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Yeah, you guessed it. Another league. Im not going to bother saying "Oh this is da best, it will never flop like all da others" because it probably will. Anyway, pick 2 wrestlers. It's Shut Your Mouth.


Al Snow -

Albert -

Big Show - wyndorf

Big Valbowski - Chris2k

Billy Gunn - Slim Jim

Billy Kidman -

Booker T - Rey Mysterio

Bradshaw - cenarules

Brock Lesnar - proudy

Bubba Ray Dudley -

Chris Benoit - PHIZZLE

Chris Jericho - Weeski

Christian - Rey Mysterio

Chuck Palumbo - Slim Jim

DDP - Brick

D Von -

Eddie Guerrero - WWE

Edge - RaNdY_RKO

Farooq -

Goldust - Darkstar

Harcore Holly - Big Craig

Hulk Hogan - WWE

The Hurricane -

Jeff Hardy - ahsatan


Kevin Nash - Kurtmark

Kurt Angle - ahsatan

Lance Storm - Kanenite4ever

Matt Hardy - wyndorf

Mark Henry - Chris2k

Maven - cenarules

Orton - Kurtmark

Raven -

Rhyno - RaNdY_RKO

Ric Flair - Brick

Rico - Darkstar

Rikishi - Y2James

RVD - Weeski

The Rock - MrFill

Scotty 2 Hotty -

Shawn Michaels - 2 hottie

Shawn Stasiak - Y2James

Spike Dudley -

Steve Austin - MrFill

Tajiri -

Tazz -

Test - Kanenite4ever

Triple H - 2 hottie

Undertaker - proudy

William Regal -

X Pac - Big Craig

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