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*** Official WrestleMania 21 PPV Discussion Thread ***


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It’s the biggest event of the year…WrestleMania 21:


PPV Quiz & Chat


As is our monthly tradition here at Talk Wrestling Online, we will be holding our monthly PPV Quiz and Chat night. And this month is the Granddaddy of them all... Wrestlemania 21. So in anticipation for the big event, with such matches as Kurt Angle vs Shawn Michaels, Triple H vs Batista, The Undertaker vs Randy Orton and JBL vs John Cena looming, why not head over to the TWO chatroom at 8.00pm to enter our highly popular quiz. Then from 9pm until midnight, why not stay along for a good ol' chat about the PPV with all the TWO regulars? The more, the merrier.


There will also be 5 WWE DVDs up for grabs during the chat, all you will have to do is answer a simple question sometime during the chat.


Wrestlemania 21 Quiz and Chat

Sunday 3rd April

(UK Times)


Quiz: 8.00pm - 9pm

Chat: 9pm - Midnight


For more info see:



PPV Prediction League


Post your predictions below – anyone can enter!



Please remember to keep the same username you used previously!



  • World Heavyweight Championship:
    Batista vs. Triple H
  • WWE Championship:
    John Cena vs. JBL
  • Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Michaels
  • Money-In-The-Bank Ladder Match:
    Edge v Shelton Benjamin v Christian v Kane v Chris Jericho v Chris Benoit
  • Women's Championship:
    Christy vs. Trish
  • Undertaker vs. Randy Orton
  • Sumo Match:
    Big Show vs. Akebono
  • Rey Mysterio vs. Eddie Guerrero

Plus: Piper's Pit with Stone Cold Steve Austin


How to order the PPV



WWE WrestleMania 21 will be LIVE on Sky Box Office. Press the 'box office' button and follow the on-screen instructions - just make sure your telephone line is connected before you order.


Or you can just ring 08705 800 888 to order.


Price: £14.95



See WWE.com - WrestleMania 21



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Guest MARTIN316V1


I think this will be the opener, and it should be a great one. With the talk that Rey will experience a big push later this year, I think this one will go to Mysterio. It wouldnt surprise me if Eddie offers Rey a handshake after the match but beat him up and turns heel.


Winner: Rey Mysterio



I think that Big Show will win this. No reason to push someone who isn't even working for the WWE. I have no problem with this being on the card, lets face it, its only going to last about 40 seconds. Although I think the match was only reason made for marketing reasons for the Japanese viewers.


Winner: Big Show



I think this is a tough one to call. I could see Trish retaining but at the same time i could see Christy taking the title. Some people are saying Lita will turn heel here, but I don't think so.


Winner: Trish Stratus



Hmmmm....another tough one. I dont think they should let Taker lose his undefeated streak at Mania but if there is one person for him to lost it to (and it may not be a popular choice here) but that person is Randy Orton. Orton has the gimmick that as the 'Legend Killer' that if he defeats Undertaker, people will think 'Wow, he is the Legend Killer', whereas if Taker lost his undefeated streak at say Mania 19 vs Big Show and A-Train, no one would care. I think the Undertaker will win this though, but Orton will hit him with an RKO after the match so he can claim he left Taker lying in his own yard.


Winner: Undertaker



I cant see Kane winning this, as he faced Batista the other week. The only way Kane would have a chance of winning is if HHH retains in the main event and we get a Kane-HHH fued. Benjamin has been lost ever since he won the IC belt, not being involved in even one major fued since he won the title. It's also lost him his popularity he had while fueding with Evolution last year, cant see him winning. Christian, I think he could win this, if they wanted to push him into the main event scene but I doubt it. I think Jericho is in the same slot as Kane, no chance if Batista wins, but a possibilty if HHH retains. They seem to be keen on pushing Edge, so hes one of the obvious choices to win. But i think that Benoit will win this, and turn heel shortly after to fued with Big Dave.


