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Overall view of wrestling this year

The Fury

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match of the year - AJ vs Daniels vs Joe.


feud of the year - RAW vs SD. I liked the build - pity they're messing it up with Show's Face/Heel thing.


face of the year - Mickie James - I loves me some Mickie in her little skirts. :)


heel of the year - Joe for his recent stuff.


best gimmick this year - Mr Kennedy's entrance... Kennedy.


best pay per view - erm, one of the earlier TNA ones, can't think of it's name now.


best promotion this year - ROH - more wrestling, less rubbish.

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match of the year: Low Ki v Lethal (Battle without honor)


feud of the year: Gen-Next v Embassy


face of the year: AJ Styles (TNA & RoH)


heel of the year: Jimmy Rave (ROH)


best gimmick this year: Kennedy


best pay per view: TNA Turning Point


best promotion this year: RoH (That damn good)




Had to edit my post, Jack reminded me of Rave who has been in great feuds with Punk, Styles, and Generation Next this year.

Edited by Fidel Cashflow
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Match of the year - James Gibson (Noble) vs Roderick Strong is definetly up there. better than Joe vs Kobashi easily in my opinion. Just saw it last night, and I can't think of anything else that beats it. Looking forward to seeing AmDrag againgst Gibson though from Glory by Honor 4, which should beat it, on paper anyway. Great match.


Feud of the year - Probably Ric Flair vs Triple H for me. Loved every minute of it, and the matches were brilliant aswell. Triple H almost back to his best really, and Flair's best matches since the Mid 90's easily.


Face of the year - I'm struggling to think of anyone in ths. I'd proabbly go with Gibson again though. He's had a brilliant year in RoH, and done some great face work, that no-one in my mind has beaten.


Heel of the year - Low Ki or Jimmy Rave. Low Ki has been the better heel, yet Rave gets serious amounts of heat - a lot more than Ki. Very, very few wrestlers couldturn up in RoH and get that reaction, unless they were appalling in the ring. RoH fans cheer good wrestlers (See Homicide), and although Rave is no Danielson, the fans don't boo him because he can't go. He gets huge amounts of heat, so probably him.

Ki in his matches againgst Lethal had a fearsome aura about him. Double stomp's all over the place - It looked like Ki wanted to kill Jay, and that was brillaint entertainment. Ki's heel ability + Ki's intensity = Gold.


Best gimmick this year - not a clue. I'll probably think of what soon, so for the meantime....Kennedy. It's a decent character that has caught on.


Best pay per view - If we include RoH, then Manhattan Mayhem, although it wasn't on Pay Per View. Top to bottom, was full of entertaining matches, the likes of you don't see in TNA or WWE. Fantastic. If not, then probably Royal Rumble for me. Had a brilliant match involving Randy Orton and Triple H, and the rest of the card wasn't too bad either.


Best promotion this year - It's a no brainer for me. RoH. When you watch an RoH show, you expect quality wrestling, and that's what you get. The best year in RoH history, and with more and more proper feuds, it's must see really. I have very few faults with the company, unlike msot other companies. Them other companies, just lack in areas where RoH excell at, which is why it's head and shoulders over everything else.

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Guest SuperKick Kid

match of the year: Shawn Micheals vs Kurt Angle


feud of the year: Shawn Micheals vs Kurt Angle


face of the year: Shawn Micheals


heel of the year: Shawn Micheals

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Have you gone insane?

Yeah, sorry, I messed that up. I wrote a bit extra, ended up deleting it, then forgot to sort it out.


EDIT: Actually, I think I just f*cked up :)

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match of the year: Shawn Micheals vs Kurt Angle


feud of the year: Shawn Micheals vs Kurt Angle


face of the year: Shawn Micheals


heel of the year: Shawn Micheals

Don't happen to like Shawn a bit, do you? :D

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Match of the year


From what I've seen? In the US? AJ v Daniels in the 30 minute Ironman for the X-Divison Title...


