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Guest Bluestiger99

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Guest Bluestiger99
I got Guitar Hero for Easter. For those of you who dont' know, its a game where you get a guitar controller, and have a bunch of old Rock and Roll songs on it for you to play. Think DDR with a guitar instead of a dance pad. Its an amazing game, and I really love it. Of course I"m a guitarist, so I'm a bit biased. Any one else played this and what are your thoughts?
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I got it like 2 months ago. Its pretty fun. I have gotten pretty good at. I can go through most of the songs on hard mode.


The soundtrack is outstanding. Some really good rock songs.


The price on it was expensive but I got my use out of it.

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Guest MojoPogo
Finally. Air guitar.....justified! Its awesome, but i suck at it. Im perservering just for "i love rock and roll" though. One of my own personal faves.
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Guest Kanenite
Ooo I seen it in Game and I really wanted a go but instead just pressed the buttons when it was lying down. I really just wanted to pick it up and rock to the tunes.
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Guest Clarkey

MrFill is spot on, as great as this is in single player, in multiplayer it incredible. Luckily I have a cousin who has the game as well as myself so we got the two guitars that way, a second guitar will set you back £30 on Red Octane's website, with apparantly £5 post and packaging. But they are bringing out a Red Cherry Gibson controller, a lot of dosh still but if you are free with the cash its more then worth it.


Guitar Hero 2 is being shown at E3 this year, and will be out in November over in the US according to Red Octane, who have also said to expect some different genre spin off's along the lines of Singstar. Also they have said that in multiplayer you will be able to select the guitar parts you wish to play eg Bass.


Imagine how great it would be eventually if some clever peep finds some way of combining a Singstar esque game, with a Guitar Hero esque game, and a Drum Mania esque game, maybe even throw in a Beat Mania esque game too : The ultimate set up for multiplaying fun.

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Can I use the same guitar for Guitar Hero 2? Because I dont want to buy another one.


Here are some cheats for Guitar Hero....

Enter all these at main menu. O=Orange B=Blue Y=Yellow


Character Has Game Controller

B, O, Y, B, B



Crowd has Monkey Heads

B, O, Y, Y, Y, B, O



Crowd has Skull Heads

O, Y, B, B, O, Y, B, B



Unlock Everything

Y, O, B, B, O, Y, Y



Rock Meter Stays On Green

Y, B, O, O, B, B, Y, O



Air Guitar

O, O, B, Y, O

Edited by yoyo
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Guest Clarkey
Same guitar for the sequel, but if you buy it again with the guitar you get two which equals multiplayer fun fun fun. Or Red Octane getting easy money.
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