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Biggest Video Game Hardman

Guest Zer0

hardest video game guy  

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  1. 1. hardest video game guy

    • Solid Snake (metal gear solid)
    • Kratos (God of War)
    • Tommy Verceti (GTA: Vice City)
    • Seperoph (Final Fantasy VII)
    • Sam Fisher (Tom Clansy's Splinter Cell)
    • Kazuya (Tekken)

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Muhammad Ali? Joe Frazier? Sonny Liston? Rocky Marciano? Ken Norton? Mike Tyson? Lennox Lewis? Joe Louis? George Foreman?


They were all in either Mike Tyson Boxing, Knockout Kings, or HBO Boxing.

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Any of the Jack series from Tekken, Heihachi Mishima also from Tekken, Duke Nukem, any big sod from fighting games really, Loads you could mention, many a lot better than the ones in the poll.
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Guest nWosSlave
Where in the hell is the Master Chief from Halo????? He's the biggest bad ass ever. He took down a whole Covenant fleet by himself, for crying out loud!
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Guest Evil Monkey
gotta agree with everyone here im afraid, i dont think the list is comprehensive enough!! Duke Nukem would have to be high up in the list, but the marine you play in Doom would top it i think. Just look at his facial expressions when shooting the enemy. class!!
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Guest Lord death

oh god where oh were is the real hardman kirby we need him he can do all sorts of things joking leve him alone he made his choises if you have a problem you make your own poll god of war is the best


You've been Fill-ified!


Please don't use text talk on the forums.



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Guest Anime Otaku
snake easy he got shot in the eye and still wouldnt talk

He wasn't shot a knife was used:)

Yeah there is ALOT of guys missing, what about Bruce Lee, the movie Dragon had a game.

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