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***Official RAW Discussion Thread- March 13, 2006***


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From: WWE.com


Last RAW before Saturday Night’s Main Event

March 13, 2006


This Monday on RAW, John Cena and Triple H make it official when they sign on the dotted line at the WrestleMania 22 contract signing. With just days remaining before they are forced to co-exist as teammates at Saturday Night's Main Event, will this naturally combustible situation explode?


Also scheduled for Monday night on RAW, two of the WrestleMania 22 Money in the Bank Ladder Match participants square off when Shelton Benjamin defends his Intercontinental Championship against Rob Van Dam. Will Shelton walk in to WrestleMania with his Intercontinental Championship? Or will RVD find a way to come out on top Monday night? Watch RAW to find out.


Watch RAW on Monday (9/8 CT; USA) for this and much more.



Confirmed Matches/Events


Special Appearance by Cowboy Troy


Contract Signing for WWE Title Match at WrestleMania 22


Intercontinental Championship:

Shelton Benjamin © Vs. Rob Van Dam


Announcement of 5'th inductee into the 2006 Hall of Fame*




*Not confirmed, but given that they have been announced for the previous 4 inductees, it seems as good as.


I hate these BS contract signings. I have a feeling that RVD will walk away with the IC title (sorry about posting this so early).

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Guest The Great Ahmar

not too sure on raw anymore, smackdown in my eyes since angles move has seemed to be better, i will watch it anyway


i hope my predictions bring me some e-money

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Guest Scotty2Hotty
Im hoping to see a decent match with RVD and Shelton tonight without RVD getting screwed of course! Hopefully he will take the title off the prat that is Shelton!
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Guest The Phenom Billz
RAW may be ok seeing how things go but i hope shelton loses the title him and momma are becoming annoying just like booker t and sharmell were in his US Title reign
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I would love it if they had the contract signing, then a stare-down, before leaving the ring without laying a hand on each other....giving Wrestlemania some respect and have them going into the match having never laid a hand on each other.........ain't gonna happen, but it would be nice.....


I don't want RVD to win the IC belt...he's had his run with that.....move him up to a WHT challenge.......hopefully MITB will do just that.

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Guest SuperKick Kid

Even though I knew it was coming. Shawn throwing the pee in Shane's face was funny.





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That was a pretty food RAW. We gotta a IC champ match. A cage match. HBK p***ed in Vince's face and we saw cena gettin R K O 'd!!!!!!!
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Im hoping to see a decent match with RVD and Shelton tonight without RVD getting screwed of course!


Oh well... there's always Wrestlemania.

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Guest Craig

I'm here in front of my computer again watching Raw, so I figure why not do this again? Might not be able to finish all the way through Raw, but oh well.


We start with a recap video of the Michaels/McMahon saga. Compare this to Mark Henry starting Smackdown this Friday, and this is the worst Raw ever. Well, at least since last week. Stacy Keibler is in the intro video. Apparently appearing on a dance show makes you a Raw superstar. I can't wait until Ed McMahon goes to Raw and becomes the new General Manager.. Raw just gets better because Vince, Shane, and some guy in a white coat come out. Remember that image. The McMahons and men in white coats. In 3 years, Vince will be surrounded by those guys. I may not like the fact that they beat Michaels last week, but at least Vince is playing the asshole right, bragging about such a tough win last week. He accuses Michaels of being on drugs and then makes him do a public urination test. Now, not only do Vince and Shawn do all this kinky crap backstage, but now they're bringing it out on TV. Vince says if Shawn flunks this test, he'll be fired, so I'm wondering if HHH will have to take the same test. Shane calls Shawn a junkie, and Vince threatens to sue him. I have a problem with this. Didn't Vince WANT the Shawn that does drugs? Isn't that the whole reason of this feud? Why is Vince inspecting the cup? Isn't that cup to big for Michaels? The doctor has to observe Michaels giving the example, and I detect Shawn getting a smile. Vince gives us a public service announcment, and tells kids not to do drugs and wind up like Shawn Michaels. Vince actually did something that made me smile. I like how Vince gets a security guard to hand Michaels the mic, rather than him walking over to him giving it to him himself. That's the problem with this feud. They do the little things right, but they do the rest of it all wrong. But what do I know? I don't own a wrestling company and my name isn't Russo But God how I wish it was.. Anyway, Shawn took the piss and threw it on Vince and Shane, and I hear him say that's just a preview Vince. Always nice to see piss get thrown on Vince McMahon, but not the best way to start Raw. Now if they show a replay of it every 2 minutes, it would be awesome.


