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**OFFICIAL** TWO Royal Rumble 2006 Contest (60 Players, 2 Prizes) - UK RESIDENTS ONLY


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Thanks to the great people at Silvervision we can offer a NEW Royal Rumble contest!


How it works?


If you want to take part, all you have to do is reply to this thread!


You choose the number you want in the Rumble, once 30 people have replied, no more entries will be allowed.


If your wrestler wins then you win the contest and a random DVD thanks to Silvervision!


The DVD will be one of the ones listed here as part of the Royal Rumble PPV Chat.


Easy or what!


The normal rules apply, such as only open to residents of the UK, and not if you're Vince McMahon!


Should there be any problems with the final winner, Kam's decision is final!


Remember only the first 30 people will be allowed to enter!




1. Kris Godsize

2. hulkster

3. Jono


5. daz2005

6. MartynJ

7. porridge

8. Christof

9. Wyndorf

10. Colin

11. Sav

12. Jack

13. latz

14. Devilish Angel

15. TGO

16. PowerSlam

17. Citizen Kane

18. Dan

19. Telf

20. Mr. Perfect

21. Slim Jim

22. ahsatan

23. Kam

24. The Wolverine

25. Prototype

26. HTFCacc2004

27. Figure 4

28. Danny Styles

29. Dave7g

30. Coach is God


PS: I'm running this on behalf of Darkstar, who is currently away from the forums with PC trouble. I, being a bitch, have changed his rules slightly. Continue.

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