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You should know the rules...


you have to make a funny line up and then I (or somebody) will post a picture everyday and say who won the last one. :) remember ONE picture every DAY.


I'll start us off:




Brock Lesnar cries as his dangley bits started to itch in the middle of a match.

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Mommy this hurts what am I doing here, I don't like wrestling


*starts to cry* muahhhhh muahhhh

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In fact I'm going to change the rules into the 4 people who do a picture (like me Shady, Randy and someone else) then somebody who hasn't done one of that picture can vote. Get me? :) one person needs to do one more and then someone vote. :)
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lol yeah that's a good one! :lol


Here's another one for you all:




Lita and Kane's baby doesn't need a babysitter when they are at RAW, the babys too scary to go near and can look after himself very well.

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Guest Anime Otaku

second hand trunks: $30


Boots 1 size too small: $40


armbands: $10


knowing the most popular champion in WWF history debuted looking like a dork: Priceless

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