Winner: Chris Benoit



Stunners, Stunners and a couple of more Stunners!



This match should be excellent. The fued has been built up brilliantly and i cant wait for this. Hopefully they give this enough time though. I think we will see a lot of finishers, a lot of kick-outs and of course, some great wrestling. I think this one could go either way, but the result doesnt really matter. I'll go with Angle to make Shawn tap out to the Ankle Lock.


Winner: Kurt Angle



Well, JBL has gone through almost everybody on the SD roster. Will it finally end here? Even though they will eventually give the title to Cena, I think JBL will retain here and continue the fued with Cena chasing after the WWE title trying to overcome the odds to eventually capture the title around Summerslam time. Also without the belt, how on earth can you have JBL anywhere near Main Event? I really like JBL but it wouldnt look right for JBL to be the one chasing after the WWE title. JBL should retain.


Winner: JBL



I cant see both heels retaining their championships. So I say Batista will win here. But with the way its been built up, there has not been one occasion where HHH has gotten the best of Dave. But Batista is on a roll right now and is way over, they should give him the title now, until it's too late. Although Dave isnt that great on the mic, i think hes improving as each week goes by and has better mic skills than Benoit who was world champion. So yeah, give Big Dave the title.


Winner: Batista

Edited by MARTIN316V1
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Guest The Beltster

Hulkamania running freaking WILD at WM21! That was AWESOME, Hulk looked awesome, the crowd ate it up and was off the hook and he killed the crowd for Taker vs Orton! I love it.





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Guest Jonny


crowed went mad , was a good moment, but it was predicitble yes..

It's an ok PPV so far,

loved that RKO by Randy

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Guest tazz13

nice job by lilian singing, but couldn't they have used hogan's hot hot daughter brooke


opening video was okay, but they have done better


rey vs eddie...good opening match, not a show stealer but still really good


money in the bank...very entertaining match...lots of cool spots, my favourite being benjamin walking the ladder...pretty cool entrance by kane


hogan/hassan/eugene segment...good times, very fun segment...midget armies DO rule!!


woman's title...trish did a good carry job...nothing special, but not embarrassing either considering christy can't wrestle


taker vs orton...very good match again...cool entrance by taker...i marked out big time for cowboy with the cast!!!...its too bad orton had to have his surgery cause it woulda been better if he went over...sweet counter out of the chokeslam into the RKO


angle vs michaels...tremendous...its the classic i hoped it would be...nothing else needs to be said, although i'm surprised angle went over and by the mixed crowd reaction


piper's pit...entertaining stuff...austin's pop didn't seem as big as hogan's


sumo match...well it was what it was, although i coulda done without seeing show's lard ass...at least it was short


hall of fame...yeah stacy lookin sweet as always


jbl vs cena...technically it was decent enough, but it didn't seem special like a WM main event should and a title change should...considering the limitations of both guys, they coulda used some brawling through the crowd or blood, etc. to help the match out


batista vs triple h...pretty solid main event that was well booked and unlike cena/jbl did seem like a big deal


overall a very entertaining show and a big thumbs up from me

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Guest Ravenmark

Really really good show.


I marked for Hogan, but I kind of knew it was coming - shame he didn't do the leg drop, but according to Wade Kellar it would have been too much pressure on his hips...I thought he'd had an op?


Austin's pop wasn't too great, but what do you expect when you have Hogan on the show? Good that they involved CCC in that segment to give him the 'rub'.


Angle and Michaels was wonderful and the ladder match was incredible. Benoit's sellnig of his left arm by biting the ring apron had me question the smart in me!


Trish and Christy was watchable, thanks to Trish.


Orton and Taker was good, with Orton really impressing me and like many others I marked for Bob Orton jr.


Rey and Eddie was okay, but it had a few blown spots and Rey seemed to be adjusting his mask all match. The match was given enough time either.


Akebono - Big Show -Pfttt.


JBL and Cena for me was throwaway. The crowd was dead and it was too short to get any rhythm going.


