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Who's watching this? I am!


if you are watching it what team are you behind? I'm behind the blue one (is it called the Warriors, I forgot?)


And remember it's on 06:30-07:30pm every Saturday night (it's 06:00 now)!



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Guest Anime Otaku
its more like Gladiators (remember that) than anything to do with wrestling apart from the trainers, if ot had been advertised that way i'd have prefered it more
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The only thing that MAY possibly come good out of this show is the following.


At the end of the month, the old Granda Men & Motors channel relaunches under the management of ITV ( its soon to be changed into ITV 4 Reportedly- and the direction of the channel is going to be aimed at young males).


Now, Men & Motors (ITV 4) has already said it will show Cage Rage, K1 and other Fighting shows on its relaunch. Now I know its thinking abit far, but if Celebrity Wrestling does pull in a decent rating, then surley this could aid a UK promotion is getting a show on the ITV network, it would seem Wrestling would be an ideal show for ITV4. Plus the fact ITV 4 will be available of Freeview, would be the possibilty of millions of viewers.


Now I know I'm clutching at straws here, just being an optimist as usual because this show is really bad.

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Guest BWS Soldier

im really not enjoying this it has nothing to do with wrestling really its really boring this show i dont think i will be waching it again


Peace V

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Guest Slim Jim

There were DLO and Piper signs and I'm sure most of them are wrestling fans (or they wouldn't be there).


I'm hoping it'll get huge ratings and ITV will see sense and put real wrestling on ITV1.

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I liked the first one best. I wasn't too keen on the last bout/rounds.


"Rowdy" Roddy Piper's the best thing on the show lol.


It's alright, but in the hour it was like "not bad" then my mood turned to "hmm..." then "meh?.. hmm.." lol.


Just as well "my" team is losing (the blues: Warriors) if I wanted the reds to win they would of lost lol.


I am staying behind the Warrior's. I want to know how good the SMart guy is, and the one on the blues who looks a bit like Heidenreich (I'm sure you know who I mean)

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