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WWF 1983 - Total Extreme Wrestling

Guest Jayden

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**Disclaimer** I was three years old in 1983, as such it has to be said I did not watch much wrestling. While I have read about some of the characters since then, and been lucky enough to see some of them there are others that I just dno't have a clue about. If you think I'm getting Tony Garea's character all wrong then please, constructively tell me so, but I warn you now that this will be my interpretation on things not a carbon copy of the industry back then.


General State of the Business:


The territorial system is gasping its last breath, but it still remains strong in the southern half of the United States. In lieu of this, the ‘Big Three’ (AWA, WWF, and Mid-Atlantic) are beginning to see the logic in long term written contracts for their workers, but the practice is still a new one to many old-school promoters in the South.

Many big name wrestlers continue the age-old tradition of pay-per-appearance deals, often times appearing in several promotions at one given time – in particular in the southern promotions where roster ‘trades’ were the norm.

The NWA Board of Directors is currently at war with each other; Greedy eyes looks toward the toddler cable industry and speculate fortunes made. Jim Crockett Jr. – owner of the Mid-Atlantic promotion, Bob Geigel of the Central States, Eddie Graham of Florida, Fritz Von Erich in Texas, and Vince McMahon Jr. in the New England/Tri-State regions have come to odds.

McMahon recently has officially left the NWA organization, informally declaring war on the agreed upon territorial system that has been in place since the late 40s. The political jockeying for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship is getting fierce between the remaining members. Crockett having Ric Flair, Geigel having Harley Race, and Fritz having his son David are amongst the candidates. Race currently has it, though plans are in the works to turn the title over to Crockett (and Flair) at the Starrcade ’83 closed-circuit broadcast.




Individual Promotions:



The WWF, having just taken the USA Network spot from Joe Blanchard’s Southwest promotion, begins to make its presence known on a national level while continuing its Northeast U.S. stranglehold. New owner Vince McMahon Jr. wishes to seize upon the national cable deal he has and broker it into national expansion. He just needs a face; a Superman…


On the Title Front:

Bob Backland continues his long run as WWF Heavyweight champion, but the fans are becoming bored of his reign despite some very exciting matches with Jimmy Snuka, Don Muraco, Billy Graham, and Masked Superstar.

Don Muraco, alongside his manager Lou Albano, holds the Intercontinental title.

The Wild Samoans, with their manager Captain Lou Albano, are WWF Tag Team champions.

Exciting Japanese star Tiger Mask is the WWF Junior Heavyweight champion, though there are rumors that he may soon retire.


On the Feud Front:

Backland continues the McMahon Sr. formula of three match ‘round-the-horns’ with various heels where he usually loses the first two (either non-title matches, or losses by count out, DQ, etc.) only to ‘overcome the odds’ by winning the final match cleanly. His current major challenge is the returning Superstar Billy Graham.

Jimmy Snuka, having just turned face after Buddy Rogers informed him of Lou Albanos thievery, prepares to engage in a war with Albano’s revenge: Don Muraco.

The Samoans are being challenged around the New England states by the pesky duo of Rocky Johnson & Tony Atlas .




One of the most respected promotions in the country, Mid-Atlantic Championship is about to take a big step in national expansion with their Starrcade '83 closed circuit card. Owner Jim Crockett Jr. will soon begin cutting off the NWA blanket and centralizing in order to compete with WWF rival, Vince McMahon Jr.


On the title front:

Harley Race is NWA World Champion.

Greg ‘The Hammer’ Valentine holds the U.S. Heavyweight title.

The Brisco Brothers, fresh off a heel turn, hold the NWA World Tag Team straps.

Paul Jones manages two champions; Dory Funk Jr. with the Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight title, and The Great Kabuki with the Mid-Atlantic Television title.


On the Feud Front:

Paul Jones’ Army (The Assassins, The Great Kabuki and Dory Funk Jr.) continue to wage war against the ‘Boogie Woogie Man’ Jimmy Valiant.

Valentine and Roddy Piper are beginning to heat up the Carolinas, eventually leading to the infamous Dog Collar Match at Starrcade ’83.

Ric Flair, in his quest to reclaim the NWA World Title, battles the rugged Harley Race throughout several promotions. Race, in an attempt to rid the challenge, is soon to place a $25,000 bounty on Flair’s head. Dick Slater, anxious to collect on the bounty, will begin wooing Cowboy Bob Orton. But Flair’s good friend would never turn against him… would he?

Ricky ‘the Dragon’ Steamboat & Jay Youngblood wage war against the now hated Brisco Brothers.






The AWA continues to dominate the American Mid-West, thanks in large part to the Hulk Hogan/Nick Bockwinkel series of matches over the AWA World Title. Verne Gagne, owner and head booker of the AWA, is stubbornly refusing to adapt to the glossier packages of the Southern promotions. Instead, he continues to proudly sell his Traditional form of entertainment.

Hogan, fresh off of the Thunderlips cameo in Rocky III the past year, is becoming incredibly popular. For the past several months he has been getting continually ‘screwed’ in his title bouts with the wily veteran Bockwinkel, and has been taking many more and more Japan tours as a result. Behind the scenes, AWA owner Verne Gagne has been trying to sway Hogan into accepting the AWA World Title – yet his demands for a cut into Hogan’s self-arranged Japan tours has further distanced Hogan.