Batista and HHH was better than it had right to be. HHH carried Batista, but Batista didn't look out of place. If they want to build him as a monster, this is the right way to go.


Batista's title win made Cena's seem insignificant.


But still, really good show. :xyx

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Guest MARTIN316V1

I missed the start due to Sky over running Heat, while Mania had started on the other channel :mad Not that i missed much, but it looks stupid on my tape. I also could have done without there massive logo stinking up the screen :roll


Anyway, I enjoyed the opener, it lasted a little longer than i expected but it was still a good match. Wonder where this push for Rey Rey is heading, cant ever see him as WWE Champ, he'd make a good US champ though.


The Ladder Match, oh my god! This was absoultely brilliant. All 6 men did great, but IMO, Shelton Benjamin was awesome during that match. Some of the stuff they pulled off was great. Kane's entrance was superb.


The Hogan stuff was awesome. I really liked his pose on the top of the stage with the American flag in the background.


Undertaker-Orton, another great match. I think they made a mistake putting this on after the Hogan thing, because for the early part of the match at least, it seemed the crowd were shattered. When the crowd did finally get into the match, Orton got some pretty good heel heat. Nice reversal from the chokeslam into the RKO. But the Deadman remains undefated, 13-0!


Trish-Christy was just the usual calm the crowd down before the next big match, match.


Awesome stuff from Angle and HBK. The crowd seemed to be well into Angle. Nothing else to on this apart from, Lets hope this isnt the last bout between these two.


Pipers Pit was cool. I thought it was funny when Piper kept addresing the fans for the 'What?' chants. And the slaps they gave each other were hilarious as were Austin's little insaults. Im a mark for good old fashion slaps. Great to see the Rattlesnake back, hopefully he decides to stick around and we get more segments like this.


I was almost sick during Big Show-Akebono.


Cena-JBL was ok, nothing great but not that bad either. They should have used some weapons to make the match that bit better. I was quite surprised to see Cena take the title here. And where does that leave JBL? Where will the JBL character will go from here? I cant imagine him to be the one chasing afer the title.


HHH-Batista was good. Glad to see Big Dave take the title here. Nice ending with the pyro and all.


I really really enjoyed WrestleMania. One of the best of recent years.

Edited by MARTIN316V1
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Typical opener. Enjoyed the opening video. The commentators all decked out added to the prestige.


Enjoyed Eddie/Rey loads. Lots of Eddie chants. Few blown spots, but the crowd were super appreciative, clapping the stand offs etc. Good opener.


Also enjoyed the Money in the Bank match. Kane's entrance was off the hook, and I love Christian. Some real nice innovative and painful spots, and the right man won. At this point, I'm thinknig that maybe this'll be the best WM ever.


Enjoyed the Eugene/Hassan segment til Hogan came in. Way too predictable from the get-go, but he got his big cheers and so forth so it was worthwhile. Coulda at least put over Eugene but can't win them all. Not a huge fan of Hassan used as jobber fodder for every GI Joe in the company at big events, and I thought he was in the doghouse for using the cutthroat symbol across opponents necks, yet he did it again.


Trish v Christy was better than it had any right to be. Lita did pretty much f___ all, but that's good. Trish looked hot tonight (though Victoria would have been preferable). Right woman won, the crowd actually reacted to it (which made it seem better), and all in all, wasn't a snack break match afterall.


Taker v orton started off slow but it was an excellent match. Randy Orton as a character isn't the greatest, but I still love Orton as a worker. I think he works damn hard as a seller and his RKO is still over as an out-of-nowhere move. The use of Bob Orton didn't take away from the match, and as predicted, Taker went over. I don't think Orton'll lose anything from it to be honest. If anything, I think it's got him back on track.


