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TWO Baseball Fantasy League

Guest Inno

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Similar to the NFL League I ran, I've created a league for TWO peeps. This league is a bit more serious as there are games practically every day - although you can set your teams several days in advance.


The first week of the season is April 2, and I've provisionally set the draft for Sunday March 19 @ 3pm - obviously, that's flexible so we can change if it doesn't suit.


Details are as follows:


In order to join the league, go to game front page at http://baseball.fantasysports.yahoo.com/b1 and click the "Sign Up Now" or "Get Another Team" button and follow the links to "Join a Custom League". When prompted, enter the League ID# and password below.


League ID#: 44597

Password: playball


There's a maximum of 12 teams - it'd be great to get that, but realistically, as long as there's at least 8 it'll be a fun game.


C'mon peeps! Join in!


Anyone that needs help with terms, positions, scoring, stats or whatever, I'll be glad to help out as best I can.

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I'll have ago me thinks, aint a clue about the rules, positions, scoring etc but i'll give it ago anyway :)


So Inno....bit of help please :)

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I may not be any good when it comes to baseball, i know the bare minimum to get by and watch the game. But AJ's Astros are in. Edited by Alan
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Tell me what you wanna know - or will I just whip up a quick beginner's guide to baseball and fantasy stats?


The Quick Beginner's Guide, sounds great :)

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OK, these are just my words, and not necessarily the official word-for-word explanations:


Batting Stats:


AB: At Bats - the number of times your player steps up to bat.

R: Runs - Runs scored by your player - self explanatory ;)

H: Hits - the number of times your player actually hits the ball fairly (not fouled, not caught)

1B: Number of times your player gets to First Base

2B: Number of times your player gets to Second Base

3B: Number of times your player gets to Third Base

HR: Home Runs scored by your player.

RBI: Runs Batted In - Baseball's equivalent of an assist. Got a guy standing on third base that scores when your player hits the ball? That's an RBI! Got one of 2nd base too? That's 2 RBIs!

SB: Stolen Bases - when your player sneaks from one base to the next behind the pitcher's back.

AVG: Average - The amount of times your player hits the ball compared to the amount of times he steps up to bat - example: 4 times up to bat, and 1 hit gives an average of 0.250 - 1 hit in 3 at bats would give 0.333.


Pitching Stats:


IP: Innings pitched - the amount of inning your pitcher has thrown - Innings contain 3 batters, so a pitcher facing 4 full innings and 2 batters would have 4.2 as his score here.

W: Wins - number of wins the pitcher is credited with - MLB scorers decide who gets the win in games, most times it's the starting pitcher, but can vary.

CG: Complete Games - pitching for the full 9 innings - or more if it goes to overtime.

SHO: Shutouts - Complete Games pitched where the other side did not score.

SV: Saves - complicated! Replacement pitchers that come in when the game is close and pitch the other side out are credited with a 'save' - replacement pitchers that pick up saves are called Closers.

BB: Base on Balls - Walks given by pitchers.

K: Strikeouts - batters given out on strikes, not catches.

ERA: Average runs allowed over a 9 inning game - example - 2 full 9 inning games, pitcher allowed 1 run in the first and 3 in the second - gives an ERA of 2.00 - rounded up if less than nine innings are pitched - example, pitch 3 innings and let in 3 runs, and the ERA for the game would be 9.00. A good score is usually between 2 and 3, under 2 is great and under 1 is incredible!

WHIP: Vastly complicated - walks and hits per innings pitched - Divide the innings pitched by the amount of walks and hits added together, rounded up the same as ERA... a good score here is between 1.00 and 1.75 - below 1.00 is outstanding.


C: Catcher

1B: First Baseman

2B: 2nd Baseman

3B: 3rd Baseman

SS: Shortstop

OF: Outfielder

OF: Outfielder

OF: Outfielder

Util: Utility (Any of the above or players given the UTIL position, usually deignated hitters)


SP: Starting Pitcher

SP: Starting Pitcher

RP: Replacement Pitcher

RP: Replacement Pitcher

P: Pitching slot - either SP or RP

P: Pitching slot - either SP or RP

P: Pitching slot - either SP or RP


It's the same style of play as the NFL league - team vs team, stat vs. stat, on a weekly basis. Example - My team have 5 HRs, the other team have 3 HRs - my team gets a point. Team with the most points at the end of the week... wins. Some of the pitching stats are decided by lowest score, not highest (ERA for example - lowest ERA wins)


Anything else I missed, feel free to yell at me :D

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