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WWF No Mercy Simulation


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No Mercy

He Kicked Out, He Kicked Out!!!!!!!


This is TPIB's WWF No Mercy (Nintendo 64) Simulation Game. Here is the current roster for all of you to choose from(superstars in bold represent a character that makes many appearances, italics represents a character that makes some appearances and underlined represents rare appearances):


WWF No Mercy Roster

(not in alphabetical order)

WWF Champion: Triple H-TGO

Intercontinental Champion: Chris Benoit

European Champion: Al Snow

Hardcore Champion: Crash Holly-TGO (defeated Steve Blackman)

Light Heavyweight Champion: Dean Malenko- Drake

Tag Team Champions: Edge-SonicShadow & Christian-SonicShadow


Shane McMahon- cenarules

Scotty 2 Hotty-SonicShadow

Grand Master Sexay- Fletch

Eddie Guerrero-TGO

Bradshaw- SonicShadow


Mark Henry

Steve Blackman-wyndorf

Al Snow- Rey Mysterio

The Rock-TGO


Steven Richards (RTC)- Fletch



D'Lo Brown- 2hottie

Perry Saturn

The Godfather

Val Venis- cenarules

TAKA Michinoku- Big Craig

Funaki- Drake

Hardcore Holly

Crash Holly-TGO

Tazz- Fletch

Rikishi- Mr. Fill

Dean Malenko- Drake

The British Bulldog- Mr. Fill

Vince McMahon-Da Pimpsta

Big Boss Man-wyndorf

Mick Foley- Fletch

Ken Shamrock- Da Pimpsta

Andre The Giant- cenarules

Shawn Michaels- PHIZZLE


Triple H-TGO

Chris Benoit-Mr. Fill

X-Pac- Drake

Bubba Ray Dudley-wyndorf

D-Von Dudley-wyndorf

"Road Dogg" Jesse James-wyndorf

"Mr. A**" Billy Gunn- Drake

Test- Fletch

Stone Cold Steve Austin- PHIZZLE

Chris Jericho- Big Craig

Mankind-Mr. Fill

Kurt Angle-PHIZZLE

Viscera- Big Craig

Cactus Jack-Mr. Fill

Essa Rios- cenarules

Matt Hardy- Da Pimpsta

Jeff Hardy- Da Pimpsta

Dude Love- Big Craig

The Undertaker- PHIZZLE

Bull Buchanan- cenarules


Pat Patterson- Big Craig

Gerald Brisco



No Mercy

King of the Ring


Survivor Series

Royal Rumble










Specialty Match (Cage, Ladder, Ironman, etc.) Win- 6 pts.

Hardcore, Normal, or No DQ Match Win- 3 pts.

2-on-1 (as member of team) Handicap Match- 1 pt.

1-on-2 (superstar alone) Handicap Match- 5 pts.

Tag Team Win- 2 pts. each

Royal Rumble Win- 30 pts.

King of the Ring- 7 pts. for winning, 6 for making it to the Finals, & 5 for making it to the Semi-finals


Points: Losses**:

Specialty Match Loss- Deduction of 6 pts.

Normal, Hardcore, or No DQ Loss- 0 pts.

2-on-1 (as member of team) Handicap Match- Deduction of 2 pts.

1-on-2 (superstar alone) Handicap Match Loss- 0 pts.

Tag Team Match Loss- Deduction of 2 pts. each

Royal Rumble Loss- Depends on when you get eliminated: 1'st eliminated- Deduction of 12 pts.; last eliminated- addition of 20 pts., etc. ,etc. etc.



*Point values are doubled when a title match is won by pin or submission


**Twice as many points will be taken away in a loss by pin or submission in a title match




Pick your characters, NOW!!!!! Before someone beats you to the good ones, game will start when all characters are taken, a member can have a maximum of 5 picks. Trades are welcome.

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Off the top, Congratulations are in order for TGO: Crash Holly defeated Steve Blackman to become the WWF Hardcore Champion! Here are the current point standings, I went ahead and started the game and 'unowned' characters will start w/ a certain number of points, pending if they won or lost that could be an advantage or disadvantage.


1) Steve Blackman (wyndorf)- 10 pts. for 2 successful defenses of the Hardore Title against Crash Holly & Kurt Angle, but lost to Crash Holly in 3'rd defense (6+6-2=10)


2) WWF Champion: Triple H (TGO)- 6 pts. for successful title defense against Steven Richards


3) NEW Harcore Champion: Crash Holly (TGO)- 4 pts. for one lost Hardcore title shot and for one won Hardcore title shot (-2+6=4)


4) Kurt Angle (PHIZZLE)- Neg. 2 pts. for unsuccessful Hardcore title shot.


5) Steven Richards (unowned)- Neg. 2 pts. for unsuccessful WWF title shot.



If your character did not appear, then you remain at 0 pts.


Currently, TGO & wyndorf are tied at the lead w/ 10 pts.


Please, feel free to let me know if my numbers are off.

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That being said:

Rey Mysterio- You have Al Snow; Tazz, Test, & Essa Rios are already taken, please pick suitable replacements.


2 hottie- You have D'Lo Brown; Essa Rios, Edge, Test, & Shane McMahon have been taken. Pick replacements.



You can make trades, but you can't take someone's superstar w/out a star to trade with.

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