Angle v Michaels wasn't the 5 star classic everyone expected, and not as good as Michaels v Jericho from WM19, but it was MOTN nonetheless. Some excellent storytelling, great moves, and last 10 minutes were off the hook. Everything a match should be. I just found something really lacking from it, and for that, I can't give it full marks. Can't help but feel that it'd have been a better match in 2002.


Pipers Pit made my entire night. Piper got a good pop, and Austin got a big pop, though agreed, not as big as Hogans. But the segment itself made Wrestlemania for me. "Welcome to Pipers Pit" *slap* "Thanks for having me you little son of a bitch" *slap* I was marking out. Piper's talking hasn't lost a touch. He's always gold and it remained so last night. And his reactions to the "What" chants were hilarious. I was intrigued to see where the segment would go so I was pleasently surprised by Carlito. The stealing of the apple was great, and the mandatory stunner, beer, and stunner finished off the segment of the night. I wasn't disappointed :)


The sumo match was both short and interesting. It wasn't really what I needed to see (Big Show looks kinda lanky for a fat seven-footer) but I can't say it was awful. Far from. The bump Big Show took looked painful for his size, but it was respectful at least.


Hall Of Fame was good. I heard about the Iron Shieks speech and I really wanna buy the DVD for it. Apparently his speech was the best because no one could understand a work he said except for like one word a sentence which made it even funnier. And Bobby Heenan's subsequent retort made me laugh. Typical Heenan. Sly Stallone is looking kinda weird these days.


JBL/Cena was pretty good. Lack of fan heat, but I enjoyed it, and I couldn't see any flaws with either mans wrestling. The match was smooth and enjoyable. Very shocked at how out of nowhere the finish came, and how clean it was - but am super-happy that Cena went over. His post-match celebration was great, and I'm really happy for the guy.


The guys all coming out was cool. MY GOD how good did Jackie look? Hogan didn't get half as big a pop second time around, but Meltzer expected that one so it didn't surprise me.


And finally, the main event. Motorheads singing was off, but HHH's entrance was super cool. Batista REALLY needs pyro. Match itself was pretty good. Fine use of Flair, but very typical WWE ending with the interference and the ref being everywhere. Surprised to see Batista win, but fair play. But it didn't have the impact of other main events at all. It felt like a main event until the opening bell, and then it became real clear how average Batista is. The next big thing, he ain't. But it was cool to see HHH do his all to make him look good. From bleeding to acting terrified to letting Batista end with raising the belt in front of him, it was cool. But it didn't have the impact of last year, nor was it on the level of WM14 or WM10 or WM6 etc. Still, all things considered, good main event.



Overall, tremendous show. Best of the year so far in the US. Thoroughly enjoyable, no bad match on the card, and some good results. Hopefully they have some forward planning ready for us.

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Well thats Wrestlemania over and done with for another year.


The 21st edition of Wrestlemania came from The Staples Center in Los Angeles California and i for one enjoyed it.


We kicked the show off as always with the national anthem sung by the WWE's very own Lillian Garcia who by the looks of it went to a very bad hairdressers, but heck she can sing.


We then went to the last of the highly entertaining Wrestlemania 21 film trailer promos this time with a play on the Russell Crowe epic Gladiator staring Stone Cold Steve Austin hey maybe this was his screen test for wwe films. Anyhow this lead into your normal wrestlemania opening videos.


The first match on the card would see WWE tag team champions Eddie Gurrero and Rey Mysterio going head to head. Eddie made his usual entrance in the low rider and did his normal poseing in the ring. Rey comes out to his pyro and we soon see that Rey has kept his tradition of wearing a unusual ring attire at Wrestlemania heres hoping it brings him some better luck, unfortunatly it soon seems as if this different type of mask is proving some sort problem for Rey and seems to be slowing him down. The match itself is everything a opener should be with plenty of nice spots. Eddie did seem to play a heel in the match and was dominting Rey somewhat, however Rey ended up picking the win and the 2 shook hands at the end. We did not get the expected heel turn. I however belive we will see the turn on TV in the next few weeks.


