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*** Official Smackdown Discussion Thread - 10th March 2006 ***


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Deadman's revenge?

March 10, 2006


Undertaker was so close to the World Heavyweight Championship he could taste it. He hit Kurt Angle with the Tombstone. He made the cover. The referee began to make the count. And then it was over. Mark Henry stormed the ring and attacked the Deadman giving him the victory, but costing him the World Heavyweight Championship. Henry poured on the pain and left Undertaker laying with a thunderous splash through the SmackDown announce table. How will Undertaker respond? Will we find out Friday night on SmackDown?


Plus, Kristal will compete in her debut match on SmackDown. A couple of weeks ago on SmackDown, she came out to promote the new Divas Magazine. Jillian interrupted her and told her to go back to doing interviews. Kristal responded by ripping off Jillian’s top, leaving her embarrassed in her bra. Jillian will look to get even in a one-on-one match on SmackDown.


And the swashbuckling buccaneer Paul Burchill will compete in his first match since changing his ways. He is hoping that the match will be against his former partner William Regal. Will these former teammates do battle Friday night on SmackDown?

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Guest DanielFullard

Smackdown has been pretty darn good TV as of late so hopefully we will get another good show this week


Why they are going with Taker/Henry and Booker/Boogeyman for Mania is beyond me....Booker v Taker would have been far the more appealing match

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Guest MrFill

Results posted by StoneCold in his own thread, for some unknown reason.


Credit: rajah.com reader Mason


Velocity/Dark Matches


Match 1


Matt Hardy vs. Chuck Palumbo


Nothing special here, Hardy hits the leg drop, wins with the twist of fate.


Winner: Matt Hardy


After the match Animal ran out and jumped Hardy.


Match 2


Simon Dean vs. Super Crazy


Dean got on the mic and said he couldn’t believe Super Crazy was so lazy he had to

ride a lawnmower to the ring. This was a great match, I miss Nova. Lot of cool chain

wrestling. I can’t remember the exact finish, but Crazy won.


Winner: Super Crazy


Match 3


Scotty 2 Hotty and Funaki vs. Jamie Noble and Kid Kash


This was a pretty good match, for a Scotty 2 Hotty match. I love Noble and Kash,

Jamie was the man in ROH. Lot of cool double team maneuvers from Jamie and Kash. The

end came when Scotty was going for the worm and Noble hit him from behind and nailed

him with the tiger driver.


Winners: Kash and Noble


Match 4


Tatanka Vs Jobber


See ten years ago.


Winner: Tatanka.


Match 5


WWE Tag Team Championship


MNM vs. Paul London and Brian Kendrick


This was an excellent match, everyone needs to watch Velocity this week. London hit

a drop-sault on Nitro and landed on Mercury for the cover, it was cool. London had

the match won twice but Kendrick or Melina distracted both times the ref. Melina

pushed Paul off the top rope when he went for the London Star Press. MNM went for

the snap shot but Kendrick hit a super kick on Mercury, and London DDTed Nitro! I

really thought they had it there but MNM threw Kendrick out and hit the snap shot on

London. 1-2-3


Winners and still champs: MNM




Mark Henry comes down with Daivari and said he was overlooked. Batista overlooked

him and he hurt him so bad he had to give up the title. Then Angle overlooked him,

Teddy Long overlooked him and Undertaker overlooked him for a title shot, he called

Angle out. Angle told Henry he was a wrestling machine and hit the ring, they

brawled, Orton ran down and jumped Angle. Double team time till Rey makes the save,

he ended up getting smashed by Henry. Theodore Long came out and made the main event

match up, Henry and Orton vs. Mysterio and Angle.


Match 1


Money in the Bank Qualifier


Finlay vs. Lashley


This one didn’t even make it to the ring, Finlay nailed lashley with the shalalee

and they brawled all the way back stage.


Next out was JBL. He thanked us for all of our get -well cards. He then talked about

how Stone Cold left his name out when discussing the greatest Texan wrestlers of all

time with wwe.com. He challenged Stone Cold to a beer-drinking contest at SNME.


Match 2


William Regal vs. Pirate Paul Burchill


Burchill swung out on a big rope. His entrance video is kind of funny. This was the

sleeper of the night, the crowd didn’t know who to cheer for. Burchill won with the

exploder suplex.


Winner: Pirate Paul


Booker T came out with Sharmell, he had a bag of complaint letters about the

Boogeyman, and this was some funny ****. Theodore Long told him he could take up all

his complaints with the Boogeyman at SNME. Just then red smoke came out of the bag,

and the Boogeyman came out. Booker and Sharmell took off through the crowd,

Boogeyman dumped out the bag of letters but it was full of worms, which he proceeded

to eat.


Backstage we see Gregory Helms sporting an Owen Wilson like nose job. He tells Long

his nose was broken during the overseas tour. Theodore says he feels bad and for

making Helms defend the cruiser weight title every week, and tonight he will get a

break . . . from defending the title, because tonight he will face Chris Benoit!


Match 3


Jillian Hall vs. Kristal


This was a "Diva’s Undressed" match. Jillian has a nice nice body.


