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*** Official WWE No Way Out 2006 Thread ***


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PPV Quiz and Chat


WWE No Way Out PPV Quiz And Chat- Sunday 19th February




Join us on Sunday 19th February from 9pm UK time for the No Way Out PPV Quiz and Chat in the TWO Chatroom.


If you've been asleep for the past month, you'll have missed the Quiz and Chat moving to a new timeslot to accomodate Wrestling Radio. The quiz lasts from 9pm-10pm, while the PPV chat will take place from 10pm-1am


PPV Quiz


The Quiz will take place from 9pm-10pm in the Quiz Room. The leaderboard looks to be up to date, and you'll find all you need to know about how the quiz works right here:




Quiz participants will be tested on their knowledge of all kinds of wrestling topics, but special attention should be paid to the history of previous No Way Out events. Russ will be asking the questions this Sunday, so don't expect an easy ride.


Anyone can take part in the quiz, you do not need to register, just turn up in the Quiz Room at 9pm (UK Time).


PPV Chat


The PPV Chat will take place after the quiz, from 10pm to 1am (UK Time). Talk to fellow TWO users about the PPV, and give your thoughts on each match! Can Kurt Angle overcome The Undertaker? Will Rey Mysterio or Randy Orton be headlining Wrestlemania? Discuss it in the TWO Chatrooms!


So don't miss out on a night of fun, join us for the Talk Wrestling Online No Way Out Quiz and Chat! Don't forget, WWE No Way Out takes place on Sunday 19th February, and the evening's activities begin at 9pm, starting with the Quiz. We'll see you there, in the chatroom!


PPV Prediction League


Post your predictions below – anyone can enter!




  • World Heavyweight Championship:
    Kurt Angle vs. Undertaker
  • Opportunity for a World Championship Match at WrestleMania:
    Rey Mysterio vs. Randy Orton
  • United States Championship:
    Booker T vs. Chris Benoit
  • JBL vs. Bobby Lashley
  • WWE Tag Team Championship:
    MNM vs. Matt Hardy & Myster Partner
  • Nine-Man Cruiserweight Championship Match:
    Gregory Helms vs. Kid Kash vs. Scotty 2 Hotty vs. Brian Kendrick vs. Paul London vs. Psicosis vs. Super Crazy vs. Nunzio vs. Funaki

How to order the PPV



Live on Sky Sports 1 at 1am.



See WWE.com - No Way Out


Articles @ Wrestling 101


- T3C: WWE No Way Out 2006 Preview

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I may be the only one, but I am really looking forward to this PPV.


Angle/Taker will be good, and it's been built up rather nicely, playing the whole respect angle, and just basically a fued over the title and not ''I hate you'' ''No, I hate you more'' stuff.


Rey/Orton storyline has been very distasteful, but the match should be good, probably with Orton winning with some kind of screwjob ending, somehow allowing Rey to say he never beat him, with Rey/Angle/Orton triple threat for Mania. That or they want to push Orton too the moon......for the 3rd time.....and fail...again.


Benoit/Booker may be good, depending on Booker's injury. Would be so much better with Booker on commentary.


JBL/Lashley probably won't have a clean ending, possibly with Lashley winning via DQ, because I see them wanting to continue the fued until Mania. JBL doesn't have anybody else he could face there, and neither does Lashley, the match probably won't be all that great, but it won't be all that long either, so nothing really to complain about.


MNM vs Matt and his partner.....who really cares? Depending on who is partner is, the match could be good.


Cruiserweight Match should be good, but probably short. As long as Helms retains and goes on to face Kash at Mania, I'll be happy.

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Is there no match for Finlay on this? I can't be arsed with SmackDown! generally, but I do enjoy watching him. I think an invitational of some sort would build his character up well, and it would really help the show if he was on it, at least for me.


I think he is absolute gold basically, altough I'm probably in a minority on that.

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Angle/'Taker- Should be a good match, Angle will win, of course. I don't know why they put 'Taker in this match, it's not like he deserves it. Angle will beat 'Taker and then we will see him return for the 974'th time around WrestleMania to keep his record alive and then reappear around SummerSlam, etc. ,etc., etc.


Booker/Benoit- I actually see Benoit taking the title from Booker due to Booker's injury.


Orton/Rey- With Eddie's family at ringside, morally, Rey would win, but it's been made obvious that Orton will. I don't think Rey is World Champion material, anyways.


Cruiserweight Title- I see Helms retaining by hook or crook, I don't think Helms deserves to be a transitional champion.


MNM/Hardy & ???- I am almost certain his partner will be Animal or Jeff, but the long shot would be Mark Henry.


Lashley/JBL- Let's hope this isn't a squash match like JBL/Boogeyman.

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Is there no match for Finlay on this? I can't be arsed with SmackDown! generally, but I do enjoy watching him. I think an invitational of some sort would build his character up well, and it would really help the show if he was on it, at least for me.