Feud of the year - The three way fuedd between Joe, Daniels and Styles in TNA... Or Generation Next v The Embassay in RoH


Face of the year - AJ Styles in TNA, Samoa Joe in RoH and in the WWE... meh, who cares?


Heel of the year - Christopher Daniels, the man is just a clinic of heel antic greatness...


Best gimmick this year - Probably Joe's 'I'm a tough b**tard and I want repect and gold in RoH and TNA. It's as real as it gets as far as gimmicks go...


Best pay per view - Wrestlemania XXI, the scale and the matches it offered can't be matched by any other promotion... yet...


Best promotion this year - A tie between RoH and TNA really... But the next RoH shows with Danielson v Marufuji for the RoH Strap and Low Ki v KENTA for the GHC Jr belt may nudge RoH past them...

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Guest FreeSpirit

Match Of The Year: AJ Styles Vs Christopher Daniels Vs Samoa Joe


Feud Of The Year: Rey Mysterio Vs Eddie Guerrero


Face Of The Year: Dave Batista


Heel Of The Year: Kurt Angle


Best Gimmick Of The Year: Ken Kennedy


Best Pay Per View: Wrestlemania 21 or ECW One Night Stand


Best Promotion: WWE

Say what you will about their crappy storylines or horrible champions, but at the end of the day they're still the biggest wrestling company out there

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Match Of The Year: AJ Styles Vs Christopher Daniels Vs Samoa Joe at Unbreakable.


Feud Of The Year: HBK vs Hogan


Face Of The Year: AJ


Heel Of The Year: Christopher Daniels


Best Gimmick Of The Year: Boogeyman.:D


Best Pay Per View: Wrestlemania 21 and the Royal Rumble.


Best Promotion:TNA

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Guest ReyChampion

match of the year - AJ/Daniels, international showdown = brill show completed by the best match britain has seen, and the atmosphere in the building was electric.


feud of the year - raw/smackdown = dominated wwe shows and provided some entertaining moments.


face of the year - AJ or HBK = both provoke huge reactions where ever they are and seem to have that special connection with the crowd.


heel of the year - Kurt Angle = full stop, been on a role since switching shows, has to win the belt, cena and bastitia aren't worthy.


best gimmick this year - don't know


best pay per view - International Showdown =for me because i haven't seen TNA's recent collection of PPV's and WWE ones are to inconsistant this year, and its the greatest card/line up i've ever seen live.


best promotion this year - TNA or ROH = ROH gets better and better, while TNA has a real chance to help the wrestling industry by growing even bigger.

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Guest Hoffmeister

99% of wrestling I have seen this year has been WWE, so despite me naming my favourites there is certainly better stuff out-there.


match of the year - Kurt Angle vs Shawn Michaels Wrestlemania 21


feud of the year - Randy Orton vs The Undertaker


face of the year - Eddie Guerrero/Shawn Michaels


heel of the year - Shawn Michaels


best gimmick this year - Kerwin Whites racist gimmick


best pay per view - none, they have all been terrible


best promotion this year - Certainly not WWE


Diva of the year - Melina, she has been great


Biggest loss of character of the year - Trish Stratus, she is terrible as a face and the exact opposite when she is heel.


Newcomer of the year - Mickie James


The most needed heel turn of the year - Stacy Keibler/John Cena

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Guest Al Stevens

match of the year AJ Styles Vs Chris Daniels at the internation showdown. Like what Rey Champion said it was one of the best main events I have seen all year. Also the whole Crowd was hot and brought into the match. Other good matches was CM punk vs Samao Joe at showdown as well, Colt Cabana vs Austin Aries in the Cage match in ROH


bfeud of the year I Will go with Raw Vs Smackdown lets face it from the build up from Royal Rumble to now... It actually at times made what was a pretty poor WWE year seem intresting


face of the year I think that either AJ Styles has been pretty good as a super Face in this year. Also i think Lance Hyot has been pretty good as well he seems over with the crowd and has seems to be good for a big man


heel of the year Daniels was a great heel for me in TNA with Mr TNA. WWE wise i think the top heel was Angle by a mile and for ROH Jimmy Rave


best gimmick this year The Boogieman for a shadow of a doubt. He actually is very good and the same for ken Kennday


best pay per view TNA Bound for Glory, ECW one night stand TWC International Showdown


best promotion this year I think ROH has been consitance all year round with some good shows on the Wrestling channel also i think TNA has improved alot as well over the past 12 months. Also i think the UK's own Future championship Wrestling has done some good shows and have had some great matches as well and those guys can only improve as well

