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Look what I found! It came out in 1989, I have never heard of it before! it was for Arcades!


Also this: WW'F' WrestleFest: http://www.gamespot.com/arcade/sports/wwfwrestlefest/index.html?q=wwf


Screens (WW'F' Superstars): http://www.rainemu.com/games/game/wwfsstar/

Screens (WW'F' WrestleFest): http://www.rainemu.com/games/game/wwfwfsta/


I'm trying to get them on my PC, I'll let you know if you want later.

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Yup, I've heard of, seen and played these before. :P What class games they are, Wrestlefest is a masterpiece. I have the version of Superstars they brought out for GameBoy aswell, Superstars 1 + 2. They Own the later GameBoy games (Attitude, WM2000 etc). You can easily get Wrestlefest onto your PC if you wish, you can either get it as a stand alone PC game, or on a MAME emulator. Either way it's recommended, though via Emulator, not entirely legal. :xyx
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When I was 14 we used to go down to Folkestone and pump money into WrestleFest all day, they had it on one of those old sit down machines where 4 of you could play, absolute quality game. I also had it on my old PC, as well as Superstars on the arcade emulator mane.
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Guest MojoPogo
Wrestlefest! How awesome was that game? It STILL stands up today! I used to love those animated poses! Bloody hated fighting The Executioner though.......
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