We're back and we get a replay of the piss getting thrown on Vince McMahon. So far, so good. Pissed off Vince announces that Shawn will fight...THE SPIRIT SQUAD MOTHER FUNKERS IN A STEEL CAGE IN A TEXAS TORNADO MATCH. Cheerleaders in a cage. Thank you God/Dusty. Trish Stratus comes out, and Raw gets good. They announce Trish and Torrie v Victoria and Average Diva #23 for Saturday Night's Main Event. Then Victoria and Average Diva #23 come out. Trish is wearing very low cut pants, so I basically ignore the whole match. The commentators are talking about how Candice is the hottest diva in WWE, and I just assume they aren't looking in the ring. Victoria does a weird version of a Gory Special with a hair pull, and I find out that this is a title match. I missed that. Trish does the whirlybird headscissors thing that she's been doing lately, followed by a Spinebuster that puts Cena to shame. Victoria goes for a Widow's Peak, but Torrie Wilson comes out and hits a face buster she calls the Nose Job. Chick Kick by Trish, and we're done. I'm saddened by the lack of Mickie James, and can only hope that they finally do something with this whole Mickie/Trish angle at Saturday Night's Main Event. They go to commercial break with Candice giving Victoria a mic. I watch on Unlimited, and Victoria just screams that she's going to make Torrie pay. At least Candice isn't talking. While on Unlimited, Goldust comes out and I begin to pray that he continues his feud from Heat against Trevor Murdoch.


Hey, we come back and they show what I just saw on Unlimited. What's the point of Unlimited? We then cut to Cowboy Troy walking out, and I have no idea who this guy is. He sits down for commentary, and he apparently has a country music background. Which means I could get my wish of Trevor Murdoch. Come on God, you can't tease me this much. King says it's nice to have someone with a black hat sitting beside him and I love the continuity. We then get to see a GREAT video highlighting the Rated O Superstar Mick Foley. It basically just makes fun of Foley and says if you only laugh at one performance this year, make sure it's Foley at WrestleMania. I'll be watching Mania, and I'll be laughing at HHH and Cena thank you very much. Edge comes out and ruins all my dreams of another Rhodes/Murdoch match, but Edge isn't that bad. That cowboy guy talks about some show that I won't be watching, while Edge and Goldust are having a match. Goldust goes to the corner and does the punches in the corner, and gets the crowd involved for the punches and then for the Shattered Dreams, only to have Lita distract him and allow Edge to hit the Spear. Nothing too bad about the match, and at least got some crowd involvement near the end. Nothing too much to complain about. The then show another video like Foleys, but this time for Edge. Both of them are treated like movie trailers. Much like Foley's this one is great too, highlighting the success of Edge at past Manias. I love this feud, and it is easily the match I'm looking forward to most from the Raw side at Mania. Edge announces the return of Cutting Edge at SNME with Foley, and it's rated H for hardcore. I would have loved it if someone had interrupted and said it was rated H for HOOOOOOOOOOOO! Contract signing for HHH and Cena is next, so I lose all the interest I gained thanks to this whole segment.


We come back with a BIG TIME (so much larger than life) moment, this time of Piper with the smoke. ''That's mighty white of ya''. Piper was great. Anyway, we come back to a close up to MARIA~! working out, and Trish comes into the scene. Trish is looking for Torrie, Maria plugs an excercise machine, and Trish finds Torrie layed out in the womens locker room. Time for the new HoF inductee, and it's.......VERNE GAGNE!!!! This is a suprise. I'd say he deserves it just for the simple fact that he trained Ric Flair. Training Ric Flair is all the reason you need to be a Hall of Famer. They show a clip of the FU that Cena did to Big Show last week, and I know he's done it many times before, but it's still an impressive sight, and he did it that time a lot more clean than he has in the past. Another commercial.