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match of the year-I can't possibly choose one so i'll name the three of the top of my head which are Edge vs HBK in a street fight on Raw,American Dragon vs Spanky at Best Of American Super Juniours and Spanky,James Gibson & Nigel Mcguiness vs Samoe Joe,American Dragon & Vordell Walker.


feud of the year-It's a tie between Homicide and American Dragon & Jimmy Rave vs Cm Punk,they both ended with cage matches and both produced great matches but the finish of Punk vs Rave sneeks it for me.


face of the year-John Cena earlier this year,i certainly don't like the guy but at the start of 2005 he was more over than the entire TNA roster added together.


heel of the year-Jimmy Rave purely because the fans seemed to hate him so much for a guy who's pretty good in the ring,and the heat he got in Chicago is what JBL dreams of at nights.


best gimmick this year-Hulk Hogan he is the Ultimate gimmick and love him or hate him he will always be the biggest star in wrestling history.


best pay per view-Well my favourit event is either ROH Trios Tournament or Best Of American Super Juniours,but PPV wise it has to be TNA Lockdown.


Best promotion this year-In America? ROH, but in Japan i'm starting to like AJPW.

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Guest Citizen Kane

Match of the year - I'm not too sure about this one. The Royal Rumble match was great this year, entertaining and unpredictable (to an extent).


Feud of the year - HBK vs Hogan. This was one of the mor eentertaining feuds of the year, with a fantastic showing from Michaels. Produced a pretty good match at the end of it.


Face of the year - Batista. He's done very well this year to become a credible world champion, and has shown you don't need to wear the home towns sports jersey or jump into the crowd to be over.


Heel of the year - I'll go for Eddie. Made the feud with Rey watchable and did great at the start of the Batista feud.


Best gimmick this year - Fine, I'll go for Kennedy........................Kennedy. Fresh face on Smackdown, entertaining, plus he can wrestle.


Best pay per view - I'll go for Summerslam. I just enjoyed it the most out of the big 4 in 2005. Good matches and a great crowd, well worth £15.

Although, If TNA was up to date this year, then it would probobally be one of their events.


Best promotion this year - TNA. I don't know a TNA PPV that has dissapointed this year. Great year for them getting a new tv deal and signings such as Christian and The Dudley's.

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match of the year Shawn Michaels VS Kurt Angle (Wrestlemania 21), Glad Angle won


feud of the year None what so ever


face of the year AJ Styles


heel of the year The entire creative team for giving us THAT year (in WWE)


best gimmick this year Ken Kennedy, turning into a big fan.


best pay per view ECW One Night Stand


best promotion this year TNA, could (IMO, still, probably not) go far.

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Guest Danny Styles

match of the year: HBK vs Kurt at WM21.. my favourite match for years


feud of the year.. Rey vs Eddie.. dodgy storyline but well done


face of the year.... Christian :D


heel of the year.... Kurt Angle


best gimmick this year.... Samoa Joe's unstoppable gimmick


best pay per view.... got to be WM21


best promotion this year.. TNA.. come a long way.. terrible year for WWE


this is for all promotions and not just wwe.. well duh :D

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Match of the year: Toss up between HHH/Flair at the SS and HBK/Angle 2


feud of the year: Taker/Orton


face of the year: Eddie Guerrero


heel of the year: Christian


best gimmick this year: JBL


best pay per view: Summerslam


best promotion this year: WWE Smackdown

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feud of the year: Taker/Orton


best gimmick this year: JBL


best promotion this year: WWE Smackdown


Must've been a pretty crap year, whenever this happened:? :? :?

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