The angle plays out that Hogan, frustrated by his inability to beat Slick Nick, has left the greener pastures of Minnesota for the safer waters of Japan. A ‘1-800’ campaign is organized for the fans to vote upon whether they did, or did not want ‘Hulk Back!’ While the voting is overwhelmingly in favor of the Hulkster, the decision has already been made… overtures being heard by a man from Vermont.


On the Title Front:

Veteran Nick Bockwinkel continues to represent the AWA as their World Champion.

The AWA World Tag Team straps are around the waist of the turn-coat Sheiks, Ken Patera and Jerry Blackwell.

The Light Heavyweight Champion is the ‘electric’ Buck Zumhofe.

Note: The AWA Television Title is provided here, though it did not debut until 1985/86.


On the Feud Front:

The High Flyers battle the hated Sheiks throughout the Mid-West.

Sgt. Slaughter cements his babyface role in the war against Anti-American Sheik Adnan El Kassie and his army.

Hogan and Bockwinkel wage war over the World Title, though the summer months have shown it to cool down.





Georgia Championship not only has one of the best television contracts in the business with TBS, they also have one of the most exciting tag teams of the past 20 years in The Road Warriors.

Head booker Ole Anderson continues to put on a solid in-ring show with his Traditional style of booking, but the overwhelming popularity of the Warriors may soon get him thinking about going a different route.


On the Title Front:

Mr. Wrestling II currently holds the National Heavyweight Title.

‘The Man with the Hands of Stone’ Ronnie Garvin is the National Television champion.

Mat-artist Les Thornton holds on to the Junior Heavyweight strap.

The amazing Road Warriors continue their death grip on the National Heavyweight Tag Team titles.


On the Feud Front:

Paul Ellering’s Legion of Doom is just getting underway; showing an interest in recent arrival King Kong Bundy, as well as constantly harassing Ole Anderson and an unknown newcomer, Brett Wayne.

The Tommy Rich / Buzz Sawyer war is finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel, as there is word that a final blow-off Cage Match is being scheduled for October’s Last Battle for Atlanta Event.

Larry Zbyszko and Mr. Wrestling II battle throughout the territory for the National title.

Ronnie Garvin starts getting harassed by a recent arrival to the promotion, Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts.







Engulfed in the popularity of the Freebirds / Von Erichs feud, World Class Championship tries to take it to the next level. Owner and head promoter Fritz Von Erich continues to push his sons into the grand spotlight, even at the expense of his relationship with the NWA Board of Directors.

Von Erich also enjoys a working relationship with Bill Watts’ Mid-South promotion, lending workers back and forth between them.


On the Title Front:

Kevin Von Erich holds the most prestigious title in the area, the WCCW American Heavyweight.

Bruiser Brody and Kerry Von Erich hold the regions main tag team straps, the WCCW American Heavyweight Tag Team titles.

David Von Erich continues his claw hold grip on the Texas Heavyweight crown.

The Fabulous Freebirds (Michael Hayes, Terry Gordy, and Buddy Roberts) maintain their Six Man Tag Team championship.


On the Feud Front:

Not many feuds are as red hot in the business as the current Freebirds/Von Erich war.

The Von Erich family also has its hands full with Skandor Akbar’s Army.

In the heated Battle for the Valets, Sunshine and her man Chris Adams attempts to destroy her rivals Precious and Jim Garvin.





Bill Watts has a talented roster, but it looks to be an uphill battle for Mid-South Wrestling against the 'Big Three'. The talent exchange with Jerry Jarrett's CWA is just beginning, as Terry Taylor is stepping into the Mid-South rings for the first time. Watts also enjoys an exchange with Fritz Von Erich’s WCCW promotion, having gained the services of one of the hottest acts in the game, Chris Adams & Sunshine and Jim Garvin & Precious.


On the Title Front:

The prestigious North American Heavyweight title has been bouncing between fan favorite The Junkyard Dog and heel turn-coat Butch Reed; Reed currently is champion.

Magnum T.A. continues his climb to stardom as one half of the Mid-South Tag Team champions, along with Jim ‘Hacksaw’ Duggan.


On the Feud Front:

The beloved Junkyard Dog does battle against former friend Butch Reed throughout the hot Louisiana summer.

Skandor Akbar’s Devastation Inc. wages war on all faces in the territory, but in particular Jim ‘Hacksaw’ Duggan.

The heroic Mr. Wrestling II begins to feel pangs of jealousy when his mentor and tag team partner Magnum T.A. starts to gain great exposure as a result of Magnum’s teaming with Duggan.

Spilling over from Texas, the Battle of the Valets between Sunshine (with Chris Adams) and Precious (with Jim Garvin) gets red-hot.







One of the most beloved promotions in America, as well as the darling of the Apter-Mags, Championship Wrestling from Florida is riding the crest of what was the Dusty Rhodes/Kevin Sullivan ‘Good VS. Evil’ Feud.

Owner Eddie Graham, tremendously respected in his own right, continues to build upon the fine tradition of Florida wrestling.


On the Title Front: At this time many of the promotion’s titles are in flux; a couple of them are vacant, the Bahamas title has been retired. The lone strap that is active and resolved would be the Florida Heavyweight title, held by underdog Scott McGee.

