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How Many People Share Your Name?


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Guest Clarkey
Apparantly theres 121 Sean Clarke's. I know theres two other people with my name in the area I live as theres one who works in PC World and another who works in Woolworths. I always thought my name wasn't that common with the way Sean is a spelt and the Clark with the 'e' combination.
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Guest The Crippler
99 for my name. I won't be one of the 99 though as I wasn't 18 in 2001. 2 of the folk on the list though will be my dad and my grandad. There isn't a lot of imagination in our family when it comes to names.
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You are unique. You are one with the angry Squirrel. Shout 'I am the unique. I am unified with the badger overlord.' People will run away. That's because they're jealous. JEALOUS..


Thats what I got but I share my name with my Dad there are only 2 Terry Zeverona's in all the world, not just the UK, belee dat.


I have searched on ancestry.com and there are only 27 Zeverona's in Europe and they are all related to me and only 39 in America all related to me. So in the world there are only 66 Zeverona's and only me and my Dad have the same name. Cool, truly rare, like pure diamonds.



Dodo Egg

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