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*** Official Raw Discussion Thread - 21st November 2005 ***

Guest MrFill

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With just one week before the Survivor Series pay-per-view, be sure to tune into RAW Monday night on the USA Network (9/8 CT) as Eric Bischoff and his Superstars come to you from the United Kingdom.


This week, Team SmackDown captain Batista leads his team of Randy Orton, JBL, Lashley & Rey Mysterio into RAW. What does The Animal's team have in store for their Survivor Series opponents? Watch RAW to find out.


Also, in what promises to be an instant mat classic, Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle will take on his former associate Shelton Benjamin in one-on-one action. Shelton broke into WWE under Angle's tutelage, but did Angle teach him everything he knows?

Source: WWE.com

Spoilers are allowed in this thread.

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The Raw house show here in Dublin was good here are the results will they be an indication of upcoming feuds?


Val Venis & Big Vis defeated Cade & Murdoch Venis pinned Cade after frogsplash


Chris Masters defeated Tajiri with Masterlock


Trish & Maria defeated Victoria & Michelle Trish pinned Vic with a northern lights suplex


Rob Conway defeated Shelton Benjamin with a roll up / holding ropes combo


Kane & Big Show defeated #1 contenders Tyson Tomko & Gene Snitsky

Kane pinned Snitsky via a chokeslam


HBK Shawn Micheals defeated Kurt Angle with Daviri via a counter roll up to the anklelock


Ric Flair defeated Carlito with the ff leglock


John Cena defeated #1 contender Triple H clean in a world title streetfight with the fU followed by a pinfall

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Guest Danny Styles
#1 contender Triple H


WHAT THE ****???

Kurt is the number one contender


i imagine Raw will be back to low ratings, **** storylines and below par programming... and Eddie won't be on the invading team

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Guest Slim Jim
below par programming


How can you say that when Shelton/Angle and Ric Flair/Murdoch are on the same card!


Flair/Murdoch - old school.

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Guest Kanenite
The same old RAW stage every year! I should think that they would change it slightly to maybe look more like the RAW set, but it is still decent and nice to see Jack flying high on both sides.
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Just got back it was ok Angle V Benjamin was good as was HBK V JBL, But the pop of the night i think was HHH's entrance, And i will be posting some pictures later


Nope just remembered the biggest pop was at the end when they play i lie, i cheat, i steal, With Big Dave holding a Eddie I'M your papi shirt (Which they sold out of in about 5 - 10 minutes after opening)

Edited by WAYNE
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MrFill's Now World Famous Rolling Write-Up.


Show opens with Frosty coming to the ring with HBK (in a suit), Masters in a red shirt (trying to get some reaction by coming out with other people), Carlito in his FANTASTIC~! t-shirt, Kane & Big Slow in their ring gear and titles.

Bisch talks about SD not turning up tonight, blah blah blah.

Show grabs the mic and gets mixed up, saying that he went to RAW, oops, covers himself, and says that if they hurt DAVE~! then oh well.

Grisg gets over-excited that JBL's limo is here - bigger reaction than the entry of the RAW SS team.

DAVE~! calls the RAW guys out to the parking lot - they decide to go out to meet them, even though Frosty is ordering them to return to the ring.


Cut to an advert break as Bisch looks annoyed.


Back from the break and the SD guys are waiting - JBL is especially ready in his pink shirt, yup, that's manly. :P

Here come the RAW guys, this is going to kick off~! or something.

Rey Rey looks REAL short beside the other guys.

Oh My God, it's a brawl - Show's head goes through a car window, Masters picks on the smallest guy there. Crash (off screen) and DAVE~! gets put "through" a car windscreen.


We hit another ad break and people are helping DAVE~! saying he has to go to the hospital - let's hope it's not a NHS one, or he'll never get seen. :P


We're back and Grish is sqeaking about him seeing DAVE~! being put through the windscreen of the car (which needs a tax disk, by the way) - Bisch says that you don't mess with RAW or something else pointless.


It's RIC FLAIR~~! coming to the ring in his flouncy robe. Out next is TREVOR F'N MURDOCK~! this guy is so Old School that I think he was born 20 years too late.

Damn, this should be a fun match. :D

We start off with some good old fashioned wrestling, Murdock shows he's the heel by flipping off the crowd, yup, he's a nasty guy, most certainly is.

Flair goes up top ready to be thrown off, but delivers a thumb to Murdock's eye, then gets caught on his way down.

Murdock is seriosly that cool that he doesn't even need to work out, he's just HARD~!

