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Guest MillionLiraMan

Hey there,

I was thinking about how many great musicians or icons went before their time not so long ago and thought about what people's choices would be if they could put together a band consisting purely of people who unfortunately are no longer with us. Who would you have?


I'll start. I'll choose two bands, the first as a hard rock act, with the second having the ability to do hard rock, blues and slower stuff.


The first selection:


Bon Scott vocals

The AC/DC frontman for most of their best-known songs.This guy had a great rock voice and could even throw in a bagpipe solo! How many others can do that? Not many I'd imagine.


Randy Rhoads lead and rythm guitar

Normally I'd pick two guitarists for a heavier band but I think he could pull it off on his own. A fantastic talent.


Cliff Burton bass

Again a fantastic talent who, like Rhoads, perhaps didn't get time enough to show us the full extent of what he could have been capable of doing. In his time though he was excellent.


John Bonham drums

Again an incredible talent, fast-paced rock would suit him well and I think he'd provide fantastic rythm backing with Burton.


The second selection:


Phil Lynott vocals

Also the bass player and main songwriter besides being the singer of Thin Lizzy, his voice would be well-suited here to cover the range of styles this sort of band could play.


Jimi Hendrix lead and rythm guitar

This guy could do it all on his own. However, just for the bluesy songs really, he has some company.


Stevie Ray Vaughan lead and rythm guitar

A great blues player who was quite influenced by Hendrix, while Lynott was also a great admirer of Jimi Hendrix which so far suggests that this could work.


John Entwhistle bass

Fantastic player. It was the rythm section of The Who, for all that Townshend and Daltrey are quite possibly the better known members, that were the real musicians, even if they did also go for the excesses that went with the careers they had. This leads me to...


Keith Moon drums

In his more drunken moments The Who kind of had to rely more on Entwhistle to keep time, but on form Moon was a superb drummer and they made a great combination.


It's a shame that there's no place for Elvis Presley in tere for me, but for a blend for the bands he just didn't really fit as a singer for either of them. I think though that some classic heavy stuff could have come from the first band, while the second would be more of an all-rounder band putting on virtuoso jamming sessions into their playing. Shame it couldn't happen, but I'd imagine that they'd be awesome bands.


Anyone else have any suggestions?

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Guest MillionLiraMan
Sorry Fletch, I namby-pambied a bit with my wording, but I meant a band consisting of people who are now dead. Slightly tasteless, but there you go. :P
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To be fair I've just sat here and tried to come up with one and just can't. Hardly anyone whose music I cared about died before their time except Andy Wood (Mother Love Bone) and Kurt (Nirvana, like you need me to tell you).


With Wood, Temple of the Dog was pretty much my dream band and the album had such meaning. It took members of my favourite bands and was simply awesome. Having Chris Cornell and Eddie Vedder (my two favourite vocalists ever) singing on the same song was just awesome. It is the best music anyone involved ever made, the most meaningful, the most emotional, simply better than anything any of them did before, or after this amazing album. It's my favourite album of all time and always will be, because of the content, and the meaning.

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Guest The Crippler
Thankfully I'm into a lot of newer stuff and don't love a huge amount of old bands. Any old bands which I like are still going really. So it would be difficult really for me to do this.
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Only Kurt Cobain, Buddy Holly and Hendrix really spring to mind for me at the moment.


Although I would include 2Pac if I could think of a way to mesh these four together.


My favourite guitarist and drummer are still alive, Steve Vai and Matt Sorum.

So I'm finding it difficult to come up with any more names, sorry Bub.

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Kurt Cobain, John Lennon, Keith Moon, Phil Lynott. Would be an interesting band, a heroin addict, a peace activist, an alcoholic and another heroin addict, still I'd pay to see them :)
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I'd definitely have Hendrix and Presley as the figureheads of the band, with Mama Cass and Aaliyah on backing vocals and Liberace on piano. George Harrison would be rythym guitar and, screw you all - DJ Eazy E on the decks as I cannot think of a drummer now that Moon has been taken ;).




Elvis Presley - Vocals

George Harrison - Rythym Guitar

Jimi Hendrix - Lead Guitar

Liberace - Piano

Eazy E - Decks

Aaliyah, Mama Cass, Michael Hutchence and Freddie Mercury - The Boyoettes


With Boyo and ol' Frankie Sinatra in charge!





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Damn, how could I forget Jeff Buckley as someone whose music I cared about yet died before his time.


The man was amazing in everything he wrote and performed. One of my all time greats music wise.

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Obviously wouldnt be a band but if it was a group,


-2pac, I honestly cant describe how good he is/was. Some people didnt like him or his music but to me hes the man :worship


-Notorius B.I.G, his rapping skills were phenomenal. Anyone who has listened to Notorius Thugs will know that. The first verse is fantastic


-Big L, Good writer. Some of the stuff he wrote was great. Shame he goit shot accidently because he would of been the like DMX but better.


-Jam Master Jay, Part of the best rap group ever? Probably. Run DMC were brilliant and he was a part of that.


-Aaliyah, Just to lighten up soome of the songs really. A proper singing voice on a rap song is usually good IMO

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I'm not the biggest fan of The Mamas and the Papas but "California Dreamin'" is one of the greatest pop tunes of all time.


Mama Cass makes my team of invincibles.



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