We then cut to JBL WWE Championship in hand along with his cabinet. Who would he bump into down the corridor none other than The World Heavyweight Champion Triple H and his partner in crime Ric Flair. The 2 champions had a little Ding Dong on who was the better champion they agreed to wait to the end of the night to see who was the better champion. Triple H left as Ric gave Orlando Jordan a little woooooooooooo. I liked this little confrontation JBL seemed to have a intense look about him it's amazing how far he has actully come in the last year.


We then head back to ring for The Money in the Bank ladder Match. Kanes intro was pretty cool with all the ladders on the stage going up in flames was really something cool to see. i was hoping that this match may of been able to reach a TLC match standard, sadly it did not although it was by no means a poor match. The Match was actully very well worked with 3 men usually in the ring much better than all 6 in the ring at the same time as that would proberly make the mach look untidy. However it did make you wonder where some guys dissapered to, Kane seemed to vanish for a huge chunk of the match with no great explanation. Benoit sold his arm fantasically and his spasm after his headbutt from brilliant especially viewing it from the camera above the ring. Edge seemed to come from no where to snatch the win and i have to admit being somewhat surprised with Edge picking up the win.


After they clear the Carnage Eugene appears YAY!

Eugene tells us all that he's so happy to be at Wrestlemania and how it's 2nd best Wreslemania moment ever only beaten by the time a load of midgets beat up King Kong Bundy. All of a sudden Mohammed Hassans music hit to a chourus of boos. Hassan get to the ring and cuts one of his usual Promos on Eugene. Oh he's a nasty piece of work picking on Eugene, he eventully gets round to beating him down slapping on the Camel Clutch made famous by The Iron Sheik.


Wait for it



Real American hits!


I can hear WWFBeltMark Scream with delight 300 miles away.


Now i have to claim that i'm not the biggest Hogan fan but i belive it would of taken the most hardened Hogan hater to not crack a smile during these events. Hogan gets to the ring all in yellow and red attire and proceeds to kick Hassans ass. After he has cleaned the ring he does the normal Hogan poses for about 2 minutes. All very enjoyable i have to admit.


Next up it's "The Legend Killer" Randy Orton going head to head with "The Legend" The Undertaker. I actully enjoyed this match very possibly one of The Undertakers better matches out of his 13. However i was not to overawed with the finish. I do have to admit that i would of liked the Deadman to do the job. Yes i know Orton is not going to be on our TV screens for the next 4-6 months but the legend killer gimmick worked and now they have basically killed it. You could say that there is no more legends to go after but it would of been nice to claim this milestone. But It's the Undertaker leaving the staples center tonight increasing legendy status as he is now "The Legend Killer Killer". He may of been wearing them for a while now but i noticed that UFC got a nice plug on The Undertakers gloves.


Next up we had the first of our title matches in the form of the Womens title.

the match was your usual womens fair with nothing overally fantastic but it did it's job. Hemme seems to of done a lot of work and boy is she flexible so credit to her. It would be Trish leaving with the dainty strap at the end of the night.


Ok i have to confess that tonight is the first time i've ever payed for a PPV, i worked over the easter weekend so took a few days off this, so what the heck i'll buy Wrestlemania for £14.95. The next match was worth the fee alone. Yes it's time for Shawn Michaels Vs Kurt Angle. Words are hard to describe how much i enjoyed this match it very much reminded me of Kurts match at Wrestlemania 17 where he took on Chris Benoit. It had everything Mat Wrestling to start off with, then ont a little bit of brawling both in and out of the ring. We were then treated to some fantastic spots including a Shawn Michaels somersault on to Kurt and table. The expected Sweet Chin Music into Ankle Lock and a much missed Kurt Angle moonsault. The match itself ended when Shawn finally tapped to the Ankle Lock giving Angle the win. This match will no doubt go down in one of the beat matches in Wrestlemanias 21 year history. I have not seen a crowd so much into a match since Hogan Vs Rock at Mania 18. Match of the night hands down.


