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*** Official WWE Royal Rumble 2006 Thread ***


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PPV Quiz and Chat


WWE Royal Rumble PPV Quiz And Chat- Sunday 29th January




Join us on Sunday 29th January from 9pm UK time for the Royal Rumble PPV Quiz and Chat in the TWO Chatroom.


Due to the success of Wrestling Radio in the past few weeks, the quiz is going to be moved to 9pm and the PPV chat from 10pm until 1am. This will allow participants to concentrate on the quiz without being distracted by the dulcet tones of Colin and Draven's voices.


PPV Quiz


The Quiz will take place from 9pm-10pm in the Quiz Room. The table hasn't been updated, but the link below contains all you need to know about how the quiz procedure works.




Quiz participants will be tested on their knowledge of all kinds of wrestling topics, but special attention should be paid to the history of previous Royal Rumble events. Russ will be asking the questions this Sunday, so don't expect an easy ride.


Anyone can take part in the quiz, you do not need to register, just turn up in the Quiz Room at 9pm (UK Time).


PPV Chat


The PPV Chat will take place after the quiz, from 10pm to 1am (UK Time). Talk to fellow TWO users about the PPV, and give your thoughts on each match! Who will win the Royal Rumble and begin the Road To Wrestlemania? Can Kurt Angle defeat Mark Henry? Will Edge retain against John Cena? Discuss it in the TWO Chatrooms!




On Sunday night, a question will be asked. If you get it right, you could be walking away with ONE OF THREE BRAND SPANKIN' NEW DVDs, courtesy of our friends at SilverVision! Up for grabs are three random titles from the following list-


Royal Rumble 1989 and 1990

Royal Rumble 1991 and 1992

Royal Rumble 2003

Royal Rumble 2004

Royal Rumble 2005


Interested? OF COURSE YOU ARE! IT'S ANOTHER FREE DVD BONANZA! Simply show up in the chatroom during the PPV Chat from 10pm onwards, and wait for the question to appear. It doesn't get any easier than that, and you could end up winning a DVD. It's a ROYAL GOOD DVD BONANZA!


So don't miss out on a night of fun, join us for the Talk Wrestling Online Royal Rumble Quiz and Chat! Don't forget, WWE Royal Rumble takes place on Sunday 29th January, and the evening's activities begin at 9pm, starting with the Quiz. We'll see you there, in the chatroom!


PPV Prediction League


Post your predictions below – anyone can enter!




  • The 2006 Royal Rumble Match
  • WWE Champion Edge vs. John Cena
  • World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle vs. Mark Henry
  • The Boogeyman vs. JBL
  • Mickie James vs. Ashley - Trish Stratus as special guest referee
  • Open Invitational Match for the Cruiserweight Championship

How to order the PPV



Live on Sky Box Office from 1am



See WWE.com - Royal Rumble


Articles @ Wrestling 101


- The Good, The Bad and The Ugly #7


- T3C: Royal Rumble 2006 Preview

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Guest Danny Styles

yuh.. i know i moan about WWE alot but i always look forward to the rumble.. even if the winner is obvious (which it isn't this year i hope) the match is still good and you hope for some returns



but PLEASE LET REY WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The Rumble this year should be a lot better then last years where as all I had to look forward to was if Lesnar was coming back(because everyone knew Batista was going to win).


It would be nice if Rey won but my heart really goes behind RVD for the win.

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Guest Wolverine

Just like Sav, I haven't looked forward to a Rumble (or any WWE pay-per-view for that matter) this much for ages. I'm actually just as interested (if not more) in the outcome of Edge/Cena than the Rumble itself. The rest of the card will probably suck but these two matches more than make up for it. Now I just have to find a way to pass the time for four hours ...


C'mon Rey!

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Guest poland74

I'm so excited about this years Rumble it's unbelieveable. There are so many big names in the Rumble this year, HHH, HBK, Orton, Benoit, Rey, Kane, Flair, Big Show, RVD and there just the people confirmed. It's the most anticipated Rumble in years I expect. I just hope the buy rates and the end product reflect. Surely the actual rumble match can't fail.


I'm also excited by the Edge/Cena match because that again is so unpredictable. The rest of the card still has potential to be good, I'm not willing to write those matches off just because of who is involved.


I hope there are some major surprises, or at least some of the potential surprises we've all taled about happen. I never watch the PPV's live because I have to be up for work, but I tape them and watch Monday nights, I'm gonna find it hard to think about anything else until 6.30pm tomorrow though.

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Yeah I can't wait for this either. The last time I was as pumped for a show, would of been last years Mania. With Edge beating Cena for the title, and Angle getting another reign, it seems WWE are finally giving us something unexpected, and to be honest, there isn't one clear winner for the Rumble, unlike last year, which was down to 2 (Batista and Cena).


I can't say I'm that pumped for Edge/Cena though. Edge can't carry, and Cena obviously won't be able to do his share - but I am hopeful, it doesn't turn out to be a complete shambles. I'm almost certain Edge will win, which pleases me. Either way, Cena will get shat on by the crowd tonight.


Henry vs Angle is a match that doesn't bother me in the slightest. Angle will win, the match will be average. Nothing else to say about that.


I think the buildup for this Trish/Mickey feud has been done excellently. I predict Trish will turn on Mickey tonight, which should progress that feud nicely. Ashley isn't too bad in the ring, so I hope the match is passable, which is should be if kept short.


Although the Cruiserweight match will get zero reaction, I'm looking forward to it, and hopefully seeing Jamie Noble on a WWE PPV. I don't know what kind of match this will be (Is it a 1 on 1 invitational?), but it should be pretty good. I really doubt it, but I really hope the crowd react in some way, as that is the major downpoint to all Cruiser matches.


Hopefully I'm not dissapointed by the undercard, and I'm sure I will love the Rumble match, like I always do. It's the first time in a while I don't know who will win aswell, so I can't wait.

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Guest Wolverine

And from the Wrestling Observer ...


The winner of tonight's Royal Rumble is not scheduled for a main event at Wrestlemania this year
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Thought this might be of some interest with regards to tonights Rumble



--The winner of tonight's Royal Rumble is not scheduled for a main event at Wrestlemania this year.



credit Wrestling Observer.com

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Guest Christof
Wow, that's a non sensical booking decision that takes alot of prestige away from a Rumble victory. Guess that means that HHH isn't winning the Rumble.
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From F4W: Goldust and Jim Duggan are backstage at the show and will be in the Rumble.




Not suprised about Goldust, but I like his character, so that's OK. Duggan is pathetic though, so I hope he isn't in the match


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Guest Kanenite
I'm gonna be gutted to see someone like Coach win the Rumble. But i'll be even more gutted if a Main Eventer wins the Rumble and doesn't get there Title shot. This news sucks I really don't follow along with it.
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Guest Kanenite
We don't know, but why would they report if it isn't true? It could be announced during the show or could be a Vinnie Mac decision on RAW or Smackdown? Bah, I just want to know the truth.
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Guest Gooneronastick
I'm gonna be gutted to see someone like Coach win the Rumble. But i'll be even more gutted if a Main Eventer wins the Rumble and doesn't get there Title shot. This news sucks I really don't follow along with it.


Can't see it going down that way as they have been advertising on Raw and SD that the winner of the Rumble gets the main event title shot at WM. Would be pretty pathetic and poor booking to change it now.

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Guest Kanenite
It definately would be poor, that's why i'm hoping that this is false news. If it is true, I would have given up on Royal Rumble as there would be no point in continuing on if every year they can't make a clean winner to have a title shot at Wrestlemania.
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