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Bye Katamari - We Loved You Briefly

Guest Clarkey

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Guest Clarkey
Namco isn't going to give us any more cute Katamari action -- boo! But does creator Takahashi-san have something new on the go?


It appears that we have rolled up our last planet-sized balls of detritus: Namco has announced that the team behind Katamari Damacy and sequel We Love Katamari has been disbanded, and no more iterations of the franchise are planned.


The lack of any further Katamari action will not come as a shock to those who heard the game's creator Keita Takahashi deliver a keynote address at last year's GDC Europe, in which he stated that he was reluctant to create even one sequel to Katamari Damacy, but eventually caved in to Namco's wishes.


Cryptic statements on Namco's official website indicate that Takahashi may be working on a new game for Namco, though, with, one imagines, a new team. Presuming, that is, that the "Professor Katamari" to whom the site refers is in fact Takahashi.


The eccentric Takahashi has frequently spoken about his urge to create new types of games, and lack of interest in establishing franchises. Late last year, he told the BBC, in reference to making We Love Katamari: "I didn't want players to be disappointed so I decided to take part," after Namco made it clear that it would have made We Love Katamari with or without him. At least we Europeans were able to enjoy one Katamari outing before the franchise was killed off, and the PSP version of the game, Me & My Katamari, is still on track to arrive later this year. Let's hope Takahashi manages to come up with something equally inventive next time around.


The article (credit to CVG) is reporting this as if its a bad thing, I think quite the opposite. Of course it is a shame that we will be getting no more Katamari, if done right another sequel would have been much adored. But thats the key thing, in this gaming age where sequelitis is rife with companies smelling the easy money of a sequel cash in everytime something relatively original comes along, whose to say Namco wouldn't have committed the same sins, milking it dry. Takahashi created an original, inspiring masterpiece and it will forever live on in the folklore of videogaming with its sequel and I am very glad he has decided to move his fruitful ideas to another property rather then risk a derivative sequel.


Katamari, we love you.


If you have never played the game, heres a 'net version for you to have a spin on. Here.

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Guest MojoPogo
Just bought it actually. Love everything about it, but particularly the super cheesy music, takes me right back to the days of Daytona USA so it does......certainly a bold stance in these EA dominated days of super franchises. Good on him.
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