On the Feud Front: The entire state of Florida is still buzzing with the ‘Holy War’ between face Dusty Rhodes and his ‘family’ against satanic villain Kevin Sullivan, as well as his minions; Fallen Angel, Purple Haze (Mark Lewin), and Maya Singh (Bob Roop). Rhodes, though, has been taking more and more dates for Mid-Atlantic. His friends, the Windham Family, are taking up his place against the evil Sullivan.





CSTATE -- The legendary Bob Geigel senses changes in the wind, but is currently riding the coat tails of the Harley Race/Ric Flair battle over the NWA World title. At one time Geigel enjoyed grand power within the NWA brand name, but the NWA is soon to be no more. The Crockett’s in Carolina has begun the process of consolidating, leaving the NWA die-hards to struggle.






* CWA -- The Jerry Jarrett/Jerry Lawler run Continental Wrestling Association, based out of Memphis has an incredibly deep roster, as well as the publicity of the recent Andy Kaufman/Jimmy Hart/Lawler feud on their side.




* PNW -- Don Owen's Pacific Northwest struggles to compete against the big boys, but has a solid following in the Northwest as well as a talented roster of ‘youngsters’.




* SWC -- Having just lost the USA Network deal, Joe Blanchard's once red-hot Southwestern Championship promotion is gasping its last breath. While they do have a talented roster with some big names, they are in an overloaded southern market – as well as sharing Texas with one of the hottest promotions in the business; World Class.




* CSW -- Stu Hart's Calgary Stampede promotion has a solid following in Western Canada, as well as several future superstars on their roster. They are currently running into financial problems and word is that Hart may soon sell his promotion to Vince McMahon Jr.




* SECW -- Ron Fuller's Southeastern Championship Wrestling struggles to compete in an overloaded southern market. Still, their roster holds many future stars; most notably a Freebird-like union called The Midnight Express Inc. w/ Dennis Condrey, Randy Rose, and Norvell Austin.




* WWC -- Carlos Colon’s World Wrestling Council out of Puerto Rico is a true pioneer, in that they are a hardcore promotion before their time; True blood fests, barbed wire matches, fire matches… name it, and it probably was promoted on the Island.



* All Japan Pro Wrestling: At this point and time, the team of Baba and Tsuruta has slowly died down, and Tsuruta has started to tag with the newest native superstar of All Japan, Genichiro Tenryu. All Japan relies heavily on foreign workers as enemies to the Japanese wrestlers; A very pure product.



* New Japan Pro Wrestling: Antonio Inoki's self proclaimed "King of Sports" is still taking Japan by storm. Andre and Hulk are playing massive roles in the company and winning many fans over as they do. With the NWF Heavyweight title being retired for over two years now, New Japan is a title-less promotion at the moment. Tiger Mask leads a surging junior heavyweight division which is

changing wrestling as we know it.



* ASW – Al Tomko’s All-Star Wrestling, out of Vancouver, competes with Stu Hart’s Calgary Stampede for the Canadian market. Featuring a roster of talented ‘unknowns’, All-Star looks to make its mark on the wrestling scene.



* G.L.O.W. -- Shot at the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas, this hour-long 1986 syndicated offering was extremely popular in urban areas; outlandish women wrestlers would go at it in the same fashion as those trashy mud wrestlers from the Hollywood strip clubs.

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In breaking news Bob Backlund, the reigning WWF World Champion has walked out on the promotion. Little news is known as to what prompted his decision but he has just signed a written contract with Jim Crocket Jr's Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling


Over recent months the WWF has pushed itself to the bring of extinction. Surely a promotion trying to be anything more than a territory in the United States will never be successful? They scrapped the Women's division and dropped both World, and Tag Team titles, they have dropped the Junior Heavyweight Title citing a lack of challengers able to make a decent division as the reasons. With a talent pool that has decreased in size where do they go next?


The monthly WWF in the Garden shows have also been scrapped. Many people within the industry wonder just how exactly Vince McMahon Jr plans to keep the company afloat. Financial reports suggest that the money is there short term but where are the long term gains to come from? With the massive "Survivor Series" show just a couple of months away could this be the deciding factor? Promising a revolutionary format, for a pay per view audience this show could well be what makes or breaks Vince McMahon Jr's future in the business.


Primetime Monday debuts tonight, replacing the Tuesday night Titans show which many felt was the key to their success. It should also be remembered of course that rght now they have arguably the most over wrestler in the world, Andre the Giant. What direction is this company trying to take, when Crockett seems intent on stealing all their major stars? Only time wlil tell

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Thought it was 1983
**additional disclaimer**


Note: While we attempt to recreate the year 1983; correct ages for the workers, correct workers in the correct territories, etc., we do know that some information may be off.

In particular… the G.L.O.W. promotion is made playable, yet they did not debut until 1986. While this inclusion strikes at the heart of kayfabe harder than any blow Vince McMahon Jr. and Jim Crockett Jr. would ever inflict, we feel that the scenario, as a whole, is much more enjoyable with the Wild Women.

This also goes hand-in-hand with another artistic license, so to speak: many workers are included on the main roster that would not have made their debuts until later on in the decade. I felt that the inclusion of the ‘future rookies/stars’ would make for a fun challenge. Personally, the thought of The Great Kabuki teaming with The Great Muta forced my hand in the issue.