I think he is absolute gold basically, altough I'm probably in a minority on that.


Unfortunately, Finlay doesn't have a match as of right now, but he could end up on Heat or as an unannounced match, but I off the top of my head, I can't think of a face that is available to job to him. Most of them are in the Cruiserweight match, and I don't see them having some nameless jobber face Finlay on a PPV. And no, you're not the only one that sees gold in Finlay.


Angle/'Taker- Should be a good match' date=' Angle will win, of course. I don't know why they put 'Taker in this match, it's not like he deserves it. Angle will beat 'Taker and then we will see him return for the 974'th time around WrestleMania to keep his record alive and then reappear around SummerSlam, etc. ,etc., etc.[/quote']


I know why they put Taker in this match. He's a huge draw, and they need a huge draw to help sell this PPV. Angle/Benoit may be a much better match, but not many people would buy the PPV with Angle and Benoit as the main event.

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Guest SuperKick Kid

I'm starting to think Rey will win, but they're making it kinda obvious that he might win with Eddie's family at ringside.



I'm kinda on the fence with who might win. The rumors say Randy but my gut says Rey.


Angle will beat Taker.


Even though I really want Jeff to be Matt's partner it's gonna be Animal or



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I really want it to be Jeff......the place would explode, then Vince would have to Hardys to bury instead of one.


I actually watched the Jeff/Undertaker ladder match again today....and the guy can be exciting and worth watching in the right situation.

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I'm really psyched about NWO and I don't usually enjoy SD ppvs. Angle vs t'Undertaker is going to rule! Just think of the spectacle, t'Undertaker who's never officially tapped out, up against Kurt Angle and the ankle lock, it's going to rock!


Anyways, the rest of the card looks good to, JBL in action, Cruiserweights, Matt Hardy and a mystery partner, Randy vs Rey, Booker back in the ring. It's gonna be sweet.

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I'm not expecting miracles. There seems to be no chance that this will be anywhere near the quality of last Sunday's TNA PPV, but I'll give it a watch anyway. I don't remember the old Angle Vs Taker matches being too special, so I'm not holding out for a classic in the main event. With Mark Henry sure to get involved and screw Undertaker out of the win, it's not a match I'm particularly looking forward to.


Rey Vs Orton might be a decent match, but I can't help it'll be hurt by the fact that it's basically going to be nothing but references to Eddie. We'll either get a double pinfall or cheap Orton win, neither of which are that appealing to me. I wouldn't be surprised at all if they turned Chavo here, costing Rey the match. While his character would have the justification to do so (being that he's family but people still see Rey as the one Eddie "favours"), I don't know how much rolling my eyes could do as they give us 40 days of Rey and Chavo feuding to be Eddie's favourite wrestler.


The Booker Vs Benoit mini-series was actually quite enjoyable stuff, until the injury ruined things. Each match seemed to be better than the last, so hopefully this one will be the best one yet. This could end up being match of the night.


JBL Vs Black Lesnar means nothing to me. The fact that it was a WWE Trademarked Instafeud where two random people with nothing to do somehow decide they hate each other hardly makes me want to see this. I'd much rather see Ron Simmons involved in the feud, as a mouthpiece for Lashley and using the history of the APA to make people care about this match. As it is though, I couldn't care less about the match. The only thing that could save this would be a Boogeyman run in.


Matt Hardy's partner will most likely be Animal or Tatanka, which is always fun to type in 2006. Animal can't work singles matches due to his multi million dollar insurance policy with Lloyds Of London, so if it is one half of the Road Warriors, don't expect a Matt Hardy heel turn setting up a one on one Wrestlemania match. I don't really know who it'll be, but to be honest, I don't really care that much either. Both MNM and Hardy are capable of doing so much more.


Finally, we have what looks to be the best match on the card, the Cruiserweight Cluster****. In any other promotion, this'd steal the show. Since it's WWE, it'll be a hell of a lot of highspots squeezed into 7 minutes with a dead crowd. Hey, why should they crowd care? They know better than to get behind some cruiserweights who'll no doubt be used the next time they want a heel to squash people in a handicap match. I'd expect Helms to go over here, building towards a singles match with Kash, but it'll be typical generic WWE cruiserweight style wrestling.


Seems like they have enough time to throw in a Finlay squash or some midget filler. As I said though, I can't see the PPV being anywhere near the quality of TNA's Against All Odds.

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Guest Kanenite

I'm hoping to see some decent matches tonight. The Tag Team Title match would more than likely be Animal and Hardy vs MNM and I wouldn't be surprised if Hardy and Animal win the Titles.


The JBL vs Lashley match will probably consist of JBL getting a couple of clotheslines in there and Lashley totally dominating the match towards the end.


