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EWR tips and tricks?

Guest Devilish Angel

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Guest Devilish Angel

I have decided to give EWR another go, after my last disastrous attempt. So basically is there any tips and tricks that people can give me?


Thanks :wub

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Guest Wolverine

Give Coach a main event push.


Seriously, just push guys according to their strengths. If he has lots of charisma but isn't a great wrestler, give him lots of interviews to get him over. If he's a great wrestler but doesn't have high charisma, have him wrestle to get him over. Make the best use of feuds, make sure everyone is signed to a written contract (if you can) and just make certain that your booking makes sense.


P.S - Seriously, put the title on Coach.

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Don't have too big a roster. People will get unhappy, you'll end up with far too many people competing for too few spaces at the top of the card and it'll cost you a fortune to keep a roster the size of WWE's. The optimum roster size for me for any promotion above national is exactly the amount of names that can fit on the display on the left. If you have some spaces underneath the list of names, sign some people. If you have more names and you need a scroll bar to see your entire roster, release some people.


Basically, just keep using talented wrestlers with similar stats. They'll work well together, put on a good match, improve each other's overness and generally make your job easier.


Tag feuds are a great way of getting everyone over. If you fill a card with a tag team feud, with at least one promo, a run in attack, a singles match followed by a run in and save from the other partners, stuff like that, you can simulate an entire feud within a couple of weeks. End it soon afterwards with a gimmick match and all 4 men will gain lots of overness.


These are the main things to look at. Try to get as many people as you can under written contracts, because anyone on an open contract will cost you a fortune if you're using them several times a month. As long as your finances look good and you gain in public image each week, you'll easily shoot up to become the biggest promotion in the land. That's the main reason I stopped playing EWR, it got too easy. Within 6 months, you can go from a cult promotion to verging on being the biggest company in the world if you keep using feuds to get workers extra overness, at a much higher rate than the AI can. It's not unusual (said Tom Jones) to have 9 or 10 members of your roster sitting at 95+ overness if they've got good charisma and have decent wrestling skills. Once you get to that stage, with your smaller roster, your average overness will slaughter any rivals, sending you flying to the top of the business while anyone who competes against you will lose PI drastically.


Good luck, you won't need it. :)


Also, don't cheat with the file editor. It's like the people who would boast about winning the European Cup with Man Utd in Championship Manager after setting player 2 as Real Madrid and selling the vast majority of the squad to themselves for £100,000 or something. If you have to cheat at a game as easy as EWR, you should take up something less challenging like eating with cuttlery or kicking a Coke can down the road without falling over.

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File Editor > Arsenic Editor


with file editor you edit it and play the game, if you lose one of your superstars then thats it you've lost him, which is what its like in real life, if you use Arsenic Editor then there's no point in playing the game because if suddenly a superstar leaves you can get him back straight away even if he left on bad terms, Arsenic editor is not your friend.

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