They then went to some Awards for the fantastic Wrestlemania trailers and were yet agin treated to the Basic Intinct Promo starring Stacy Keibler.


Next up was Pipers Pit featuring Stone Cold Steve Austin.

i wonder if Piper will get told off for mentioning the WWF. Well Austin soon comes down and Piper and Austin being to exchange plesantries over who is the biggest rebel in the WWE's history.


"I was headlining Wrestlemania when the only red down your neck was nappy rash"


All of a sudden it's Carlito minus sling! He gets to the ring and tells the old men to leave the ring because now is Carlitos time. After Carlito has had his own apple spat in his face he goes after Piper with Austin watching on with a huge grin on his face, after a while he get bored and does what Stone Cold does best. Opens up a can of whoop ass on the man with the afro. Both Austin and Piper then share a rather large amount of Alcohol only Piper to get a stunner to get a stunner for his troubles. I personally enjoyed this segment and thought all 3 guys did a good job Carlito is really starting to grow on me, lets hope he can back it up in the ring.


Apparantly the "Taxi Driver" promo was voted the best, so i took this opptunity to make my one and only toilet break.


Next we have what everybody has been looking forward too!

THE SUMO MATCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Akebono makes his way down to the ring looking all mean in his robe and sandals. Big Show makes his way down to the ring in the same get up but just can't look as mean. The do all the ceremony stuff and it was not all that bad. I'm hoping that it was actully a legit Sumo Match Akebono picked up the win pushing The Big Show out of the ring after Show had actully picked up Akebono up. We did get a rather unpleasnt shot of Big Shows backside although that was nothing compared to Akebonos loigns. Then we got to witness two mostly naked 500 pound men have a quick hug. Fortunatly the natchos that i have munched my way through stay firmly in my stomach.

The best thing about this match was the fact that Big Show looked a prat and he knew it!


Now it's time for Smackdowns Main Event when John Cena takes on John Bradshaw Layfield for the WWE Championship. I can't really comment on this match basically it was over so soon. JBL made his way to the ring in Limo complete with a escort from the LAPD, not only that but $100 bills started falling from the ceiling thosands of them unfortunatly the all had JBL's mug on them, it was a nice touch and looked good. After the opening exchanges which had Layfield dominating Cena i went to make a Rustler Burger i came back and fairly soon Cena picked up the win with a FU, i was actully a bit shocked as i had got it my head that JBL would retain. So Cena finally ends Bradshaws title reign. The Cybering Cena Marks will be over the moon. But you can't knock the guy for being so over soo best of luck to him with his title reign.


We then had the introduction of the hall of fame inductees with Piper, Bob Orton and Hogan all making there 2nd apperances of the night. They were joined by Nikoli Volkoff, The Iron Sheik, Paul Orndoff and The Mouth of the South Jimmy Hart. in tow were various Divas and i'm sure i saw a Mrs Triple H in there somewhere.


Wrestlemania 22 will take place in Chicago it is annonced.


Finally it's time for Triple H to Defend his title against Batista.

The conversation a few weeks ago must of gone something like:-


"Ok heres how it's going to go, you can have the belt as long as i get the better intro"


How cool must it be to have your favorite band singing a song about you as you go to the biggest show of your year. Triple H don't know how lucky he is.

So Motorhead plays he theme only for Triple H to appear from the floor inbetween them. It looked awesome. The Match itself was nothing special and i'm actully a little bit surprised that Batista actully won. It was basically a battle of 2 mosters. Triple H did his usual big blood gushing thing.

the stand out thing from this match has to be Big Dave pulling Helmsleys arms apart whilst in the pedigree position. The look on Triple H's face was fantastic.

Batista eventully went on to claim the win and strap, topping a great night for the boys from OVW.


I really enjoyed Wrestlemania this year with Angle Vs HBK stand out moment for me. Although the whole show was full of high spots.


I wonder what they can come up with for the 22nd edition.