As there are no reliable rosters for that particular year, we had to go with the information at hand - most notably; Kayfabe Memories (http://kayfabememories.com) Obsessed with Wrestling (http://www.obsessedwithwrestling.com), The Professional Wrestling Online Museum (http://www.wrestlingmuseum.com), La Arena – Lucha Libre (http://highspots.com/arena/profiles.htm) and Solie's Vintage Wrestling (http://www.solie.org). More than a handful of wrestler bios are clipped quotes from several of these sites.

Also... due to the nature of the business being more protected, some workers do not have their birthdates available for public record. Therefore, we had to guess as best as possible.

Some wrestlers are listed under their real names, whereas others are listed by their character name. This is due to the fact that some wrestlers traveled many promotions, under many guises. These journeymen types are listed under their real names, so that the player can decide the character names themselves. In most cases of ‘real namers’, we attempt to put as many of their known characters in their bios – just to make it easier for you.

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WWF Monday Primetime


http://images5.theimagehosting.com/SuperstarBilly.jpg Vs http://images5.theimagehosting.com/BrunoSammartino.jpg

"Superstar" Billy Graham Vs Bruno Sammartino




Adrian Adonis Vs Jules Strongbow

Tony Garea Vs Tito Santana

as well as in ring action involving Sgt Slaughter, Ivan Putski and Afa


Also a massive announcement regarding the future of the promotion, the WWF World Title belt, and the "Nature Boy" Buddy Rodgers


Be sure to tune in to the USA Network, 8pm this coming Monday night for another hot night of action from the World Wrestling Federation

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Primetime Monday


8pm USA Network, New Jersey, 15th August 1983


Gorilla Monsoon, Vince McMahon & Lord Alfred Hayes


Show report by Steffen van der Reefers


-A new President calls the shots-


The show starts off in what looks like a small office. The Nature Boy Buddy Rogers is sat behind a desk dressed in a standard grey suit and a title belt lays flat out on the desk in front of him


"It is with sad regret that I address you, the fans, today. Ya see the WWF championship committee has had their hand forced in these matters. Effective of midnight last night I am the reigning WWF President and I promise to steer this ship in the right direction. My first act was a sad one. World Wrestling Federation Heavyweight Champion Bob Backlund has been forced to forfeit the title belt you see right in front of me on this desk. Backlund suffered a muscle tear in a match last night and while he unfortunately can't be with us tonight he will not be able to defend the title within the next 30 days and we have had no choice but to strip him of the belt. Starting tonight there will be a World Title tournament and we're kicking it off with Graham and Sammartino on this very show. Fans, I'm not the Nature Boy, I'm merely your President, Buddy Rogers."


(nice to see here that the WWF chose to gloss over Backlund's departure with a fake injury. I dream of the day when these companies might start crediting us fans with a little intelligence. I swear, I'm so far ahead of my time.)

Overall: 75.2%


-Demonstrating Polish Power-


Before the opening match a short video clip is shown of Ivan Putski lifting various weights in a gym. His muscles bulge and he shows off his physique as he goes through an intense workout

Overall: 36.6%


-Polish Power gets the squash done-


"Polish Power" Ivan Putski d. "Iron" Mike Sharpe

This match turns out to be a pretty easy win for Putski. The announce team talk about how tough Sharpe is and that the "Polish Hammer" that Putski put Sharpe away with must have been something special to get a three count out of Sharpe.

Crowd: 26.4%

Match: 64.4%

Overall: 32.4%


-Santana and Garea show some respect-


Tito Santana d. Tony Garea

This turned out to be a really evenly fought match as neither man stayed on top for long. The crowd seemed a little confused as they didn't really have anybody to boo. Santana looked really good, I always think he shows a lot of promise if they can get his push right but Garea looked past his best really. Still the match was decent enough with Santana coming out on top with a flying forearm. After the bell Garea offered Santana a handshake which was accepted, raising his arm to the crowd.

Crowd: 35.5%

Match: 66.8%

Overall: 48.7%


-Get to it you little maggot-


With Sgt Slaughter in action next the announce team take us back to some footage shot earlier that day as he arrived at the building. Slaughter was wearing his usual boot camp style ring attire as he was approached by a cute little blonde kid who held out a notebook and pen beckoning for an autograph. Slaughter turned around with a stern look on his face and told the kid he would have to earn it. Slaughter screamed at him to hit the deck and give him 20 as the kid looked back at him confused. Slaughter told him he wanted to see press ups before he would give him an autograph. The kid got down onto the floor as Slaughter knelt down beside him, screaming and bellowing in his ear that he was a maggot as the kid struggled to fight his way through the press ups. As he hit the twentieth completely out of breath Sgt Slaughter stood up with a wicked smirk on his face and walked away, leaving the child in tears on the ground.

Overall: 65.5%


-Slaughter's dishing out a little boot camp punishment-


Sgt Slaughter d. Salvatore Bellomo

Monsoon on announce duty spent much of this match talking about the disgusting actions of the Sgt earlier today. Bellomo showed a few flashes of offence but it was mostly all Slaughter. I have to say though, compared to the usual enhancement talent that we see Bellomo had a bit of ring presence about him. Looked pretty young too, maybe he has a future. Anyway, Slaughter took him apart wearing him down with brawling tactics before stalking Bellomo from behind and locking in the Cobra Clutch. The referee called for the bell but Slaughter refused to release the hold for a good 15 to 20 seconds after the match had finished.