Trev goes up top, rolls down the knee pad as it'll do more damage that way, but he misses the knee drop - Flair works on the knee for a bit, misses the F4 setup.

Flair manages get the win with a cheap roll up. This should have been given at least 20 more minutes.

Coach does his best bit of commentary EVER~! as he mentions that we got an eyeful of something unexpected (Flair slipped out of the bottom of his trunks a little :P).

Murdock continues to complain to the ref all of the way to the back.


Trips is on-screen - he waffles about finishing what he started - it's a Last Man Standing at Survivor - another way for neither man having to lay down. :P


During the break, Rob Conway and Tajiri come out to the ring.


We return with the match "in progress" as JBL in his manly pink shirt has to come to the ring and kill them both. JBL gets a pop from the crowd.

So who are the heels in this show vs show feud? JBL gets cheered at RAW doesn't quite make any booking sense, but that's the crowd for you. :)

Bisch gets called an asshole by the crowd. :D

JBL wants Masters, but instead of killing the crowd, Frosty makes JBL vs HBK - Bradshaw leaves through the crowd as Bisch re-iterates that the match is later, yes it is.


During the break Kurt comes out and has a go at the crowd, saying that the UK idea of a World Class Athlete is someone who kicks a little ball and marries a Spice Girl - pretty much.


Back from the break and John Cena is on MadTV, pity that the UK won't get to see it, because you don't get it there.


Kurt comes out and they bleed out the You Suck, not to mention the commentary, so they shut up for a while.

By the way, Lillian is looking quite hot tonight.

Out comes Benjamin to a fair pop, and now Kurt's official referee, it's Daivari. :D He checks over Shelty for weapons and glances at Kurt.

Oh no, some actual wrestling, what next?

Sounds like "battling chants" with Let's Go Angle and Let's Go Shelton - wonder where they got the idea for that.

Kurt with a waist lock and Daivari keeps on asking if he wants to quit, because he's calling it Straight Down the Middle. :)

T-Bone attempt but Kurt blocks it, attempts a suplex, but Shelty reverses it into a neck breaker.

They tease the apron german suplex spot that AJ and Petey did at Genesis, but Shelty's not enough of a man to take it. :P

Back in and it's the Angle Lock! I wonder why more people don't roll through. He grabs the ropes, but Kurt drags him back as Daivari forgets to break the sub.

Shelty reverses it into a roll up, but Daivari rolls them over so that Kurt is on top. :D

Angle has an announcement which will change the face of teh Championship match...


Kurt mentions why he's associated with Daivari, he rips on Cena who gets booed - why would the English care if Daivari is a proud American?

Daivari is Kurt's official ref now, so he's now the ref at Survivor Series.

Cena is on-screen and gets a mixed reaction... He makes some insane reference to a ham sammich.

He busts into the women's dressing room - Maria is, well, Maria, Candice flashes him and he gets excited.

Funny line of the night from Cena, he wonders if the Divas suck or not.

Cena then walks in on Snitsky giving Tomko a shoulder massage - not gay at all, no, not at all - It's Not Snitsky's Fault. :D

Oooh, it's the Boogeyman, and he's coming to get ya - even Cena looks concerned.

OK, this is officially the funniest segment on RAW, EVER~!

Cena walks into the crowd for a CHEAP POP~! There's a HUGE-ASS belt in the crowd. He asks random idiots in the crowd who don't know what to do when a mic is put in front of them.

He asks what the crowd thinks of Kurt, and there are some Cena Sucks chants mixed in there. :D

Cena with another CHEAP POP~!

Kurt is nice enough to bump for Cena as he steams into the ring. A decidedly mixed reaction as Cena stands tall at the end.

Kurt backs up the ramp with Daivari.


Next we have HHH squashing Val Venis, well, it's announced that he's facing Venis, but we all know what it REALLY means.


We return from the break and HHH is coming out - he gets a fair sized pop. Funny how the fans are cheering the heels.

In a surprise move, Val gets an entrance. He's trying to get some revenge for his partner having the snot beaten out of him.

Val in control early - this won't last long - HHH with a STIFF chair shot and the bell rings for a DQ ending.

HHH with more chair shots and the guy with the bell seems to think that him ringing it will make a heel think "oooh, I had better stop now, the bell is ringing". :P

Pedigree and Val is "unconscious". Yup, he's laying there not moving, he's been beaten so badly by HHH.


Frosty is on his mobile phone when he's interruped by some bloke - Teddy is outside and we fade to another advert, well, a promo for the Undertaker's "unexpected" return.


During the break Teddy is speaking to Bisch - and one of the security has some SERIOUSLY bad hair, I mean, it's REALLY, REALLY bad!