Edited by BRM
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Guest AfinShou

Alright, I dug the intro after it finally worked. The repeating film reel had me questioning whether or not my order went through, but the show started, and Lillian absolutely FLOORED the audience. I swear, she's gotta be the happiest woman in the world to do two things that she must love a lot. Wrestling and singing. I mean, she could easily go on and have a music career, and yet she stays with the company. I like that fact a whole bunch, and her being a real fan makes me respect her even more.


Onto the opening match. I don't know, Eddie seemed out of it for most of this match. The blown spots were pretty bad, but they managed to recover without much of a hitch. I just saw Eddie laboring around and slowly working his way into moves. It seemed like he didn't even really want to be there. I expected him to go over on Rey, but I guess this means a heel turn for Eddie. We'll have to see.


Oh man, the Money in the Bank Match. I can't believe my guy won in this one. I knew Shelton wasn't ready to go. Benoit didn't need it. Kane shouldn't get it. Jericho is out of place. I half way held out hope for Christian, but knew that if he won it, his shot would be squandered away quickly. But Edge....I've been liking his character more and more and more over the past few months. He looked great in his intro, he has a great song, and he looked good in the match. I say he's as ready as he's ever been. As for the match itself? Superb. I enjoyed every second of it. The top rope dives was probably my favorite part, and Shelton definitely gets MVP of the match.


The Hassan/Eugene/Hogan segment did what it was meant to do. I still say Hassan is one of the most physically impressive guys there, and I love him on the mic. I can't wait for a day when he becomes severely over with the crowd and Daivari is his own personal Ric Flair. I mark out every time he starts going nuts, and I want everyone else to as well. It's Hogan, it's nostalgia, what else can I say.


Christy was too green for my liking. She oversold near everything. But it was good for what it was. I'd like to think Christy can be more than eye candy. But either way, she alone cannot ressurect the woman's division.


I gotta say, I was scared about the Taker/Orton match. I know that they wanted to put Orton over. I just did not believe he deserved to go over against Taker. Not in this arena. And man was I ever scared. That RKO was beautiful, absolutely splendid with the timing. I say he could've gotten another Tombstone in, but maybe I'm just being greedy. I enjoyed this one.


Sumo match: Pass


I liked the Piper's pit segment and I wish they would've let it go on for a bit longer before Carlito jumped in. Those two are entertaining as hell. I just wanted more out of them.


HBK/Angle. Wow....just wow. It reminded me so much of HBK and Bret back in the Iron Man. It was solid, it was intense, the crowd was into it. Worth the price of the PPV all by itself. I am VERY surprised that Angle came out on top, seeing as how Taker won the earlier split brand match. But man oh man was this a classic. Nothing more to be said but Amazing.


I will say upfront that I was very disappointed with the JBL/Cena match. First of all, I didn't want Cena to win. I think JBL is a better champion and that Cena was getting/is still stale. His character stopped joking as much, but it wasn't enough for me. Although to be honest, I knew as soon as they changed his song that he was getting the belt. It had that epic feel to it, and I could see him main eventing with it. But for all that, the length and finish of this match was highly disappointing. Especially with a match like HBK/Angle earlier in the night. They could've had a touch of suspense. That would've been nice. But this match was a total bust for me.


I've never heard a song screwed up so badly as the way Lemmy screwed up HHH's. That was just embarassing. Although the intro was totally bad ass. I liked Batista's plain, no frills intro. The man is a spectacle all by himself, and his machine gun arms thing always makes me chuckle. I have to say that I got more out of this match than I expected. Not because of the overly good work of either, but because it was a classically done match. It was no WMXX, but it was more of a WMX as far as I could tell. I just felt good watching it go back and forth, and the finish was great. Someone said earlier that Batista's win overshadow's Cena's. I'll have to whole heartedly agree.


I just find it funny that these two guys were jobbing on Smackdown along Orton all around the same time a few years back, and I was all over each one of their bandwagon's then. Looks like time sure does pay off for the good ones.


