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Best Piledriver EVER!

Guest Trimmy

Who has the best piledriver in history?  

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  1. 1. Who has the best piledriver in history?

    • Jerry "The King" Lawler
    • Jerry Lynn
    • Tommy Dreamer
    • Dynamite Kid.
    • UnderTaker ( tombstone)
    • Other (please specify)

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Guest The Franchise
Who In your opinion has the best piledriver in wrestling history. I would put it to The King or Tommy Dreamer.



I got one that wasnt on that list that should've been on that list:"Mr.Wonderful" Paul Orndorff!!!! :worship


He was truly one of the masters of the piledriver. So was the Magnificent Muracco. :xyx If I have to pick one off of that particular list I would go with Undertaker.

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In US wrestling?


I love Jerry Lynn's Cradle Driver, it was a finisher no two ways about it...


Dreamers was great as well... remember the one on RVD?


Rhino's top turnbuckle or off the apron piledriver is again another classic ECW highlight...


But I have to give it to the Ki Krusher at the mo... a Fisherman's piledriver of maxium ouch...


Although from a visual persepective, the Canadian Destroyer is also a current highlight...

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Guest The Franchise

Does anyone remember the Piledriver Paul Orndorff gave Hogan after he turned on him? "Mr.Wonderful" put some"stank" on that Piledriver. :worship


A thing of beauty. Dreamer delivered some nice ones too. :xyx


Plus I wonder why Petey Williams from TNA wasnt on that list? :?


The "Canadian Destroyer" is definately one of the most innovative Piledrivers ever. And Justin Credible's off the top rope Piledriver on Jerry Lynn at ECW's PPV Heatwave 98 definately deserves a mention as one of the best Piledrivers ever.(An upside down one at that) :xyx

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Guest The Beltster
What about Rick Rudes devastating piledriver on Ultimate Warrior at WM5. I'm pretty sure it was botched' date=' but it did look painful.[/quote']


It may not have been botched, but Rude probably stiffed him, like when he nails the Warrior full pelt in the face with a top rope dropkick in that same match, that was brutal.


Lots of people used to still Hellwig, I have a match with him and Andre, and he is nailing Andre pretty hard with some clothelines, taking advantage and all, and the last time he runs in, Andre punches him full on in the mouth, and the Warrior hits the deck like a sack of poop. He totally KO'ed him, its hillarious.

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Guest Anime Otaku
i voted taker as it is most memorable.. a bunch of Gifs showing the various contenders would have been nice.the canadian destroyer is good too but really i don't see it as a proper piledriver
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Guest Number 6

undertaker's tombstone ?... don't think so... they were doing second and top rope tombstones in japan before mark ever took to the ring...


the top rope tombstone was even banned in AJW in '87 after hokuto got injured...

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