stars: Former WWF European Champion and current NWA-TNA star - D'Lo Brown, ROH star - "Classic" Colt Cabana, all the way from Metropolis - Chris Hero. The event will be taking place at The Saddlers Club (Walsall FC's Bescot Stadium) Bescot, Walsall. Tickets cost £8 each. Tickets are going very fast, where else will you see these 3 US stars plus all the stars of FCW for just £8?? Purchase yours now by ringing 07950 95677 or emailing [].


For more information on either of these shows please visit .




On Saturday 23rd October 2004, WAR (Wrestling Association of Rugby) and FCW (Future Championship Wrestling) will come together to promote their first ever super-show: CONFLICT.


Promising to be the best wrestling show ever promoted in the Midlands, the event will boast 7 matches including singles, tag team and a Royal Rumble featuring up to 15 superstars in the ring at the same time.


Making an appearance on the night will also be American Independent “Ring of Honour” superstar Colt Cabana, who will be taking on the cheating “Bird of Prey” Falcon in singles competition.


The event will be held THIS Saturday 23rd October at the Stockingford Allotment Association “Cabbage” Social Club, Church Road, Stockingford, Nuneaton. Doors open 7.00pm for a 7.30pm start. Tickets are just £5 each and can be reserved by phone: (01788) 561735 or by e-mail: .


Tickets will also be available on the door on the night, but book now so as not to be disappointed. For more information, visit our websites at and




Future Shock Wrestling - Stockport - 16/10/04

  • Chris Hero def Colt Cabana
  • Ben Rage and Dirk FeelGood def DDL and Chris Ego
  • VDave Rayne def Marco Difury
  • TJ Cain def Tony 'Superstar' Sefton
  • FSW's 'Cobra' Carl Richards and Burchill def GPW's Damage Control
  • Team Devil def Team Showstealer
  • Jonny Storm def Chris Hero.



Here is the full line-up of matches signed for the mega-show 'British Uprising 3' in the Coventry Sky Dome to date:


- FWA British Heavyweight Championship Match, One Fall, Winner Takes All:

The Anarchist' Doug Williams v ‘The Showstealer' Alex Shane

If Shane fails to win the title, he must fight Danny Williams in a Boxer v Wrestler Match

- FWA All-England Title Match, Last Man Standing

The South City Thriller' Hade Vansen v Jack Xavier

- 30 minute Iron Man Match

AJ Styles v James Tighe

- FWA Tag Team Title Match

The Duke of Danger and Simmons v ‘The Specialist' Mark Sloan and ‘The Shining Light' Stevie Knight

- Terry Funk, ‘The Righteous' Paul Travell and Burchill (with ‘The Twisted Genius' Dean Ayass) v Drew McDonald, Raj Ghosh and Thunder (with Greg ‘The Truth' Lambert)

- Three Way Dance – The Next Generation

Final Eliminator for the FWA All-England Title

Aviv Mayaan v Spud v ‘Little Dragon' Ross Jordan


Also- D-Lo Brown, Tony ‘Banger' Walsh and British Uproar pre-show special featuring Colt Cabana v Dirk Feelgood.


There is at least one more match to be announced for the main British Uprising 3 show – expected to feature D-Lo Brown against either Mark ‘Five Star' Belton or Jonny Storm – and at least one more match set to be signed for the British Uproar – pre-show special. The card is subject to change.


Tickets cost:

£60 Gold Ringside, £45 Silver Ringside, £25 Bronze Ringside, £20, £15 and £10. There is also a Standard Family Ticket priced at £30 (the equivalent of four £15 tickets – based on two adults and two children of 16 and under, or one adult and three children of 16 and under.) and other ticket options, please ask at the box office for details.


Tickets are available from the Sky Dome box office. The number is 02476 630693, press option ‘Zero' .


The doors for the main show will open at the Coventry Sky Dome on Saturday November 13 at 5.30pm. FWA British Uprising 3 will commence at 6pm and is expected to last three and a half hours. Doors for the pre-show special British Uproar, available to Gold, Silver and Bronze ringside ticket holders only, will open at 4.45pm.


FWA Academy


FWA Academy - Portsmouth - 15/10/04


It was announced tonight that the Academy will have a weekly show airing on the Wrestling Channel (Sky Digital Channel 427) on Tuesday nights at 8pm. The shows will begin airing on Tuesday 26th October.

  • Mark Sloan & Ollie Burns def Spud & Jack Storm and Mills & James
  • Aviv Maayan def Alan Gallagher
  • Max Voltage def Mark London
  • Dan Head def PJ Black
  • Rajah Ghosh def Stixx
  • Steve Bellenger def Tom Langford
  • Max Voltage def Aviv Maayan, Mark Sloan and Dan Head.
  • Mark Underwood def Eamon Shrahan.

The next Portsmouth Academy show will be held the day before British Uprising III on Friday November 12th.


FWA Academy - Havant - 16/10/04

  • Mark Sloan def Mark London
  • Morales def Steve Bellenger
  • PJ Black def Eamon Shrahan
  • Mark Underwood def Jack Storm
  • Max Voltage def Aviv Maayan
  • Dan James def Stixx
  • Rajah Ghosh & Aviv Maayan def Dan Head & Max Voltage
  • Spud & Jack Storm def Mills & James
  • Team Southampton def Team Portsmouth, Team International and Team Invaders.



