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***Official RAW Thread - 16th May 2005***


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It’s finals time.


The Gold Rush Tournament comes to a close as the No. 1 Contender to Batista’s World Heavyweight Championship is officially determined. Will it be the Big Red Monster Kane, or “Mr. Money in the Bank” Edge?




Edge has used his coveted briefcase at every opportunity to help get him over the top in recent matches, while Kane has his own X-factor in wife Lita. Will the Gold Rush Tournament end with Edge being chokeslammed to Hell, or with Kane being speared off his feet? Tune in Monday night to find out — alongside the World Heavyweight Champion — who Batista’s next opponent will be.


Also announced for RAW, Ric Flair gets his match against Christian. “The Dirtiest Player in the Game” dispatched with Tyson Tomko last week on RAW, and now there’s nobody left between the former 16-time world champion and his target: Captain Charisma. Will Christian be able to come through in a huge match for his peeps? We’ll find out Monday.


And the team of Chris Jericho & Shelton Benjamin will get their chance at retribution when they face Muhammad Hassan and Daivari in tag-team action

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Guest Slim Jim



I really don't know who is going to win. Kane might be in need of a push, but Edge could work with two title shots. Will Lita really align with Edge?

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Guest MARTIN316V1

You just know Lita is going to turn heel and join Edge. The ending is pretty predictible aswell - Kane goes for the Chokeslam, Lita comes in and hits Kane with her crutch, Edge spears Kane for the win. King in a low voice says 'What is this?', they sit there silent as the show ends.


Infact Lita turning heel makes too much sense. They will probably end up getting cold feet on this one. Too many people have predicted it.


Christian-Flair should be interesting. Flair really has nothing to gain by winning, whereas a Christian win could do wonders for his career. Captain Charisma for the gold!


Looking forward to the Tag Match as well. Which I think will end up with Hassan pinning Benjamin, to lead to a good fued between the two, which will lead to a Hassan IC title reign.


Hopefully they'll be more on the ECW Hype from last week.


Looking forward to the show :xyx

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Guest charlie haas mark

yeh the lita- edge allignment is inevitable, Lita can't be a face anymore (unless she get back with matt :P ) The christian- riccy flait match should be a laugh but good as well, i would say a christian win, he's had a lot of momentum recently and is coming off great. The tag match will be good, shelton is a fantastic wrestler while Hassan is as well.

The show is shaping up to be good, add a few suprises and WWE could get a good rating :thumbsup

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I'm really looking forward to Flair vs. Christian, as discussed in the chatroom I think this could be a good match. I'm really hoping that this match could be a match that good help Christian so much. If the match is booked correctly it should be awsome.


I'd love it to be booked like the Flair vs. Sting match from the Clash of the Champions when Flair made Sting, I think this could be one of them matches where Flair can "make" Christian. I think the match should be quite long and competitive, anything else wouldn't be as effective.


I have really enjoyed the Flair & Christian segments from the past few weeks and I really hope the match will be good.

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Guest Kanenite
I really can see Lits turning Heel and I just don't want it to happen. I think that Kane should split with Lita and they start different ways but not in the way of Lita screwing Kane. I think the Tag match should be good and have a lot of action. Also I have high hopes for Christian vs Flair, give them a 15 minute match and I think it should be enjoyable
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Guest MARTIN316V1

Pretty good Raw on a whole...


- Jericho seems to be getting some direction; Kind of a 'Shoot-Style' angle. Seeing as though those were the reasons reported as to why he wasn't intending on renewing his contract with the WWE when it runs out. I think we may get a heel turn at some point out of Jericho.


- Christian's losing streak. This must be leading to a trade to Smackdown otherwise it makes on sense jobbing him out all the time. On a side note, his new jacket sucks.


- Simon Dean and Maven. I hope this isnt the end of them going after the tag titles as i really like them as a team. Simon is hilarious and i find him one of the most entertaining superstars on Raw.


- ECW getting plugged again. Ive never been a big fan of ECW but im a huge fan of 'Invasion' type angles. With a bit of luck we'll get some ECW stars invading Raw soon.


- Draft Announced. The month thing sounds very good and should make for an interesting month of both Raw & Smackdown.


- Vince's strut cracks me up. He has the funniest walk i have ever seen and the way he stomps on the ringsteps makes it that much funnier.


- Orton stays heel. Thank Christ for that!


- Big Vis! Absolutely brilliant tonight; I am loving every minute of T.V time he is getting.


- Lita turns heel. A necessisary heel turn. However the Matt Chants have pretty much stopped now; or are getting decreasingly quiet. Either way it makes to pair them together. They can get smark heat with the Matt chants and they can have the on-screen reason be that Lita never wanted to marry Kane in the first place and only has because of a match stipulation, so what better way to get revenge than costing Kane a world title match.


- Kane. This could be the best thing to happen to him. If this isnt the start of mega Kane push as a monster then i doubt he'll ever get one at all.


Good show overall. I cant wait for next weeks Raw.

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Guest wrestler223

Pretty good RAW tonight. Not a whole lot of wrestling, but the other segments/promos were good enough to make up for it. I thought the Viscera/Lilian thing was pretty funny, but I think it went on a little too long. The news about the draft was interesting, as it is setting up to be quite different from last year's draft, and hopefully better.


Edge vs. Batista next week......to me, this has interference written all over it. I mean think of the number of people who could interfere: Kane, Triple H, possibly Shawn Michaels (after what happened in his match with Edge last week), possibly Ric Flair, even Christian (after what happened on RAW this week), not to mention Lita.


Speaking of Kane, I can't wait to see what he'll do next week....his character can be great when he's got motivation.

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Guest Captain Caveman

I found the Batista-Flair bit interesting but for me it can only spell disaster for Dave. I can see Flair helping Batista out next week, they align while HHH is out but ultimately it will end in Flair screwing Batista out of the title the next time he faces HHH, which wont be long!


The match with Christain and Flair was a bit of a let down for me, I, like many others, was expecting a classic match where The Captain wins but it was just another loss for the charasmatic one???????


Big Ol Vis was funny but did drag out a bit, and boy CANT he sign!


There should be a new rule in regards to the tag division, anyone using the SimonSystem should be given the belts. Simon dean is funny as fu#k and maven is, well maven is there too.


Enjoyed that raw, i liked the ending especially knowing the backround to it. The hardy familly must have been very happy watching that, ha ha ha. JR calling Edge a dirty b#stard was funny.


Only wish was that Beniot was allowed to do the headbutt from the ladder but he probably would have half-killed himself doing it!

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Guest Simon

I only have 2 comments after Raw.


I love Bischoff. Great segment with him.


I HATE EDGE. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH. I really don't want him to become World Champ at all now. Lita is scum too. JR's cheeky references were classic and I guess the *******s are going to take advantage of the smark heat now. Poo poo.

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Guest Tony Chimmel

Ric Flair was absolutely terrible and should retire asap!


Jim Ross has the most annoying voice ever!


I like big vis.

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Guest Jung

Sounded like a good show, with a put of foresight involved. Planned the draft, gave hints for Christian and Orton going to SD, Flair turning face maybe, Jericho turning heel, and a feud for Masters against Richards, plus making Edge a bigger heel, and Kane and Batista a bigger face. All in all, good job.


Some decent booking, lets hope they keep it up.

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Guest Drake

OMG Lita and Edge screw another person :lol


I thought I was seing Adam and Amy instead of Edge and Lita.

What passionet kisses:lol



Randy+Vince= Great

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