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SD VS RAW PSP Elimination League~!

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First of all please accept my apology for the other league dying, my PS2 broke down.


This league will be a little different to the norm for Two reasons.


Firstly it's not a league it's a 64 (wo)man elemination tournament.


Second it is a prize tournament, thanks to my GF who works in Game Ireland I have managed to bag a prize.


The winner gets a copy of SD VS Raw for the PS2.*


(*Alternative game will be available if winner has SD VS Raw)


Due to the fact this is a prize game strict rules will be enforced so listen close.


1.There will be Two leagues running at the same time both featuring 32 wrestlers obviously this will work uner normal elemination rules. Winners advance so 32 will be wittled down to 16 then 8. Here however is where it gets intresting the final 8 of both brackets will then be paired up in one last bracket of 16.


2.The same wrestlers will be eligable in both brackets so if your favourite is gone in one group pick him in the other. In the event that the final 16 contains the same wrestler twice both people who have said wrestler will be asked to pick another as a sub.


2a.Pick one wrestler & one only


3.Obviously the winner must provide me with a mailing address. This address will be sent via E-mail (not pm) & will not be shared or re-used in anyway. If you do not wish to give me an address you can still enter & forfiet the prize if you win.


4.Every match will be best of...


64(round one)=best of 3

32(Round Two)=best of 5

16(Round Three)=Also best of 5


16(last 8 of both groups)=best of 7

8(Quater Finals)=also best of 7

4(Semi Finals)=best of 9

2(Final)=Best of 11


5. This will be interactive, I will pair everybody up by writing names down & picking them out of a box. Then every match will be voted on by you. (Only vote if you are in the league.)


For an example of what that means.


Best of Three Series Booker T VS RVD


I post Four possible match types & you vote which type ALL the matches in the series will be. eg if ladder wins the vote all three matches will be ladder matches. Warning do not vote in any match involving your wrestler if you do so you may be asked to leave the game.


6.Good luck first come first served.

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