We're back, and they tell us that the Cage match between Spirit Squad and Michaels is after this contract signing. So is the main event RVD v Shelton? I hope so. Coach says that HHH v Cena is one of the most anticipated matches in WrestleMania history and I hear lighting strke the building. HHH comes out and the crowd is....dead. They aren't doing ANYTHING. But hey, Cena comes out and he gets a mostly positive reaction at the beginning of his entrance, and it goes a little quieter, but still louder than it was for HHH, but that's mostly the women. This match could be so hyped just nothing is really happening to cause any interest. HHH starts to put John Cena over, but then says everything he just said doesn't matter. But hey, we get CENA CHANTS!!! Apparently at WrestleMania the WWE Championship comes back home and I wonder how Edge is going to win the title at Mania and he doesn't even have a title shot! The contract is signed no questions asked, and HHH then says he should flip the table over and bring out his sledgehammer, saying that he's the guy that can manipulate things into an advantage for him, but then says he doesn't need to do that for Cena. Cena isn't worth the time because he's already at a big enough disadvantage. Cena gets on the mic and is actually pretty good for all 6 seconds he's on it, when Big Show and Kane come out. HHH pulls out his sledgehammer, and him and Cena just stand around the ring and stare at one another while Masters and Carlito come out to attack Show and Kane. We then get more Vince who announces a complete suprise match of Cena, Show, and Kane v HHH, Masters, and Carlito. Don't like the fact that Cena and HHH are going to be in the ring against one another taking away some of the effect of the main event, but maybe they won't ever touch one another in it. Have to wait and see. Meanwhile on Unlimited, Cena and HHH continue to stare one another down, and HHH backs off and exits the ring to a chorus of boos. Why didn't the crowd do all of this during the whole segment? They popped mainly for Cena, and the Tag Champs entrance, but that's about it. Anyway, no RVD v Shelton in the main event. Oh well.


We're back, and we get another showing of piss being thrown on Vince. Time for Raw's version of the Dastardly Customers v Shawn Michaels in a Texas Tornado Handicap Cage Match. Michaels comes out and then it's time for....THE SPIRIT SQUAD. They throw one of the guys over the cage into the ring, and Michaels starts to take them all out as they attack in dumb ninja style. The Spirit Squad are awesome using random cheerleader like tactics. Michaels gets beatdown, before he starts to make a comeback against 4 men, and they go back to dumb ninja style. STYLES ALMOST CALLED SHAWN SHANE O MAC! FIRE HIM, HE MADE A MISTAKE. Anyway, Sweet Chin Music to one of the Spirit Squad, backdrop into the cage to another, Superkick to another, the door is slammed into Mitch, who is on the outside. We are then graced with Shane McMahon who slams the door into Shane's back, which allows him to be pinned. You mean when a McMahon slams a cage door into his back and head, he's done, but he can fight others for 20+ minutes with his backed worked over and still not feel any pain. Cool. They bust Shawn open, and set him up in the corner with a trashcan. Shane hits the Van Terminator and talks smack to Michaels. That was actually a pretty good build up to the Street Fight at SNME. 2nd time Shane has gotten the bettter of Michaels, Michaels has yet to attack him, Shane showed what he can do in street fights, and now the crowd is interested in seeing Shawn beating the crap out of Shane, but still keeps it in doubt that he'll be able to easily take him out thanks to the Van Terminator. Just ignore the fact that it's a non-wrestler doing it to Shawn and it was actually pretty good build-up.