Crowd: 33.8%

Match: 72.5%

Overall: 41.9%


-Tiger Mask dragged into a war with the Army-


Vince McMahon takes us back into a pre taped segment from WWF Challenge last week. Tiger Mask is standing in the ring after a win against some jobber when Freddie Blassie leads his army of all of two men, the Iron Sheikh and Tiger Chung Lee to the ring to confront him. Blassie begins to speak.


"Ya know what kid, we've been watching, I've been watching for weeks while you come out here and take your opponents apart and I like what I see. Now, I'm offering you the chance of a lifetime, ya see, this man behind me (Blassie points to the Iron Sheikh who is waving an Iranian flag) needs somebody to carry his flag and you might just be up to the job, whaddaya say kiddo?"


Tiger Mask turns to the crowd who begin to boo before turning back to look at Blassie. He simply shakes his head as Blassie appears to get angry. The Iron Sheikh and Tiger Chung Lee rush forward towards him but he ducks under their double clothesline attempt and runs off the ropes before hitting them with a double crossbody. Tiger Mask rolls underneath the bottom rope and backs up the aisle as a furious Blassie looks on.

Overall: 55.4%


-That's one hungry Samoan Savage-


Afa w/Lou Albano d. S.D.Jones

Afa was accompanied to the ring by Lou Albano who had both the World Tag Team title belts over his shoulders, and a host of elastic bands hanging from his beard. Afa bought to the ring with him what appeared to be the remains of a half eaten chicken or something. Jones actually managed to put up a decent fight to begin with as Afa seemed more intent on getting back to Albano in the corner to finish the chicken than actually winning the match. It was Afa who came out on top though after Special Delivery went for a misjudged headbutt that just seemed to make the Samoan mad. Afa took him down to the mat and hit a Samoan Splash for the three count before being gifted the chicken back from Albano which he continued to munch his way through as they left backstage.

Crowd: 38.0%

Match: 69.2%

Overall: 46.6%


-More mutual respect, and now they're forming a team?-


After the match Monsoon takes us back to something that apparently happened backstage while the Afa match was on. Tony Garea approaches Tito Santana backstage. Garea says that Santana gave him a great match tonight and that he had earned his respect. Santana thanked him and went to go about his business but Garea seemed anxious to get something off his chest and blurted out that he wanted the two of them to form a tag team. Garea said that they even have matching red trunks so they already look like a team. Santana seemed to accept although he didn't say much before leaving the locker room as Garea followed him


(now, lets think about this for a second. Young impressive in ring talent, stuck with past his best old timer in a tag team. Now which one is this going to benefit most I wonder?)

Overall: 38.8%


-A red indian, and a flamboyant guy in a leather jacket, anyone say YMCA-


Adrian Adonis d. Jules Strongbow

Adonis got a pretty reasonable amount of heat from the crowd as he made his way out in a lovely pair of pink trunks and a studded leather jacket. They didn't much seem to care about Jules Strongbow though. The match itself was actually really good. Strongbow played the plucky underdog role well and the crowd were beginning to warm to him. Adonis stayed on top for much of the match but there were little flurries of offence from Strongbow that kept it entertaining. Strongbow even managed to fight his way out when Adonis hooked on Goodnight Irene, as both men fell through the ropes to the outside. Strongbow seemed to land awkwardly though and Adonis rolled him back into the ring and made the cover, lifting his feet up onto the ropes for leverage as the referee counted the three. After the bell Adonis picked Strongbow up and sent him into the ropes. As he came back Adonis hooked on Goodnight Irene again and this time there was no escape. Strongbow fell down to his knees as Adonis resisted the referee's attempts to get him to release it. The crowd popped pretty big though when Chief Jay Strongbow came running out from the back and into the ring hitting a series of tomohawk chops to chase Adonis off.

Crowd: 39.1%

Match: 70.3%

Overall: 48.5%


-The Superstar is gunning for that World Title-


Before the main event we're sent backstage where Jesse Ventura is stood with a microphone waiting with the Grand Wizard and "Superstar" Billy Graham. Graham is flexing his biceps as Ventura opens up.


"Lets cut to it Superstar, lets get to the question that we all want to know the answer to. If they've stripped Backlund of the World title then why didn't they just hand over the belt to you? After the way you had him pinned last month shouldn't that be your belt?" Graham stopped flexing as he leant in towards Ventura to get to the mic.


"Ya know what Jesse, you're absolutely right brutha. Bob Backlund I made it quite clear when I came back here that I was here for two things and two things only. NUMBER 1! I wanted to take you out, and NUMBER 2! I wanted my World Title belt back. Now, it seems that I've achieved one part of my goal and it's time for me to set about with the second part. Ya see, Billy Graham's indestructible man, you can't take me out, you know what you're looking at Jesse?" Ventura smirks and begins to laugh before asking him what.


"You're looking at the man of the hour, the tower of power, too SWEET to be sour!" The Grand Wizard put his hand on Graham's shoulder as the big man flexed his muscles once more before being led off screen.

