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Banned X-Box Ad

Guest Popsi

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It wasn't banned, actually. They just decided not to use it for TV, and put it online allowing it to spread. It's called "Viral Marketing", and that's coming from a unversity student of marketing who was close to a First in Strategic Marketing Management, which is based all around what forms of media to advertise with.


I've seen it on a lot of other sites where people say "OMG WHY WAS IT BANNED??!!". Microsoft thought it would be more effective to spread it around the internet rather than on TV, but the fact that people think it's banned is only going to make it more popular.


Also, it was funnier when Spaced did it. :)

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Spaced sucked monkey chops.


Thanks for showing off your superior knowledge russ, i feel ever so stupid now. Oh wait I don't actually as i don't need to belittle others.

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Think i'll pass thanks, generally not too keen on getting my kicks from treating others like idiots. Just all seems rather pathetic, y'know as if people that do need to validate themselves in some way, as if maybe they're lacking in other areas.
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I don't need validation. I'm extremely validated. In fact, I'm so validated I should stay in Valladolid because it's probably Spanish for something to do with vallidation. Which I have lots of.


I just think that people who get carried away and believe things should be told as soon as possible, and the more they're embaressed, the less likely they are to believe something the next time.


It's a system that has yet to fail me. :xyx

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Ah right so until we're told otherwise by you , everything we believe is wrong? Right just so i know in future ill make sure that whenever i believe something ill check with you so that im not wrong, and i don't continue believeing it and therefore embrarrasing myself.


Wow im so glad that you're there to make sure that everything we know has been approved by yourself first. It makes it much easier if i don't have to think for myself.

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Popsi, Russ, can't we all just get along?


By the way, It wasn't my wooo!, i didn't get that.

Uhmm if you saw the commercial, they shoot each others with their hands simulating real guns. So wooo said (BANG) as if he fired a gun and the next person to post, wich in this case it was you (Rey) was dead.


Get it ?

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