JBL vs HBK is going to be a Lumberjack Match. 4 RAW and 3 SD as DAVE~! is out of action.


Oooh, it's an English pub, and some barmaids pulling pints - how exciting.


Candice is apparenlty in a match, but accompanied by Victoria - their entrance now includes a little kissy. :)

Her opponent is Mickie James, accompanied by Trish - no flouncy skirt this week, instead a little pale blue denim one.

Candice shows off her ability by doing the wiggle and laying on the ropes, Vicki distracts Mickie, but Mickie comes back and flashes her pale blue knickers.

Trish is abducted but the ref seems not bothered at all - Victoria gets a kick to the head of a distracted Mickie, so Candice steals the win.

How can they do that to somebody so cute? I just want to give Mickie a hug because she's so hyper. :D


On Unlimited Mickie goes hunting to try and find Trish.


Oooh, it's MNM - they abudcted Trish, because they're nasty heels - Melina vs Trish at Survivor Series, I suppose they have to mix it up a little. :)

They leave Trish laying and tied to a chair, so Baz gets some dirty thoughts - Jerry gets up from the announce desk to try to find Trish and "help her". You've got to worry about Trish's safety even more now. :D


After a SS line-up, they're back with Maria, she's interviewing HBK about his new book, but he wants to talk about the match tonight.


On Unlimited, Grish interviews Flair who rants and raves about the upcoming match. :)

His insanity is fantastic.


Back from the break, H.B.oldman comes out with his Survivor partners.

Ding Ding Ding Ding MOOOOOOOOOO~! and JBL's limo rolls out.

Here's the confusing thing - the limo arrives at the side of the staging, so the SD team walks around the back so that they can come down the ramp - wassup with that?

HBK jumps JBL before he can get his jacket off - HBK actually hits an Irish Whip - something is wrong in the Universe!

The match swings back and forth, the control going between both men.

JBL with the POUNCE-AH, but HBK kicks out at one.

More back and forth until HBK uses the Cactus Jack clothesline into SD territory - so they kindly lay some stomps into him. The RAW guys run around to save.


on Unlimited the match continues, lots of slow stuff and back and forthing.


HBK out into the SD guys again, more mugging and the RAW guys saunter around - you've got to wonder if they're concerned about HBK. :P

JBL gets a little bored, so he throws HBK back out into the SD guys - Masters doesn't even move to help save his captain - yup, that's support for you.

All goes back to being right in the Universe as HBK gets an Irish Whip reversed.

HBK starts a comeback and begins the Five Moves of Doom - the crowd are right behind him, he's just about to hit the Music but Orton with the save by pulling JBL out of the ring.

A dive onto Orton and JBL starts the comeback, byt JBL turns it around, another HBK whip is reversed and Shawn does his stupid corner flip thing.

JBL goes up with Shawn for the superplex, but HBK stops it, Orton pushes Shawn off of the top ropes and they're both down.

JBL is first up, misses the CFH, RKOs all round, Show GORE, Kane takes out Lashley and Rey, Lashley back and tries for his finisher on Show, but he takes the Kronik Chokeslam.

Here's DAVE~! with a lead pipe, he clears house, Spine Buster on Show.

He's MAJORLY taped, but not sure if he'll be able to work.


And the show closes at 11:05 again, no more over-runs then.

Edited by MrFill
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Guest wisdom27



I don't mean to sound negative on my first real post, but I don't think much of RAW this evening. I'm glad I went to the non-taped show in Manchester, actually. I'm not sure how easy it is to keep up with the storyline if you're actually in the arena. I think the storyline is pretty poor this evening, it's too obvious that they're promoting survivor series. Is that a PPV? I think I'll give that one a miss.


The Manchester show was fantastic

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Hehehe, worst storyline ever - Trish is "kidnapped" as the security guards wave the kidnappers forward, then Trish is "where nobody will find her", well apart from the cameraman, the soundman and the millions of viewers on TV. It was as bad as Warrior appearing in Hogans mirror...
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One thing I have to admit is that I actually enjoyed a Cena segment. Well, up until he went out into the crowd anyways. caught my first glimpse of the Boogeyman... yeah.
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Well i liked Raw, it sounds a lot better though when you're not reading it from Mr Fills comments. It isn't that funny anymore, many will disagree with me but thats my opinion.


Overall, a good show i think, the Cena segment was good but only because of the situation with Snitsky and Tomko, is this meant to be another gay couple tag team coming through or is that the only sort of humour they can get out of John Cena.

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