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Need help getting online with xbox

RetroIC Gaming

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Guest Clarkey
As far as I know but this is quite dated, XBox Live did not work with AOL. I'm sure thats been updated so I will have a scour around for you as I have something I write up and emailed to a friend who needed help, but thats the best I can do at moment. It was something to do with the signing up your credit card for payment to Live clashing with payments to AOL that made it not possible, but again I'm not sure if that was settled.
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Guest Clarkey

I couldn't find the write up I sent to my friend, but I have a link for you and then theres the official site which has a interesting tidbit for you.


Official Site F.A.Q



F.A.Q - AOL is covered in the third question.


Heres the tidbit thats important from the official site for you -

AOL are currently beta testing Xbox Live for AOL broadband and AOL broadband members can sign up via AOL Keyword : beta. AOL are expecting to start supporting the service for all their broadband members shortly.


So I was semi-right. :)

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Guest Clarkey
I use AOL what do I need to do to make live work?



All credit goes to brainwashed from the xbox.com live forums for this piece of information. Thanks


To make AOL work you have to create a separate connection to the internet and stop using the connection AOL installs using its own software.


Here's how to do it.


There is now a graphical walkthrough of this set-up here:-


AOL Set up Help *


* When typing in your username and password, they need to be in lower case or it will not work apparently.


Or here are the text based instructions:-


1) Go to control panel - network connections


2) When in network connections click create new connection


3) When it asks you what to call the connection, call it Xbox.


4) When the wizard comes up click next - then connect to the internet then next


5) Then, set up connection manually followed by next


6) Choose option, connect using a broadband connection that requires a user name or password, next


7) For ISP name Type in AOL, next Then your screen name EG queen@aol.com (must be with the @aol.com) then your password,



8) Confirm it, then next and check add shortcut to desktop.


9) Now go to Network connections in Control Panel


10) Right click the new connection should appear ' AOL' (or whatever you named the connection i.e. Xbox) PPPOE, Under broadband, then select properties, go to the advanced tab check 'allow other network users to connect through this computers internet connection' then select the connection in the dropdown box e.g. Local area connection, then ok. now connect your crossover Ethernet cable to Xbox and PC.


Connect via the shortcut created on the desktop.


Make sure everything in your Xbox network settings are set to AUTOMATIC.


Credit to http://www.xbox.live.btinternet.co.uk.

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Guest Feenix

To put things as plain as possible. You have two options, you can use a router and connect this to your modem and Xbox. (This means you'll have to buy a router.)


Or, you can use the hub to hub method using a crossover ethernet cable. This is trickier as you need an ethernet slot on your computer, a CROSSOVER ethernet cable, and you need to enable internet connection sharing on your computer. (It will not work if you don't have a crossover ethernet cable!)


So, it's either; Buy a router, or, buy a crossover ethernet cable. Depending on the placement of your Xbox and PC you may have to get a router, as ethernet cables aren't usually more than 6 meters

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