Cruiserweight match should be an entertaining match. If their isn't at least 5 high risky spots i'll be surprised. I think if the Cruiserweights were given like a 15 minute match they could show us a hell of a lot more and get everyone into the match. I expect Helms to retain his title and lead into some kind of program with one or two others towards Wrestlemania.


Booker against Benoit should be a good match, please don't give us a short 5 minute match with Benoit locking on the Crossface and winning the title. I hope to see a 15-20 minute match with lots of near finishes. This could be a classic if played out well, plus this will probably be their last match in their feud.


Rey vs Orton has totally got me guessing the winner. I really want Rey to win and face Angle at Wrestlemania, but if Orton would face Angle at Mania it should still be a decent match. So I really don't want to see much of Eddie's involvment in this match, like I don't want to see Orton badmouthing Eddie at the start of the match, just the match should do.


Finally the Main Event in my oppinion should be one of the best matches in the year. But I have a feeling Henry will spoil the match and it'll be a dud. These 2 Superstars are 2 of the best in the business so put together they should provide a match of the night.


As Russ said we'll probably get either a Finlay match ending in minutes or a midget tossing match. Overall the PPV will probably be average but for Smackdown it could be one of their best of the year. I really want to say positive things on half of the matches when the night is done and dusted.

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Guest poland74

No doubt about it, this years No Way Out is more anticipated than previous February PPV's, however half the matches look good on paper, more could have been done. I'd have preferred to see MNM defend against the Mexicools.


Angle & Taker had one of the best matches ever seen on Smackdown a couple of years back, (see Takers latest DVD for those that aint seen it) and was spoilt a little by a Brock Lesnar run in, Kurt says on the DVD he'd love to wrestle Taker again but without that type of finish, however it looks like we are going to get that type of finish again.


Rey & Randy will be a good match as long as they stay away from this supernatural stuff I've seen written, Everybody seem to be expecting Randy too win but for the same reasons he didn;t win the Rumble I don't think he'll be an outright winner here, I think the wrestlemania main event will be a triple threat because who else would Rey-Royal Rumble winner or Randy Orton (Legen Killer) wrestle at WM22?


The crowd were into the cruiserweight match at the Rumble so why not tonight too? Crowds like a large number of high spots plus Mexicools are popular so crowd will be fine.

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Guest The Great Ahmar
i think there will be alot of added matches as wwe don't usually have just 6 matches on the ppv. unless some matches will he really long.
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Guest The Great Ahmar

my predictions for this show are:


main event:taker/angle will be good, really good if done right but the henry interferance will ruin it and make us have to watch them at mania. angle to win


tag titles: crap match if spoilers are true. i like mnm but don't like hardy. mnm to win


us title: ok match as booker t is injuryed, just put him on commentary and things will be ok. benoit to win


curesweight: if give the right time a good match. that title hasn't been worth anything since 2003 really. helms to win.


jbl/lashley: laughed my ass off at russ with what he called lashley(black lesnar) really good. crap match. lashley to win.


rey and orton will be a good match but the whole eddie angle and what is to supposely happen makes it horrible. sadly orton to win.


i hope there are more matches added. overall a ok ppv. hope it makes missing tnas ppv over on twc worth it.

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Guest Craig Van Dam
Is there no match for Finlay on this? I can't be arsed with SmackDown! generally, but I do enjoy watching him. I think an invitational of some sort would build his character up well, and it would really help the show if he was on it, at least for me.


I think he is absolute gold basically, altough I'm probably in a minority on that.


I'll second that, this week when they showed Finlay beating up the midgets on the previous show me and my brother laughed so hard.


Anyway onto the PPV I'm actually feeling quite optimistic that this can be a pretty decent PPV


Angle Vs Taker, if you remember their last match on Smackdown in September 2003 it was a hell of a match, one of Taker's best so I'm hoping that Angle can bring out the best in Taker again here and put on a worthy main event


Rey Vs Orton - Another potenially good match, with Eddie's family at ringside I hope WWE don't concentrate more on that than the match, if they do concentrate more on the match it should be a good one


Benoit Vs Booker - Depending on how fit Booker T is I'm expecting another good match from these two


JBL Vs Lashley - Meh, I can't see this been very with JBL jobbing cleanley to Boogey Man last month I don't know if he'll lose again, maybe by interference or cheating JBL might win that way they can protect Lashley's heat


Matt & ?? Vs MNM - Depending on who the partner is, if it's Animal or Tatanka or someone like that then we'll only get a decent match at the best. A possibility it might be CM Punk making his debut??


Cruiserweight match - I have a question about this, will it be like last year where 2 start and when 1 gets pinned another guy comes on? Or will it be everyone in the ring at the same time, first pin wins?

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it looks decent enough on paper with some potentially good matches


but since rey isn't getting the WM main event, i really think this taker/angle match should have been saved for WM...i mean really angle may be the only guy that people see as a credible threat to end taker's WM win streak...taker's win streak vs angle's title would be a pretty big draw for mania IMO

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