Overall: 99.5%


The Title Tournament's underway and somebody's in the semi final


"Superstar" Billy Graham w/the Grand Wizard d. Bruno Sammartino

The crowd were really into this match, and while neither man had the best conditioning at thsi point in their career they pulled out a pretty good match by all accounts. The crowd went wild early on as Sammartino's offence drove Graham through the ropes to the outside where the Grand Wizard seemingly had to talk him out of walking out on the match. Sammartino continued to take control as he backed Graham up into the corner and began to send in chops and punches that had the crowd popping really big. It was only after a distraction from the Grand Wizard on the outside that Graham got back on top, kicking Sammartino's legs out from under him. Graham began to wear down his older opponent with a number of rest holds. With the action having swung back and forth Graham sent Sammartino into the ropes and as he came back grabbed him in a face to face bear hug. Graham's huge arms began to squeeze the life out of Sammartino as struggled to fight it. It began to look as though Sammartino was only on his feet because he was being held up by the huge arms of Graham. The referee lifted Sammartino's arm a first time, it fell lifelessly. He lifted it a second time and once more if feel towards the ground. He lifted it a third time as Graham put all his effort into one last squeeze but this time Sammartino managed to hold his arm steady right at the last second, beginning to shake it, and shake himself back into action. Sammartino hit Graham in the face with a forearm shot which rocked him. Still the arms were clasped around his waist though. Sammartino hit another forearm shot but still couldn't break the hold. Graham tried to lock his hands tighter but Sammartino fired in one last desperate forearm to the side of Graham's head this time managing to break the hold. Sammartino ran off the ropes and took Graham down with a clothesline. Sammartino waited for Graham to get up and again ran at him with a clothesline which sent him crashing to the mat. The Grand Wizard leapt up onto the apron to try and intervene but Sammartino went across the ring and punched him off the apron. As Sammartino turned around though he walked straight into a spinebuster from Graham who made the cover for the three.

Crowd: 74.8%

Match: 65.8%

Overall: 73.3%


So what you all want to know is what do I score this first ever offering of Monday Primetime. Well, thanks to a good main event and some great mic work from Billy Graham I'll generously give it about a 55.2% but there's some serious improvement needed and fast.

Edited by Jayden
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WWF News


News regarding the debut of WWF Primetime Monday, which is really not a debut at all, just a change of timeslot and name for Tuesday night Titans, is just in. The show held in New Jersey drew a live audience of 10447 and attracted a tv audience of 468127.


Rumour has it that young star Marty Jannetty has turned down a contract with the WWF as they wanted him to go and learn his trade at Kowalski's gym before being given an on screen role. In recent months many of the new talents the WWF have signed have been sent there but Jannetty is said to have wanted to walk straight into an on screen role.


Chief Jay Strongbow and Afa are reported to have become very close friends backstage recently. It is felt rather cynically in some circles that this is a ploy by WWF officials to try and get Strongbow onside to sign a new contract. His current deal is up in just under three weeks and thus far they've not been able to reach an agreement.


The week's house shows were said to be well received. Pennsyvania drew 2628 fans, New Jersey 3109 and New York 3353.


With the WWF having been stung recently in losing Bob Backlund to Jim Crockett Jr's Mid Atlantic promotion they have been keen to sign up some of their top workers to written contracts. The first to sign is the Iron Sheik followed quickly by Sgt Slaughter. More new contracts are hoped to be dealt with over coming weeks.

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Competition show round up


MACW Mid-Atlantic Championship

13/08/83, North Carolina 4353 in attendance, 82.4%

The Assassins beat Mulkey Brothers

Dory Funk Jr beat Roddy Piper

The Brisco Brothers beat Bob Backlund & Bob Roop

Dusty Rhodes beat Greg Valentine

Harley Race beat Wahoo McDaniel


AJPW Puroresu Chikei

16/08/83, Kyoto 3718 in attendance, 77.5%

Koudou Fuyuki & Tommy Rich beat the Tag Team Masters

Masanobu Fuchi beat Bruiser Brody

Terry Funk, Dory Funk Jr & Ric Flair beat Harley Race, Umanosuke Ueda & Tiger Jeet Singh

Genichiro Tenryu beat Jumbo Tsuruta

Stan Hansen beat Giant Baba


AWA All-Star Wrestling

19/08/83, Tennessee 2593 in attendance, 61.3%

Doug Somers beat Jame Milliman

Buddy Rose beat Buck Zumhofe

Dino Bravo & Billy Robinson beat Rick Martel & Steve Regal

Hulk Hogan & Baron von Raschke beat Ken Patera & Jerry Blackwell (AWA World Tag Team Titles)

Dick the Bruiser beat Nick Bockwinkel


NJPW World Pro Wrestling

19/08/83, Nagoya 3136 in attendance, 77.1%

Shiro Koshinaka beat Kuniaki Kobayashi

Mr Saito & Akira Maeda beat Jumbo Tsuruta & Haruka Eigen (NJPW World Tag Titles)

Tiger Mask beat Buzz Sawyer

Dos Caras & Andre the Giant beat Rusher Kimura & Animal Hamaguchi

Golden Team beat Riki Choshu & Kantaro Hoshino

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I can't stress how much better TEW is. The first time I played the demo I found it a bit much but probably because of the demo restrictions I didn't give it enough of a chance. It's awesome, it's such a massive improvement.


Even just the little touches, for isntance the competition shows I put up there I didn't make up, the game actually gives you show reports for the computer controlled promotions as well. It really is a much more realistic look at running wrestling promotions and it's an awesome game.

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I can't stress how much better TEW is. The first time I played the demo I found it a bit much but probably because of the demo restrictions I didn't give it enough of a chance. It's awesome, it's such a massive improvement.