I did so enjoy the night. I'll be at Raw tommorow hoping for a positive backlash of from the PPV. No pun intended. I'll be back with notes from attendance and possibly pictures and all sorts of goodies.

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Guest Moobs

Great PPV.


Eddie Vs. Rey was Ok, Rey's ring attire was ridiculious. Eddie should of smacked Rey one right in the chops when he won. Over all decent match: 6/10.


Money in the bank match, I expected more of. I think Shelton stood out most in that match. Some good spots, I liked It when Shelton ran up the ladder. It was also amusing when he got his foot caught in the ropes, poor guy. Overall not bad: 7/10


Hogan, Hassan and Eugene was top knotch. As soon as Hassans music I thought, Hogan! He also looked In decent shape for a man of his age. Eugene, I could have done without. But nevertheless, nice seeing The Hulkster back.


Suprisingly, I enjoyed 'Taker and Ortons match. Liked Ortons chokeslam reverse, but it Orton won I'd of been miffed. Match rating: 7/10.


Womens championship was appauling, Christy has stupid wrestling attire and looks weird when she fights. She was overselling to much. I would've liked to see Lita turn heel, but what'cha gonna do. Trish saved this match. Match rating: 3/10.


Angle Vs. Shawn didnt urn out aswell as I thought. On paper It looked like a 5 star classic, but it wasn't to be. I really thought HBK would win that much, tsk tsk.



Sumo match was dragged out. Took about 10 minutes to get the match started. I liked Big Show's enterance, when he did that leg revealing thing. The result turned out as I thought, Big Show loses, shakes hand with Akebono, Big Show raises his hand. Overall rating: 5/10


Pipers pit was all good & dandy. Nice to see Austin still rasing hell and drinking beer. It still puzzles me why Carlito came out, but the more stunners the merrier. Good to see Stone Cold back.


HoF wasnt bad, but It wasnt the highlight of the night. I didnt even know who most of the divas accompanying the HoF'ers were.


JBL Vs. Cena was godod. Nice seeing Cena get the win. Is it just me or does the FU look like its getting weaker every week. Overall decent match: 7 1/2 out of 10.


Triple H's enterance was good, although motorhead messed up his song. This match was probably the best of the night, but Batista's win overshadowed Cena's as many of you have said. Match rating: 8/10


Overall 'Mania rating: 8 1/2 out of 10. ;)

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Guest BB Steele
I really enjoyed mania this year. I especially loved the money in the bank match, shelton really stood out in the match with the run up the ladder and the t-bone of the top of the ladder.
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Yeah very good event. Did exactly what it said on the tin, had Hogan have an angle which he should have, every match was good at worst, with 2 outstanding contests, and most of all the right people winning the main matches. So yeah definite thumbs up, good matches, looking to the future, and the right people winning, lets just hope they keep it up, cause they've got the ball, now's time to run with it. The next couple of months will certainly be very interesting events.
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Guest Dave7g

Great show overall, the two main events were rubbish as expected. Hulk was pretty cool but didn't he eat a lot of pies latley? Angle/HBK was amazing why arent these two legends the main title holders? Ladder match ruled, Benoit was excellent. Womens match and the Sumo match were excellently timed p*** breaks. Cena looked terrible in that match, and it was great to hear the crowd boo him. Thank God they kept it short, as I really couldn't take much more of that bull. HHH/Batista wasn't the worst match I've ever seen that was the previous match. Batista and Cena should not be in such a position. I expect Raw tonight to be dominated by HHH as they have announced the rematch for Backlash.


10/10 if it ended before the two "Main Events"


8/10 really.

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Guest Jonny
I missed the start due to Sky over running Heat, while Mania had started on the other channel :mad Not that i missed much, but it looks stupid on my tape. I also could have done without there massive logo stinking up the screen :roll

it's repeated loads more for a couple of days, just record it again if it's that bad :P

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