GPW - Leigh - 17/10/04

  • Colt Cabana def Declan O Connor
  • Danny Hope, Dom Travis, Tony Sefton and Jiggy Walker def Jamie Flynt,
  • Dave Rayne, D Lyrium and Paul Zantar
  • Jonny Storm fought Burchill to a draw (double pin)
  • Heresy def Jack Hazard
  • Dangerous Damon Leigh def JC Thunder to retain the GPW British title.
  • Cameron Knite and El Ligero fought to a no contest when JC Thunder attacked both men.
  • Damage Control def Pain a result Damage Control now have the managerial services of Greg 'The Truth' Lambert.
  • TJ Cain def Chris Hero to win the International Title.



IWF - Gateshead, 2/10/04

  • Liam ‘The Player’ Atkinson def ‘Deckham Radgy’ Paul Dalby
  • Max Heat def RD Wood
  • Bad Boy’ Jed Masters def Kamala’s #1 Fan
  • ‘Bad Boy’ Jed Masters def ‘All The Time’ Chris Prime
  • ‘Bad Boy’ Jed Masters def Harry Pain
  • Lee Kyle def ‘Bad Boy’ Jed Masters
  • Angel & Courtney Synn def Emma ‘Phoenix’ Anderson
  • ‘Unbreakable’ Bobby Jackson def Nick Damocles
  • Weapon X def The Ultimate Boog
  • The Avery Brothers def Assassin & Jimmy Blade.

The IWF make their London debut on Wednesday 27th October, when they perform at the Viz magazine 25th birthday party. The event takes place at the café de Paris. Unfortunately, no tickets are available for this event as it is by invite only, but the IWF roster are said to be tremendously excited at the prospect of performing on this star studded occasion. Although no tickets are available, expect a run down of the card as and when it becomes available, and a review of the matches and event, once the hangover wears off!


The next IWF show in the Northeast is at Bedlington Community Centre on Sat. 30th Oct. Tickets are £4 from the club ((01670) 824 141), a preview of the card will follow when available.




MPW - Coventry - 17/10/04

  • Nero def Alex Gold
  • Edgar Stryfe & Andy Hughes def Rhyme & Reason
  • Devilman def 'State of the art' Leon Lionheart
  • Mad Mike def Jetta, Tornado and Hatred
  • White Tiger def Hugh Mungus via DQ
  • Fan Boy def Blaze
  • Jekkel & Exodus def YPW Junior Heavyweight Champion Samurai & Stiro.
  • Chris Charizma def Psycho Steve and Mad Mike.



NPWA Ringmaster 2 on Friday 29th October at Mr Earls, Earl Street, Ince, Wigan. Doors open at 7PM, show starts at 7:30pm. Tickets (Purchased on the door) cost £4 Adults, £3 Concessions.



- Ringmaster tournament final

Paul "Flash" Andrews Vs "The Player" Sean Phoenix

- NPWA Championship Match

Ryan Maiden Vs Brickwall

- Boot Camp Rules Match

Doctor Dream Vs Major Pain

- Interfederational Championship - Fatal-4-Way

Jakey P Vs The Slayer Vs Phobia Vs The Fireball

- 10 Man Battle Royal

- Hardcore Championship Match

Jason Glory Vs Lumberjack


Show will also feature Necross, Luke Marsden, Tony Mcmanus, Joey Ace, The KO-Kid and many more.


NWA (UK) Hammerlock


NWA (UK) Hammerlock announce new Kent training facility. As from Saturday the 16th of October 2004 NWA (UK) Hammerlock will be training at a different Kent training facility. The new facility is at:


Black Belt Kickboxing Academy, Cross Street, Chatham, Kent. ME4 4LT.


It will ONLY be open on Saturdays, the opening times will be 12 noon until 5pm.




PWF - Burgess Hill - 15/10/04

  • Phil Powers def Sammy Ray 2-1
  • Barry Cooper def Mel Stuart 2-1
  • Mal Sanders def Lee Darren 2-1
  • Sammy Ray & Flaming Red def Phil Powers & Simmonz 2-1.



WAW's Battle of the Champions - Lowestoft - 16/10/04

  • Zak Zodiac def Ricky Knight
  • "The Dark Angel" Ashe def Justin Starr
  • The U.K. Pitbulls def The Kraft & Bash
  • Klondyke Kate def Sweet Saraya by DQ
  • The Tattooed Warrior" Steve Quintain def "Gentleman" Jimmy Ocean

wZw and Wrestling/Entertainment UK Ltd present the ‘Destruction Tour.’ Two shows and Exclusive Training Seminar featuring the ex WWE European and Intercontinental Champion ‘D’Lo Brown’


The Loreburn Hall, Dumfries, Scotland – Friday 29th October 2004.