Even just the little touches, for isntance the competition shows I put up there I didn't make up, the game actually gives you show reports for the computer controlled promotions as well. It really is a much more realistic look at running wrestling promotions and it's an awesome game.

did you have to order it offline, cause i live in Florida.

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WWF Challenge


http://images5.theimagehosting.com/JimmySnuka.jpg Vs http://images5.theimagehosting.com/MaskedSuperstar.jpg

"Superfly" Jimmy Snuka Vs Masked Superstar




The Iron Sheik

Big John Studd

and the newly formed tag team of Tony Garea and Tito Santana, High Impact, are all in action


We've also heard news from our sources that a large and mysterious package has already been delivered to the arena, addressed to one Andre the Giant. What could this mean?


Be sure to tune in to TV Cable East, 7pm this coming Saturday night for another hot night of action from the World Wrestling Federation

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Bit of a mission to read all that Jay but its worth it. Or what I've read so far.

I love Masked Superstar, I'm supporting him all the way.

I still can't believe the amount of effort you put into them though. Don't stop though, they are fun to read.

And when I do my predictions, I might even read through the entire thing. But from waht I've seen so far I am quite impressed.

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did you have to order it offline, cause i live in Florida.
yeah you download it off the net. go to http://www.totalextremewrestling.com and download the demo anyway. You get to play a month gametime, and then if you want to purchase the game you just download the patch.


I love Masked Superstar, I'm supporting him all the way.
Good man, I'm a big Bill Eadie mark. Well, that's not strictly true, but I was a big Demolition mark. They had the best look, and best music, of their generation.
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7pm TV Cable East, Texas, 20th August 1983


Gorilla Monsoon, Vince McMahon & Lord Alfred Hayes


Show report by Steffen van der Reefers


-Andre, there's a great big box with your name on it-


The show starts off with the announce team of Monsoon, McMahon and Hayes talking about the show. Most of their attention is focused on a huge wooden box at ringside as they speculate as to what is in it. Apparently it's addressed to Andre the Giant. Hayes asks Monsoon whether he spelt his name wrong when he got his most recent shipment of bananas flown in.

Overall: 57.2%


-The greatest Iranian wrestler ever?-


The Iron Sheikh w/Freddie Blassie d. S.D.Jones

The opening match was squash city as the Iron Sheikh scored an easy win. Blassie generated a lot of heat as he waved the Sheikh's Iranian flag proudly throughout the match. S.D.Jones was left out cold by the Camel Clutch.

Crowd: 52.2%

Match: 76.1%

Overall: 64.0%


-The Chief has a challenge for the flamboyant one-


Jesse Ventura is waiting backstage with Chief Jay Strongbow, feather head dress and all. Strongbow is pacing back and forth as Ventura tries to get a word with him.


"Whoah whoah whoah there Strongbow. Stop that pace for a second and answer me a question. What I wanna know is what business did you have getting involved in a match on Primetime between Jules Strongboy and Adrian Adonis?". Strongbow stops and turns to face Ventura looking a little angry as he responds.


"Getting involved? Chief Jay Strongbow did more than getting involved Jesse Ventura. Adrian Adonis you listen to me right now, ee ee ee ee EE EE EE, do you hear that Adrian? That's Chief Jay Strongbow's war cry and at Saturday Night's Main Event you're going to be hearing a lot more of it. You have dishonoured the Strongbow family and I'm going to teach you some respect. ee ee ee ee EE EE EE EE EEEEEEE!". Strongbow stomps off the set as Ventura sends it back to the announce team.

Overall: 74.8%


-Ho Ho Ho, Big Giant!-


Big John Studd d. Salvatore Bellomo

Studd looked dominating from start to finish in this one. Bellomo tried to mount some offence early on but it had no effect as Studd brushed aside the punches and eventual dropkick. Studd won the match with a massive backbreaker to score an easy three count. After the bell Studd walked over to the massive box at ringside and gave it a quick once over before moving backstage.

Crowd: 54.0%

Match: 61.5%

Overall: 54.0%


-Rogers has made a match for Saturday Night's Main Event-


Jesse Ventura is backstage once again, this time in a locker room with Freddie Blassie, Tiger Chung Lee and the Iron Sheikh. Ventura begins.


"As always Mr Blassie it's a pleasure to come back here and talk to some real class. Their aint much of that left around here. Thing I want to know is though, is what was that crazy Tiger Mask playing at turning down your offer to be the Iron Sheikh's flag carrier?". Ventura gives Blassie the microphone.


"Hah, that's exactly right Jesse. My army are on a roll that isn't going to stop until we're right at the top and that means winning the World Title. Tiger Mask you're nothing compared to the might that I have in this locker room and at Saturday Night's Main Event we're going to prove it. I've demanded a match from that new President Buddy Rogers and he's made it a reality. Tiger Mask, kid, you've made a huge mistake. You saw what the Iron Shiekh could do earlier on tonight and at Saturday Night's Main Event you're going to feel what Tiger Chung Lee can do because it's you against my man right here." Ventura laughs as he sends it back to the announce team, insisting that Tiger Mask is on his way out of the World Wrestling Federation.

Overall: 96.1%


-The Debut of High Impact-


High Impact (Tony Garea & Tito Santana) d. Barry Horowitz & "Iron" Mike Sharpe

This was the first match since forming for Garea and Santana and they got a pretty good reception from the crowd as they made their way to the ring in red and white trunks and matching jackets. Horowitz and Sharpe were pretty tough and put up some decent resistance, briefly, as they cut off the ring and kept Garea from tagging out. When he finally did though Santana was a house of fire taking control of the match and hitting a Flying Forearm on Horowitz for the win.