Trish is back on my TV again, and I am happy. She says Torrie suffered a concussion, so now Trish needs a partner for SNME, when Mickie shows up. Mickie has lost some of her obsessiveness and says she doesn't mind teaming up with her one more time and going their seperate ways. I smell a heel turn. We are then shown a preview of SNME with the Beer Drinking Contest, and Coach hates the fact that Austin is returning. Continuity. I love it. They show a nice video of how awesome Austin used to be and I begin to cry because I didn't watch wrestling back when he was making it the greatest show of all time. Or close to it. Who cares? Vince then announces that JR will come back to call the street fight. Nothing against Joey Styles, but I do miss JR. I was just accustomed to his voice. Definitely looking forward to his return.


While on break, on Unlimited, they show the Smackdown Rebound. Smart move by USA. If everyone saw how great Smackdown was, they'd lose alot of viewers. They show a recap of the main event tag match, and the announcement of the Mark Henry/Undertaker casket match, and I'm sure it's going to kick all kinds of ass. Definitely looking forward to it.


We come back, and Ric Flair is on commentary. This should be fun. Shelton comes out Momma-less to face RVD, and Shelton and Flair interact a little before the match. Momma can't be here tonight due to heart surgery thanks to Ric Flair. ''He's not talking to me is he, Coach?''. Keep in mind Flair is asking this after Coach basically said he'll ignore Flair for the rest of night. But back to Momma, that's a good way to get rid of her for the Ladder match. She wouldn't fit standing outside the ring for his ladder match, and it gives the gimmick a break. Flair puts over the fact that this could be his last oppurtunity at a title shot thank to the MITB and I'd love for him to get one more title reign if just for nostalgia. But then again, HHH would have the win the title just ONE more time to beat the record, so this would equal both good and bad things. Dam goes to the top rope but Shelton jumps up to the top and hits a belly to belly of the top rope. Shelton was really good this time last year, and was the MVP of last years Money in the Bank. After he lost the IC title he seemed to lose focus and start messing up. But say what you will about the Momma gimmick, it's somehow gotten him back his focus, and he seems to be improving in the ring, and on the mic. Give him a couple more years, and he could be a main eventer.


We come back from the commercial following the top rope belly to belly, and Shelton is working on the shoulder. Meanwhile on commentary, Flair puts over the Intercontinental title and threatens The Coach. If you need to get a title over, let Flair do it. He gets the IC title over, the MITB match, and puts over how great his TLC match with Edge was. Back to the ring, RVD is starting to make a comeback, and the crowd is popping for him. He seems to be getting the best reaction all night. Yea, Van Dam isn't over. Shelton goes for his belt to attack RVD, but Flair tries to stop him. Van Dam accidentally knocks Flair down, and Shelton gets a roll up to retain the title. Decent match that does a good job leading up to the Money in the Bank. Considering there are only 3 in it from Raw this year, they've been able to build up a somewhat decent storyline for the MITB. At least it's better than last years build up. They announce Cena, Show, and Kane v HHH, Masters, and Carlito.


We're back, and after a preview for Saturday Night Main Event, CAR F'N LITO COMES OUT. They then show some freak at ringside and Joey asks what the hell was that guy at ringside? I have no idea. He looked like HHH though. Carlito's worst half, Chris Masters comes out, and King has completely lost interest in Masters entrance. I love it. Trips comes out for his entrance, and we go back to another commercial. During Unlimited, they have Carlito talk on the mic, and it's the best decision they've done all night. Well, one of them. Big Show and Kane come out on Unlimited.....


.....and they finish their entrance on TV, followed by Cena. Big Show is all grump and chops the hell out of Carlito's chest. Kane comes in and he's all grumpy too and just beats the crap out of Carlito. HHH gets tagged in and Cena tags himself in. The crowd actually starts chanting for Cena, and maybe, just maybe, there ARE people out there that want to see this match. HHH then tags in Carlito and I start to believe that they won't have Cena and HHH touch one another before Mania. Good decision. Adds something to the match, where the 2 have NEVER fought before, and have NEVER had any physcial contact. Masters goes to tag in Carlito, but he refuses because he's selling the injuries from Kane and Big Show. Nice touch. Hell, even Masters keeps pulling Cena over into his corner showing good tag team skills. Carlito hits a nice jumping Flatliner on Cena. Show gets tagged in and just takes out Carlito and Masters, when HHH tries to cheapshot him, only to get headbutted to hell. Kane comes off the top with a clothesline, and HHH is bodypressed by Big Show. Double Chokeslam to HHH, when Carlito and Masters hit the champs in the back with a chair, only to have them completely no sell it. Big Show and Kane chase them onto the back, while Cena and Trips have a staredown, only to have RANDY ORTON, once again, show up on Raw to RKO Cena. HHH chases him off, and it's nice to at least see some build-up to the main event tag match.


