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Which was better the Megadrive or Megadrive 2?

Guest MojoPogo

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Guest MojoPogo

In one of the most pointless, yet absorbing arguments i've ever had, i've just spent about 30 minutes arguing why the 1st megadrive was better than the 2nd (pointless cos all it was was an updated shell!) and also why the name Genesis (american name for the megadrive) was better still!!! It also turned into a nostalgia fest of favourite megadrive moments.


So lets see whose a: old enough/sober enough to remember and b: what everybody's opinion is on the name and also they're favourite mega moments (for reasons of brevity/cheese factor!).


My top 10 moments are:

1. After 3 years waiting, bringing home Sonic and hearing that "SAY-GA".....spine tingling stuff.....

2. Actually completing Revenge of Shinobi on hard mode.......MOTHER OF BOD, was that tough!

3. Altered Beasts completely rubbish speech! "Wise fwom your gwave and wescue my doughta...." comedy gold, and the only good thing about this pile of crap......

4. Sensible Soccer - just full stop. Cannot tell you how many lost hours were spent hammering this game, and laughing at the silly names of the players in the comedy teams....

5. Streets of Rage - and THAT boss music........

6. The six button joypad - EXACTLY the arcade layout for Streefighter 2! Brilliant!

7. Micro Machines multiplayer - oh my god, how me an my mates survived this is beyond me, such was the intensity and cheapness of the competition...

8. Getting my first 24 meg cart - back when these things were actually promoted as being important (it was Eternal Champions, pretty damn smart actually)and thinking WHOO HOO! This was a time when 8 meg carts were the norm and 16 meg were considered "premium quality".

9. Streets of Rage 2 - again, mega anticipation and for once my expectations were exceeded. Particularly loved playing as Max who was bigger and stronger than most boss characters....

10. Actually winning a "janken" match in Alex Kidd! BRILLIANT!


Well, thats mine, anybody else have any particularly memorable, doesnt HAVE to be ten mind! I just had too many i wanted to share!

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Oh man, the MegaDrive owns the MegaDrive 2! Actually has a headphone socket with volume control!


Streets of Rage, awesome game! Being able to play as Papa Shango on Wrestlemania, it made up for a shockingly bad game....... Quack Shot, a Disney platformer starring Donald Duck, was actually really good. Sonic! As you mentioned, Micro Machines, that's gotta be due a proper update. Brilliant!

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I loved them both equally. Remember the block of cheese type thign they lodged in the "tape" for Fifa 90' something. Streets of Rage is my all time favourite game for ANY console. Also, "Golden Axe" was a great game.


In all, both were great consoles.

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Guest MojoPogo
Admittedly the Megadrive 2 was more portable, but to me the original still owns all, except the Dreamcast. Golden Axe was awesome! golden axe 2 sucked ass though. Everytime you hit someone it sounded like a puke noise! Its was cack! Another classic Megadrive title? Gun Star heroes....
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Guest The Genetic Jackhammer
Yeah the Megadrive was brillant, I have a plug in console thingy that has some of the games you guys have been mentioning like Golden Axe and Altered Beast.I loved Fifa 94 and there was a certain spot near the edge of the box where you could score everytime, I also loved all sonice games especially Sonic & Knuckles, Micro Machines, Streets of rage and too many others that cant think of right now.
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Guest DarkMatchJobber

My favourite Sega Genesis/Megadrive games


1) Sonic The Hedgehog


2) Golden Axe


3) Streets Of Rage 2


4) Evander Holyfield Boxing


5) Fifa 96

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Sensi Soccer was OK, but the Amiga version was far superior ;)


Loved Streets of Rage, Cool Spot, Madden, Desert Strike, Mega Bomberman, Rainbow Islands... I could go on...

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Guest rawiswar

They are both the same pretty much, same hardware, only difference is a new design, and a few things were cut from the MegaDrive2 to cut production costs.


So... A pretty pointless discussion to be honest, no offence.


But yeah, I had the original, loved the Sonic games. The MegaDrive was a great console.

Edited by rawiswar
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Guest Thirteen

The same console as someone has already pointed out, but I'll have to go with two as that's the one I had.

I've never EVER had a happier b'day or Christmas(apart from Go-Karting) then the Christmas my Mum got me a Megadrive 2.


Sonic&Knuckles... What a great concept, it was a game on it's own and also turned the first three Sonic games into a completely new dimesion!

Great stuff.


Streets Of Rage 1&2: One of the greatest Multi-Player, Platform, Beat-um-ups EVER. Period... The music and sound effects are just CLASSIC.


Earthworm Jim!!!!!!!


Golden Axe: Sencond only to SOR...


Street Fighter Special Championship Edition!


Eternal Fighters: Six Button Joy, I found it profoundly harder then SF!


The FIFA series... I remember that spot where you could always score too!


Dammit... I'm going to do some hunting this week. I want my SEGA back!!


Quack Shot, a Disney platformer starring Donald Duck, was actually really good.!
I had that on my Game Gear(remember that?) In colour but drained batteries very quickly!


Micro Machines, that's gotta be due a proper update. Brilliant!
There is one it's on the PS2... Same format and everything. Just with updated graphics. Edited by Paul
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