Crowd: 47.6%

Match: 63.7%

Overall: 54.7%


-The Rock's ready to make a point-


Yet again we go backstage to Jesse Ventura. He's stood with Captain Lou Albano and "the Rock" Don Muraco, waiting to conduct an interview. Muraco has his wrestling gear on, with his powder blue trunks, while Albano has a big patterned shirt on and an elastic band holding his beard in place. Muraco has the Intercontinental title belt over his shoulder as Ventura questions.


"Lou Albano, as everyone's noticed there's a World Title Tournament going on right now and what I want to know is, when this man stood next to us is the reigning Intercontinental Champion why the hell isn't he in the tournament?" Albano looked ready to go on a rant as he replied.


"Ventura, that's exactly right baby, you want to talk about a man who should be the world champion, he's stood right next to me. The Rock has dominated everybody that's stepped into his path. You know I've been leading the Rock around this stinking state of goat ropers all day and people have been stopping and staring, STOPPING AND STARING VENTURA! They've never seen anything like the Rock before, you tell em Muraco!" Muraco stepped forward slightly to get to the microphone.


"Hahahaha, that's right Capt Lou, you know what. If they won't give the Rock a spot in the World Title tournament then he might just have to go and make his own impact." Albano and Ventura laughed as Muraco and Albano left the set.

Overall: 99.1%


-World Title Tournament time again. Who's joining Graham in the semi finals?-


Masked Superstar d. Jimmy Snuka

The crowd was really hot for this match. Masked Superstar got some decent heel heat, wearing his yellow mask and tights. The crowd gave Snuka a massive pop though in his jungle print trunks and headband. With a spot in the World Title tournament semi finals at stake both men seemed to want to go all out for the win. Masked Superstar jumped Snuka before the bell and tried to wear him down early on with a barrage of sledge like blows to keep the quicker man grounded. It wasn't long before Snuka was avoiding a Masked Superstar elbowdrop and mounting some offence of his own. Snuka fired in a pair of dropkicks before taking Masked Superstar down to the mat with a trademark chop. Snuka came close to winning it after hitting an atomic drop for a two count. Masked Superstar managed to mount a brief comeback hitting Snuka with a clothesline before backing him up in the corner and driving shoulders into Snuka's mid section. As Masked Superstar sent Snuka across the ring to the other side though Snuka got both feet up as Superstar charged in and caught him in the face. Snuka picked him up and slammed him down before going to the top rope. As Snuka flew off the top with a splash Captain Lou Albano came down to ringside. The referee was about to make a count when Albano leapt up onto the apron. The referee tried to usher him away but Albano was waving his fists angrily at him and refusing to budge. Meanhile "the Rock" Don Muraco came running down the aisle and slid into the ring behind the distracted referee's back. He hit Snuka with the title belt and rolled Masked Superstar on top of him before slipping out of the ring as Albano dropped off the apron. The referee turned around and made the count as the Masked Superstar advanced in the tournament.

Crowd: 78.3%

Match: 79.0%

Overall: 77.6%


-Andre come and get your Hot surprise-


With the main event over Vince McMahon was interrupted as he drew the show to a close by the arrival at ringside of Andre the Giant. Andre insisted that he had come to find out what was in the package for him. He asked Monsoon if he knew who had sent it but Gorilla had no idea. Andre made his way over to the big wooden box and began to shake it with his big giant hands. He rocked it with little care or precision but couldn't work out what was inside. Andre drew back his massive giant hand and punched the box, breaking a hole in the side. As he did so someone burst through the side of it, shattering the wooden panel as Andre tried to spin arond in surprise. It was "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert. Gilbert charged at Andre and hit him with a clothesline, then stepped back and hit a dropkick that rocked him a little. Gilbert ran at the big man once more but this time Andre grabbed him by the throat, throttling the much smaller man before hitting a headbutt that sent him flying back to a great pop from the crowd. Gilbert gathered himself, looked up, and saw a very angry giant. Rather than stick around Gilbert turned and ran backstage as the show ended

Overall: 63.4%


Well what did I think of Challenge? For the secondary show I actually thought it was a lot better than Primetime this week. Still much to improve on but the mic work all night long was impeccable and the main event was decent enough. Not sure what just happened with Gilbert and the Giant thouh, presumably this will lead somewhere. I'm gonna give this show 71.2%

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Competition show round up


MACW Mid-Atlantic Championship

20/08/1983, Puerto Rico 3574 in attendance, 69.7%

The Assassins beat Valiant & McGraw

The Great Kabuki beat Jay Youngblood

Ricky Steamboat beat Greg Valentine for the United States Heavyweight Title

Roddy Piper beat Mil Mascaras

Jerry Brisco, Jack Brisco & Terry Funk beat Wahoo McDaniel, Bob Backlund & Rufus R Jones


GCW Georgia Championship

20/08/1983, Alabama 2466 in attendance, 65.2%

Charlie Fulton beat Johnny Rich

Bob & Brad Armstrong beat Jake Roberts & Pez Whatley

Les Thornton beat Ronnie Garvin

Tommy Rich & Thunderbolt Patterson beat the Road Warriors

Larry Zbysko beat Ole Anderson

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