The Card so far looks like this:


- First Rounds for the wZw International Trophy

a: Chis Hero Vs Spitfire

b: Livewire Vs Mark Sloan

- wZw Inter-Promotional Title Match

D'Lo Brown Vs General Trent Steel

- BCW Tag Team Titles Hardcore Match

Full Pack vs T2K

- 6 Man Tag Team Action

Nattrass Boys Vs Stevie Lynn, Carbon & Taylor

- NBWA Title Match

Juvenile vs AJ Anderson

- Final for the wZw International Trophy

Winner from match (a) Vs Winner from Match (b)


The Lakes Court Hotel, Carlisle, Cumbria – Saturday 30th October 2004.

The card so far looks like this:


- Tag Team Match

D’Lo Brown & AJ Anderson Vs The Nattrass Boys

- wZw Cruiser Division Title Match

Shady Vs Stevie Lynn

- Tables, Ladder and Chairs Match

General Trent Steel & Iceman Vs Full Pack

- WZw Heavy Weight Title Match (5 x 5 minute Rounds)

The Spitfire vs Mark Sloan

- Battle of the Borders Match

Highlander & T2K vs Dangerous Damon Leigh, TJ Cain and ?????


More matches to be announced soon. Ticket Prices start from as little as £6.00 – Check out http://www.wzwuk/shop for details.


That's everything for this week, as ever don't forget to check out Wrestling101 for all the latest UK wrestling new and also some great columns by Adam Sibley, Scott Future and Saracen - who celebrates his first full year as a wrestler, congrats man!


Thank you for reading.





TWO Newsletter Main Event

- By Stephen Ashfield



It’s just not cool!


WWE are crying out for new stars, just look at Raw and Smackdown at present, it’s the same big names every week. At times you can predict what matches will be seen. Take Smackdown, it’s obvious Eddie and Big Show will either be tagging together against Jindrak and Reigns or in singles matches with them, far too predictable. But on last week’s Smackdown a star was born, but has it all happened far too soon?


We’ve seen the promo’s for Carlito Caribbean Cool for weeks now and of course it all resembles a Razor Ramon take off. Those promo’s are important as they help build up anticipation without the wrestler even having to put his trunks on and wrestle. The debut of a new star is also important but I think WWE have taken a massive gamble with Carlito.


I couldn’t help thinking of Yokozuna this week. He had his promo’s building up this new monster who’d dominate the company but then he made his debut. It wasn’t in a championship match, he didn’t win a belt on his debut, he won squash match after squash match. Then he had a match with Virgil, won that easy, then onwards to a major feud on tv with Jim Duggan and onto the Royal Rumble which he won to get his Wrestlemania IX title shot.


That’s how it should be, Carlito should have had a few matches against low-card opponents such as Scotty 2 Hotty and Charlie Haas, headlined a few Velocity cards and then gone onto his first major feud. That way the fans knew what to expect. But no, Carlito gets a shot at John Cena on his first Smackdown and wins the US Title in his first match.


What if he’d stunk the house out on Smackdown? What if the pressure gets to him? If he copes with all this he could be a major star in the making. Or is Vince just using him to get into Puerto Rico? News has come this week that Smackdown has a new PPV in January which just happens to take place in Puerto Rico!


It’s not the first time this has happened. Take a look back at Raw and Gail Kim. She was heavily hyped then won the Women’s Title in her first match. Kim proved to be a total disaster and now only gets trusted as one of Trish’s followers.


It’s a big gamble Vince is taking and I hope it works out. We can look forward to Carlito v Cena when he returns from making ‘The Marine’ and before then it looks as if Chavo Guerrero will be getting a push towards Carlito. Interesting times ahead that’s for sure.


Finally it’s time for the Piledriver Plug. Edition two of my wrestling magazine is out next week straight after the Taboo Tuesday PPV. It’s up to sixty pages (only one of which is an ad), has full coverage of WWE in Manchester with some exclusive photo’s plus interviews with Colt Cabana, Brian Dixon, Kung Fu and Jacqueline. It costs £2.25 or get edition one and edition two for £4.20. A 12 edition subscription is just £15 with a weekly newsletter and PPV Previews. For more info call 07787 912 285 or email me at: [].








...and that's that. Yet again, thanks to the workers (Goldy/Steve/Matt/Chris2K) who have been first class. Thanks to the readers for reading and thanks to Kam who gave me this gig. It's been emotion but the torch has to be passed on. Take care and thanks.


The TWO Newsletter - "~!"




Some of the news stories included in the TWO newsletter are taken from various sources around the Internet and is not necessarily exclusive TWO news.


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Thanks as a reader Pab, I've always enjoyed the Newsletter and I can't believe that you made me twice member of the week. You have my respect and admiration for doing this great job for such a long time.


On a side note... my thread won Non Wrestling thread of the week... thats the second time I've done that... maybe I should stick to them instead of wrestling ones...

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Well done Pabby, what a way to send yourself off! With another high quality newsletter and an even better Member Of The Week :xyx I know you put a lot of hard work into the newsletter, and we all appreciate it!
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Guest MillionLiraMan
You've done a great job with the newsletter again Pablito, shame you won't continue to do it but I hope you make the most of freeing up some of your time and good luck to whoever follows you. Cheers Pab and well done.
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