Winner: Kristil


Match 4


Gregory Helms vs. Chris Benoit


This match was fun, lots of chain wrestling and rest holds. Benoit hit a nice

German, Helms hit the eye of the hurricane. Benoit locked in the sharpshooter but

Helms made it to the ropes. Helms tried to leave but Noble, London, Kendrick, and

Kash threw him back in the ring. Helms went for a shining wizard but Benoit ducked

and nailed a huge release German suplex. Top rope headbutt, and then he applied the

corssface right on Helms broken nose. Helms tapped right away.


Winner: Chris Benoit


They showed an Animal promo on the screen where he said he was the road warrior, not

hawk or


Hidenright. He’ll have a match with Hardy either next week.


Then they showed Lashley and Finlay battle outside, Lashley flipped a car over and

it nearly crushed Finlay.


Main Event


Rey Mysterio and Kurt Angle vs. Randy Orton and Mark Henry


Great ovation, crowd was hot for everyone. Angle and Orton in particular have great

chemistry. Another BS finish when Orton slammed Angle into the steps and Henry

splashed the ref in the corner. Daivari got a table and set it up and it broke. He

got another table and put Rey on it and when he did the leg fell off. He got a third

table and set Rey up for a splash but Angle made the save. Angle tried to suplex

henry off the top rope through the table but he pushed him off and then splashed

Angle through the table!!!! Taker’s music hit and he said he’d face Henry at WM22 in



End of Smackdown


Undertaker came out and fought Orton and Henry in a handicap match. Taker won with a tombstone on Orton!

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Guest SuperKick Kid

No, they ruined SNME with the Boogeyman.


SNME might have actually help bring in more fans, but when people see the Boogeyman eating and spitting out worms, it wont be good.


I hate Boogeyman.

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-Helms vs. Benoit.

-Another Lashley-FINLAY stiff fest brawl.

-What should be a good main event.

-Booker T on the mic.

-The debut of Pirate Birchall.


Looks like yet another good Smackdown in a long line of good ones.

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Chuck Palumbo's back?

I think he's still working in All Japan, but for some reason he is jobbing in The E aswell.

He lost on HEaT aswell, but I can't remember who to



I'd rather Stamboli be back if anyone though.

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Guess it makes sense to have Taker vs. Henry as a casket match, the match certainly needs a gimmick, and there is no way Taker will lose.


Let's hope Paul Bearer comes back with a "Double deep, double wide casket, oh Yesssssssssssssssss!"

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Guest Drake

I will say it again instead of the stupid MOITB ladder match, Vince should make a TLC match between London & Kendrick vs The Mexicools vs MNM. I tell ya it would be great.


But like Dave said, can't wait to see the tag match on Velocity.


Henry vs Taker at WM 22 in a Casket match? No thanks. I hope they lock Henry in the casket and sent him to planet gazooka and never comes back.

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Guest Danny Styles

looks a solid Smackdown..


nice to see that SNME will be the END of booker vs boogeyman becausei don't want it to be on Mania,


so noone has qualified for MOTB then? from smackdown

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Guest The Great Ahmar

so will lashley or finlay be in the MITB,


looks a good smackdown, not likeing boogeyman no more, don't know why just don't!

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Guest Steve V.1


I hate Boogeyman.


Not scared of him are you? :lol



Looks like a great Smackdown, this show has really been growing some momentum. Anyone got any suggestions why?

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Guest Thirteen
I hate Boogeyman.

So do I mate... So do I.

He makes Papa Shango look like a technical marvel in the ring.

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Guest Danny Styles

Problem with Boogeyman is that wonce he eats worms and drops worms all over the place the entertaining becomes boring.. and fast


and that's what his problem will be/ already is becoming

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Well, I don't hate the Boogeyman...................yet. Of course, I don't get UPN either. What's the deal w/ just 1 MITB qualifier? So, this is what SD confirmed for SNME & WM22?:



Booker T. Vs. The Boogeyman


Beer Drinking Contest:

JBL Vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin



Casket Match:

The Undertaker Vs. Mark Henry



Does anyone have any better spoilers? No offense, Mr. Fill, but this kid seems a little bit 'retarded' when it comes to wrestling or typing reports. He does win the award for 'Worst Spelling of Heidenreich' I've ever seen.


Speaking of which, is WWE now disrespecting Hawk too?


So that's all SNME has got? Outside of the Street Fight & Main Event Vs. Main Event matches, SNME looks like it may be a joke. I hope the one in June is better. At least I'll be able to see the SD stars in action for the first time in a long time.

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Guest Danny Styles

Speaking of which, is WWE now disrespecting Hawk too?


it wouldn't suprise me.. these spoilers aren't great.. but on WWE's form it wouldn't suprise me

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Guest MrFill
No offense' date=' Mr. Fill, but this kid seems a little bit 'retarded' when it comes to wrestling or typing reports. He does win the award for 'Worst Spelling of Heidenreich' I've ever seen.[/quote']

Not a worry to me - I just copied it from another thread by StoneCold.

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Guest Dave7g
I've only seen one Boogeyman "match". It lasted 1 minute and 29 seconds. He has zero ability and now it looks like people are beginning to see that eating worms is not very entertaining.
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