All in all, an ok Raw. It was better than last weeks in some ways, but it's not a show that I really want to watch again. Still only interested in the Foley and Edge match at Mania, and yea, the World Tag Team title match, but that's mainly because I like Carlito, and not anything to do with the build-up. I'll leave you with these wise words......


''Give it up, or get it took''

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I really enjoyed that. I expect the general feedback to be "Sh*te", but it was a very entertainment style show, which I like. I know RAW isn't exactly full of wrestling every week, but this week, there was a lot of powerful entertainment angles.


The Shawn/Vince thing in particular, which I did like. Really got the crowd going aswell, and was a nice flashback to the hard hitting style of the Attitude Era. Good angle.


The crowd was hot throuhgout the show, and and the end, the Triple H/Cena staredown. On the subject of Cena, he is still getting very few boos now, which is excellent. I expect their match at Wrestlemania to be pretty good aswell.


And of course Ken Doane on RAW. I "mark out" for him, more than i do anyone else on the roster, and I have tuned in to see him on some weeks. The more time devoted to him, the happier I am, so to see him going ovr Michaels (I think it was him anyway, i didn't catch his face, and of course the commentators wouldn't know the difference between Viscera and Todd Grisham) made the show for him, to an extent.

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Ken is always the one wearing the headband (even though it never stays on for long). I suppose they've made him the "leader" of the group, as I've noticed that's the only distinguishable trait of any of the members.


But as a whole I found Raw quite entertaining.

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Intriguing that Cena is getting less boos considering HHH buried him to hell and back again last night. Oh well, not complaining. Whatever works, I guess.


The rest of the show was interesting. It wasn't really very good, but it wasn't actually that bad either. It's progressing... and that's a good thing at least.

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Ken is always the one wearing the headband (even though it never stays on for long). I suppose they've made him the "leader" of the group, as I've noticed that's the only distinguishable trait of any of the members.


But as a whole I found Raw quite entertaining.


I think Nick Mitchell is the leader as he is the one who always doesn't wrestle so he could be seen as a manager leader and the one who always leads the cheers. Not a bad Raw at all, very pleased Verne Gagne is going to be inducted as he deserves it. Not too sure on the drugs segment, yeah it was funny but a bit contradictive with what they were saying about drugs, even knowing that many wrestlers use steroids in the wwe, they didn't really put a good logo or impression on drug users which in a way might not of made a lot of the superstars happy.

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Guest Ravenmark

Greg Gagne on WWE TV!


I can't wait!


I'm Greg Gagne and I'm in a Rage

I want Brody and I want him in a Cage!

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Read the reports and it doesn't sound particularly great.


Seems like too many angles are just being thrown away, and I supposed thats what you get when you don't have wrestling people write shows.


I.e why ruin a gimmick like a cage match for a throwaway angle?

What purpose did the urine segment actually have?

Why is JR back, and why hasn't it been explained?

Why did Randy Orton come out at the end of the show?


Some of the angles progress pretty well, but there is far too much crap, that's just there and means nothing. Its Russo 2000 booking, where we just get stuff happening for no actual reason than to fill time. Thankfully its not as bad as that period, as there is some ok stuff, but a lot of it just makes you wonder.


Oh and way to go Vince to totally destroy any media belief in your company. If you want to portray your company as serious on drug testing, don't make a 15 minute long angle completely mocking it.


Sometimes you have to wonder about if he still has any logic.

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